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Author: Paul Lukas

Uni Watch News Ticker for July 26, 2022

Today in the Ticker, we have a possible new Rays anniversary logo, a dome possibly being added to an NFL stadium, a very unusual use for the Stanley Cup, and more.

The Surprising Thing About the New NFL Alternate Helmets

Some of the new NFL helmet developments have been predictable. But there are two big surprises that Paul didn’t anticipate.

The Real Teal Deal: Pistons Reviving Late-’90s Favorite

One of the NBA’s most quintessentially 1990s uniforms is making a comeback.

A Life’s Ambition Achieved: Uni Watch Shirt Spotted in Ohio Thrift Store

I do most of my clothes shopping in thrift stores. Now things have come full circle, as a Uni Watch shirt showed up in one of them.

Spurs Draw on Mexican Crafts for New Statement Alternate

San Antonio will have five uniforms this season. Here’s the latest one.

Bears, Cards Join NFL Alternate-Helmet Bandwagon

With Chicago and Arizona now on board, more than a dozen NFL teams have revealed alternate helmets for 2022.

Dirty Birds: Eagles Add Black Helmet

We’ve known for months that this helmet was coming. Now we finally know how it looks.

Beat the Rush: New Naming Wrongs Shirts for PBS

With the Bengals about to sell off their stadium’s name, here’s your chance to show how you feel about it.

Bengals Join NFL Alt-Helmet Parade, Add White Shell

The Bengals became the 11th team this season — and the fifth this week! — to add a new alternate helmet for 2022.

Jets Unveil Crummy Black Helmet to Go with Crummy Black Uni

One of the NFL’s worst uniforms just got even worse.

How Uni Watch Readers First Got It™, Vol. 6

Our latest installment of stories about how our readers first got bitten by the uniform bug.

Brilliant Graphic Picks Best Chicago Players for Each Uni Number

What’s even better than a fun list? A fun list in a uni-based visual format.

Cowboys Revive White Throwback Helmet for ’22 Turkey Day

The Cowboys have become the ninth NFL team — and the third this week — to announce a new helmet color for this season.

Uni Watch News Ticker for July 21, 2022

Today in the Ticker: Some gross news regarding the Bengals’ stadium, MLB renderings in the style of Grand Theft Auto, the Miami Hurricanes retire their turnover chain, NHL and EPL rankings, and more.

Some Thoughts About Giving Foul Balls to Kids

I’m 58 years old and have never caught a foul ball. If I finally catch one, should I really have to give it to a child?