The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh…kinda

By Phil Hecken

With the NBA tipping off a short while ago, and the college basketball season kicking off last evening, (and if you missed Paul’s ESPN College Hoops Preview, click here), it’s time to devote at least one column this fall to hoops. And of course, when I think of the NBA, the […]

Auction Action, Basketball Edition

The final installment of the Uni Watch Power Rankings is now up and running. Thanks for a fun week, everyone.

Meanwhile: Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running their annual Basketball Hall of Fame auction, and there’s lots of primo stuff. Let’s take a look:

• Man, the NBA sure had some […]

Uni Watch Art Project: Logo-rific!

Longtime reader/contributor/genius Marty Hick recently told me about an interesting project he’s been working on: He finds old paintings in thrift stores and then paints old NBA and ABA logos onto them.

“I got the idea from a local artist,” says Marty. “My band was playing at the annual Rock ’n’ Roll Craft Show here […]