The Departed

When someone close to a team dies, as Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock did on Sunday, the memorial gestures usually come on several levels. First there’s the official team remembrance, which in this case is a “32” sleeve patch that the Cards will be wearing for the rest of this season. Then there’s the now-obligatory […]

Uni Watch Profiles: P.K. Cummings

At the recent Uni Watch party in San Francisco, I met reader Al Cummings, who mentioned that his daughter works as a colorist for a major sportswear company. I said I’d be very interested in interviewing her, so he promised to point her in my direction. Sure enough, a few days later I got […]

Aggie Antiquities

Another university is doing a public service by putting its visual history on the web. Reader Dan Hardin has the details:

Texas A&M has an ongoing project to digitize historic pictures related to the university. Many are of athletic teams, and touch on some of your favorite uni-related items:

• From pre-1900s baseball, here […]