A Taste of Reds Threads

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A few weekends ago, I introduced you to Cam Miller, a film maker, composer, motion graphics editor, baseball historian and freelance writer and deeply involved with the Cincy Reds Hall of Fame. On Opening Day (which happened to be rained out in Cincinnati), the […]

Artist Andy Brown Returns, for Baseball Season

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Readers will recall a short while ago I featured artist Andy Brown, who shared his paintings and drawings from PyeongChang, Korea, during the past Winter Olympics. In the lede graf of that article, I wrote, “I was first drawn to Andy through his baseball-related paintings and sketches. […]

Kinda Sketchy

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By Phil Hecken

A few weeks ago, a gentleman with whom I’ve worked on articles for Uni Watch before, Mark Anderson, and who posts on Twitter as @MLBcathedrals, began tweeting a few old ballpark sketches. I thought I might have seen them before (we’ve probably showcased a few of them on UW […]

Yankees Retire Joe Torre’s Number 6

Runnin’ out of numbers.

There will never be another New York Yankee with a No. 6 on his back.

During a pregame ceremony Saturday, the Yankees officially retired Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre’s No. 6, honoring his steady hand for the team’s four World Series titles in the five years at the […]