How Many Days Until Pitchers and Catchers?

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Just in case it wasn’t enough for MLB teams to have home caps, road caps alternate caps, BP caps, GI Joe caps, flag-desecration caps, throwback caps, All-Star Game caps, postseason caps, World Series caps, and probably a few other caps I’m […]

This DUD is Definitely NOT a Dud

By Phil Hecken

OK, I’m back after a one-week illness-induced hiatus — I’m not quite sure what afflicted me, but it sure felt like the flu, which is quite odd since I got a flu shot back in September. Now, I know one can still get the flu even after receiving a flu shot, […]

An Earthquake, a Hurricane, and Now This

So Phil and I are at yesterday’s Mets/Fish doubleheader at Shea, and we decide to take a stroll around the ballpark after the first game ends. In the midst of our perambulations (which are interrupted three times by people complimenting our matching “I’m Calling It Shea” shirts), I glance out from the concourse and […]