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Purdue Boilermakers Unveil New Football Uniforms for 2024

This morning the Purdue Boilermakers unveiled new football uniforms to be worn for the 2024 season. Instead of multiple helmets, jerseys and pants options, the initial release hype video shows just two different helmets, and two jerseys and pants. Whether additional options are unveiled later remains to be seen.

First, the hype video:

The new uniforms definitely have a throwback feel, with home uniforms being quite similar to the black and gold worn during the Joe Tiller era glory years with Drew Brees at quarterback. But there are also a few distinct differences, notably the uniform striping.

Let’s start with the helmets. There are two options: gold and black. The gold helmet features a black/white/black striping pattern, with the three stripes divided by two thin gold stripes between the black and white.

Both sides of the helmet have the classic italic “P” logo.

The black helmet is similar in design, but features a gold/white/gold striping pattern, with two thin black stripes dividing the gold and white stripes. The sides of the helmet also have the classic logo.

The home uniform — or at least the home uniform as shown in the video — will pair the gold helmets with black jerseys and gold pants. Here, the striping pattern mimics that found on the helmets.

The jersey features thick block white numbers outlined in gold, with a rather large “PURDUE” wordmark across the chest, rendered in gold. Sleeve stripes follow the gold/white/gold (with thin black stripes surrounding the white stripe) pattern seen on the black helmet. TV numbers are white and sit atop the shoulders. There is a B1G logo on the right side of the jersey, a small “P” logo located at the base of the collar, and makers mark. The jersey back has white numbers outlined in gold, with a gold block font NOB.

Here are closeups of the sleeve and pants striping.

The road uniform, at least as shown in the hype video, will feature a black helmet with white jerseys and pants.

The design of the road uniform is identical to the home. Thick black block numbers with a thin gold outline and “PURDUE” in black block font adorn the front of the jersey. Sleeves have stripes in a black/gold/black pattern, and are separated by thin white stripes. The back of the jersey features the same number style as the front, with NOB in a black block font. Black TV numbers sit atop the shoulders.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the helmets will have a neck bumper that reads “BOILER UP” and the warning label is in the shape of an old coal-fired locomotive.

Here are closeups of the striping pattern on the sleeve caps and pants.

I’m genuinely surprised (but in a good way) there weren’t more uniform options shown (I’m especially glad there is no white helmet). I can definitely see that as well as a set of black pants being added, but for now, it’s just the two ensembles. A full striping pattern on helmet/jersey/pants is refreshing when so many teams are going stripeless. I’m also pleased that at least for now, there is no way for the team to go mono-white or mono-black given the helmet/jersey/pants options.

These are welcome updates, as previously the team had a tendency to sport helmets with a “railroad track” stripe motif, and “cowcatcher” designs on the shoulders. Even when the team dressed in more traditional attire, the pants were stripeless. And although it’s been a hallmark of the program to have gold/white sleeve stripes on their black jerseys, I’m a big fan of the new striping patterns.

My Weekend Editor is fond of saying “I love it when Purdue looks like Purdue,” (a phrase he’ll use when the team goes gold/black/gold), I have a feeling he’ll be saying that even more often this fall.

(JV: You bet I will! Although the black helmet disappoints me. I miss the gold P, and yes, the railroad tracks. If you *have* to have an alt helmet, that was a good one.)

Even if the team doesn’t add additional helmets or pants options, I love what I see so far. I’d be very happy if they wear the gold/black/gold for every home game, and while I’m fine with the black/white/white they’re showing for the road kits, I certainly wouldn’t mind a gold/white/gold look as well.

If I have any complaints, I just wish the team could have returned to a true “old gold” rather than the slightly more metallic gold shown here, but that’s a minor quibble.

I’m just happy Purdue is going to look like Purdue again!

Your thoughts?

Comments (41)

    Oddly they have direct sewn swooshes which usually only appear on Nike catalog jerseys used by smaller/Group of Five schools.

    That is odd. Maybe since it’s a more standard design without many custom options to it, they just went that route for the reveal, but the team issued version won’t be that way. I do know that some schools have went with that style–Cal a few years back (maybe even last year) comes to mind following their switch from UA. But I think that was more out of necessity without much time to prep a new uniform set.

    The Saints have arguably the best looking uniforms in the NFL when they wear gold pants, and one of the worst when they wear black pants, which sadly is most of the time.

    Now that you point this out, I can’t unsee it. That would be a big improvement. Like the 49ers.

    I assume you mean the Saints’ stripes (multi striped helmet, solid stripe on the pants). I kept staring at the Purdue helmets and pants and thought, “how do those not match (other than the colors re the away combo)?”

    It feels like a half-step toward the Drew Brees-era unis. I don’t know. I see them and get a big Vandy energy from them.

    Both sets look very nice, and although I would prefer to see them stick with the combos as shown, they would look good with black/black/gold, black/white/gold as well (just not gold/black/white). Funny how the new unis I’ve seen in college for this season seem to be trending back to somewhat “classic” looks (matching stripes, etc.). A welcomed trend.

    whit white numbers on the black jerseys, you could wear white pants at home as well and it wouldnt be completely awful

    I certainly wouldn’t mind a gold/white/gold look as well.

