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Presidents Cup Uniforms Unveiled for US, International Teams

The uniforms to be worn for the Presidents Cup, a series of men’s golf matches between the United States and an International Team representing the rest of the world minus Europe, were unveiled this morning for both squads. The 2024 event will be held from September 24th through the 29th when it returns to The Royal Montreal Golf Club for the first time since 2007.

The uniforms were designed by B. Draddy and Zero Restriction, and they are outfitting both teams. The competing squads will be provided with collared polos, golf sweaters, pants and rain gear and jackets, all of which will be embroidered with the Presidents Cup logo and corresponding team shield or flag.

The International Team is captained by Mike Weir, and the outfits will be mostly black and gold, with some white tossed in as well.

“We’re totally trying to encourage all the fans to come out in black and yellow to support our team,” said Weir, an Ontario native. “The golf course is gonna be outfitted in that color, so I’m really hoping to make that a home course, home field advantage just like you would in a hockey arena. We want that for all our fans and all the players on the golf course. Black and yellow.”

Here’s a look at the options for the International Team:

Additional photos here:

The United States team is captained by Jim Furyk, and unsurprisingly, the US outfits will be red, white and blue.

The U.S. uniforms feature an American flag embroidered on the left sleeve and solid, striped and star-spangled polos. Red accents line zipper pockets and insides of hoods.

Here are some of the options for the US squad:

Additional photos here:

Being that the event will be held in Canada towards the end of September, the weather can be unpredictable, which is why both teams have so many different garments, including heavyweight, long sleeved shirts and vests.

“We’re playing in late September; you could have some tough weather, possibly colder weather,” said Weir. “We have a lot of … warmer pieces, even heavier. A cotton shirt that wears a little bit heavier and feels maybe heavier in the cold compared to the performance-light things when it’s actually nice and warm. “You don’t know what you’re gonna get. You could have great, nice warm weather. You could have some colder mornings.”

Comments (6)

    Super low bar for men’s golfwear being stylish. Wearing a polo with a more pronounced collar, two extra buttons, and a breast pocket is like the Saints rocking their gold pants and stripped socks.

    I find it slightly interesting the “hoodie” sketch in the middle of the top image does not match the design shown in photos. The arms in the production version are cut at the seam, almost making it a blue vest with red arms. The sketch shows something where the blue continues down the arms, almost changing to red halfway between shoulder and elbow. The sketch version would have looked better.

    Golf gear is usually quite easy on the eye and this is no exception. Unspectacular but subtle and refined.

    It all looks perfectly acceptable, but I’m kinda disappointed that there are no options for an argyle vest and some plus 4s…

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