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More Property Of/Baseball Club T-Shirts

A little over a week ago, UW designer/pal/stalwart Walter Helfer shared a little project with us where he created a bunch of “Property of/Baseball Club” T-Shirts.

The responses were myriad, and that prompted Mr. Helfer to come up with a few new ones. If you missed that piece, or just want a refresher as to how Walter set this up, please click on the link above.

Here, then, is Walter with…

• • • • •
Before Fanatics: the Property of/Baseball Club T-shirt, Part II
by Walter Helfer

The reaction to the last batch of grey heather “Property Of” was pretty good, and a reader’s prompt guided me to making another pentad of designs.

Cleveland Guardians

An obvious oversight on my part, they are another team that didn’t exist when this trope faded from the scene.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Mark II of the Devil Rays adopted the forest green and bluish purple color scheme. A bit of a toughie because both of these colors are affected by my color blindness, and appear the same under certain conditions.

Arizona Diamondbacks

I’m really only interested in versions of this team where “Diamondbacks” is spelled out.

Hot Springs Varsity Athletics

My favorite USA city name is Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I wanted to cram it onto the front of a shirt, but the leading athletic presence is the High School, which was established decades before Hot Springs adopted the new moniker in 1950. Never mind, it looks good with the Todd Radom-style lettering, emphasizing the “H” and the “S”. Go Tigers!

Team Sportsball Club

Work with me here: “Team” uses the old Cleveland Baseball typeface from the mid-1970s. A recent trip to the NYC MLB superstore revealed Cleveland as the one team where vintage apparel is not available. But my rendering foils the copyright, even though it’s more compromised than some fans would like. My advice is that if you despair of ever seeing a team called the “Indians” again, start following cricket where India is a powerhouse.

• • • • •
Thanks, Walter. Another fun batch!

Readers? Your thoughts?

Comments (14)

    More really nice stuff, Walter. As for the Guardians, I assume you tried to work one of the stone faces into the design but just couldn’t do it without overdoing it. No matter, that’s a good-looking shirt. I’d buy it.

    Also, I love the Metro Area Sportsball shirt! I’d buy that too!

    I like the stone faces, too, but I worked with only what the team offered. On a related note, I want to see a Guardies’ cap with navy blue stitching on the side panels depicting the statues’ cheek guard/laurel wreath decoration. That way you can only see them in relief.

    Speaking of Metro Area Sportsball, I was reading some hobbit-themed material online this morning and thought a Middle Earth XXXL Athletic Department shirt would be pretty nice.

    The Hot Springs’ shirt was an L because I was thinking of their baseball team. I have an issue with aggrandizing size markers on heather grey t-shirts. It costs so little to be truthful!

    I had an Expos shirt like that, many years ago; when they added the racing stripes to the uniforms in the late-70s, I had my mother sew a set of stripes across the shoulders!

    Since your mother’s custom stripes outlined the shoulders, did they prolong the life of the shirt? By the way, Seattle was the only team not to have corresponding stripes on the torso.

    Phil, can you make the shirt happen? Do you have contacts with Teespring? And, in general, will you be offering new Uni Watch merch when an idea comes up?

    Great job as our new leader!

    I have never had anything to do with UW merch. Not even sure where I’d start. But if someone who is familiar with the process would like to work with Walter to make it happen, I’ll happily see if it can become a reality!

    I’d wear that!

    if you despair of ever seeing a team called the “Indians” again, start following cricket where India is a powerhouse

    Unfortunately, the Mumbai Indians wear those terrible reflective gold numbers on their jerseys. But yes, the name is entirely appropriate in this case.

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