Of Ducks and Dogs: Connecticut Road Trip Report

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Back on April 4, we had a Ticker entry that read like so: “Alex Shuman recently went duckpin bowling at a charming place called Perillo’s Bowl-O-Drome in Waterbury, Conn. ‘Sadly, the owner is closing the place for good . . . → Read More: Of Ducks and Dogs: Connecticut Road Trip Report

All Hands on Deck

I used to watch pro bowling on TV all the time when it was on ABC back in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, and I was familiar with all the big-name pin-bashers of that era. But I’ve fallen out of touch with the pro game in recent years and can no longer identify most . . . → Read More: All Hands on Deck

Super Bowl(ing Shirts)

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I love bowling. I also love collecting things. Occasionally these two passions overlap — I have a small collection of bowling instructional LPs, for example. I also have lots and lots of old beer ads that show people bowling, and I have a little display of old . . . → Read More: Super Bowl(ing Shirts)

Uni Watch Book Club: Vanishing Alleys

Reader Scott Little, who co-owns Triangle Bowl in Longview, Washington, sent me a really great Xmas present: a copy of a new book called Vanishing Alleys, by photographer Kevin Hong.

The book features scores of photos of old-school bowling alleys (no auto-scoring at these places, kids) scattered around Washingon, Oregon, and Nevada. Here’s . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Book Club: Vanishing Alleys