    That should have been an option, especially when playing an original Big Ten team on the road. When playing a Big Teen add-on team, or a non-conference opponent, then I’m more lenient.

    One thing I was hoping for was a gold jersey with black numbers. I’d take a gold-out over a white-out any day!

    Have there been ANY Nike redesigns this season for CFB that aren’t just a basic triple stripe? Baylor was the same, I don’t remember who else. While simple uniforms can look good, it just seems lazy on Nikes part.

    This was exactly my reaction. These look fine, and I know a lot of people (especially on this site) were tired of the over the top gimmicky stuff that was so prevalent in college football, but I’m not sure that putting every team in the same generic design template is much better. Would be nice to see some sort of middle ground.

    I’ll take lazy stripes over lazy stripeless any day.
    But I feel your pain, slightly. I don’t want every team to have the exact same look. This works for Purdue, though, so I hope it stays for a long time.

    This isn’t a “basic triple stripe”. An adidas triple stripe is equal thickness. A traditional Northwestern stripe is a thicker middle stripe with thinner stripes to the outside. This is the first I can remember (maybe Oregon State did it?) where the middle stripe is thinner than the outer stripes.

    As a Purdue alum, I was nervous when I saw these from a distance, but up close I think they look great. I really like that the uniforms have 3 separated stripes, rather than 1 big strip that’s three colors. It reminds me of the Dolphins uniforms in the early and mid 90’s (which look better than the older throwbacks Miami’s currently using). I’d rather have just one helmet, but the fact that the gold and white stripes are separated by the black of the helmet makes them pop, and I think the same stripes on black pants will look really good. I haven’t always been able to say this, but well done Nike, well done.

    You guys are crazy if you think Purdue is better off without the train-track stripe.

    These are generic as hell. The gap in the triple stripe just doesn’t work for me, especially on the helmets. The wordmark is too big and looks unsightly.

    They should have gone all-in on the Brees-era TBs and just made the away uniforms match those again.

    Hey Phil, more of a writing/article presentation style question – it seems that when there is a new uniform set, you prefer to just show the new unis/helmets instead of a side by side comparison of the new to the old. Is that intentional?

    I generally won’t do it for colleges as they (like Purdue) have more than one dark (or light) jersey, so it’s not quite apples to apples. For the NFL, I will do it. For other sports, it depends — hockey only has two or three jerseys at maximum, but for the NBA it’s four or five and if it’s a straight replacement, then I’ll probably do side by sides.

    The “Purdue” and the numbers on the front of the jerseys seem extra low. This is really noticeable in the home uniform picture where he is turned to the side and you can compare front to back number height. I would sacrifice the Purdue wordmark to raise the numbers to higher on the chest and off the stomach. Just doesn’t look right for some reason.

    Nike is literally copy and pasting several teams. Baylor, middle Tennessee, and now Purdue have the exact same uniforms. And to and extent Minnesota but with slight variation in width of the stripes lol. Could be worse but come on

    I agree. Stripes are great for football. I think a road gold/white/black would look awesome too. Talk about old school Purdue.

    I’m biased as a Packers fan, but a football uniform with Braisher Stripes will always look good to me.

    These are…fine? I mean they are certainly a big improvement over the gimmicky set they wore up until recently. And stripes are always welcome. That said, they should ditch the gold outline on the white numbers and just go solid white on the black jersey, solid black on the white jersey. The gold outline just makes the numbers look weirdly fat. And they really should just use the Saints’ black/white/black helmet striping pattern for the helmet and pants.

    Gold hat and trousers with black or white tops would be better than 90% of the other teams, Even with the Black hat and white pants, a very good uniform set

    These are some nice tweaks to an already good set. Black and gold is a great combo and I think Purdue wears it best. Gives me flashbacks from 25 years ago! The only thing indiscernible is the nose bumper. I can’t make out if there’s anything on it. Anyway, all of these college football uni reveals so far have been pretty good and maybe is a portent to a good looking season. I can’t wait for the 5 and 1’s on Sundays!

    I would’ve liked to see true old gold. My guess is that Nike can’t do it right or it would cost too much to go to that shade.

    Can you please bring back the keyword links menu to enable efficient archive browsing of this wonderful website?

    Very good uniform but some of you are right: this is turning into a template for schools already so the look may become too generic once the season is on its way.

    If you have great colors you don’t have to get silly with. Proof right here. And I don’t see any other way to do the stripes given the inversion of the background colors between the helmet and the white material of the pants etc.

    I hate that video so much. Just the notion that the video game experience is leading the mindset of the uniform designers is so backward. Putting retail first is also a crime that goes unpunished.

    I love the return to older, traditional uniforms. TV numbers and stripes on pants!!
    I am with those who would like a proper, darker gold. Especially on the all-white set, the gold looks very washed out and doesn’t show up well.
    I would love to see gold britches with either jersey and either helmet.
    And for as much as I like the return of traditional elements, I did like the train track stripe on the helmet. It screams Purdue and it was distinctive. Never cared for the cowcatcher motif and always thought it leaned into the train theme too much to the point of being gimmicky.

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