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Miami Hurricanes Unveil All New Black Alternate Uni for 2024

After announcing only minor tweaks to their regular uniforms yesterday, the Miami Hurricanes this morning announced a new, all black uniform, for the 2024 season.

Let’s start with the hype video:

And here are some still pics:

As you can see, this uniform is heavy on black, using school color orange only for accents.

The helmets are black, featuring two orange stripes surrounding a black stripe and running from nose to neck bumper. The sides of the helmet have the classic half orange/half green “U” logo. That is the only green on the uniform, with the exception of the jersey neck.

Jerseys are solid black, with orange/black/orange stripes on the sleeve caps. Front and rear numbers are orange, outlined in a reflective silver-black material. The jersey fronts have the classic “U” logo at the base of the collar, the ACC logo and makers mark. NOB is in orange and in a block font, and rear numbers are orange with silver-black outlines.

Pants stripes mimic those found on the helmet and sleeve caps, in the orange/black/orange pattern. They are shown only fleetingly during the hype video:

But wait, you may be saying, didn’t Miami just unveil a new BFBS uniform last year? Why yes, yes they did. It appears this new BFBS alternate will replace that one-off from last season.

Clearly the BFBS trend for colleges isn’t going anywhere. It appears UM is taking its cues from the University of Tennessee, who have introduced a popular (and, despite being BFBS, quite well done) uniform that includes orange numbers, striping and helmets.

The team has not announced when the new black alternate uniforms will be worn.


While I hate the blackout (and whiteout) trends that are becoming seemingly more popular in the college game, and this is clearly just BFBS, as an actual uniform, it’s pretty good. The stripes are a sorely-needed element, and UM has them in spades here, with helmet, sleeve and pants stripes all matching. I’d expect the Canes will try to select a night game to wear these, since I can’t imagine how hot they might be — especially if worn early in the season — in Miami’s notorious heat and humidity.

Your thoughts?

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    This confirms my earlier noticing that there is a new uniform template being used by Adidas. I pointed it out on the Texas Tech uniform reveal from last week as well. Wondering if all Adidas schools will be receiving the refresh or just the ones getting full redesigns, as I believe Texas A&M and other schools got a template refresh last season.

    Indiana is getting new uniforms this season, so I would expect them to also have their new uniforms rendered in this template.

    So, am I watching Oregon St? Or Oklahoma St? Oh! It’s Miami? Who’d have guessed?
    It’s a crime that one of the best color schemes in college football is set aside for another BFBS uniform. And another crime to eliminate the green almost entirely.

    I scrolled straight the comments for this. Hey look, Oregon St and or Oklahoma St got new uniforms. Either way, they are uninspired and completely forgettable.

    I like these. The difference in textures between glossy and matte stand in for the use of black and green, which don’t contrast well.

    Inching closer to total blackout uniform, who will ultimately play against total white-out uniform. Which will eventually be every game played.

    It all started in 1983. Does anyone remember this?


    About the only positive thing I can say about this uniform is that for some reason it sticks in my mind that Miami was one of the originators of BFBS, I can remember seeing black Miami jersey all the way back in the mid-90s. Maybe they were just retail and not actual game uniforms? Can anyone confirm when Miami started doing BFBS, and when we’d say the BFBS trend really started?

    To my knowledge football didn’t start doing BFBS on field until 2015 (first year with adidas), however they did an anthracite (or “smoke” as they called it) jersey in 2013 against Va Tech when they were still with Nike (also did an anthracite one when they revealed their last Nike uniforms in 2014). Basketball however debuted a black uniform in the mid 2000s.

    If you remember, the Canes were wearing the discarded black uniforms during their infamous loss to Georgia Tech last season. I wonder if that loss played a part in ditching the old black duds for these new ones after just one season…

    Was hoping the updates on their primary unis included matching the stripes so the helmets and pants matched up.

    A green trim around the numbers and a green stripe between the orange stripes on the shoulders and pants would make these great.

    “If you remember, the Canes were wearing the discarded black uniforms during their infamous loss to Georgia Tech last season. I wonder if that loss played a part in ditching the old black duds for these new ones after just one season…”

    It’s pretty obvious that is not the case. The only thoughts going through their minds are how the latest and greatest uniform will sell and/or attract recruits. If they had thought of that loss against Georgia Tech (or any of the others when they’ve gone BFBS) they would ditch the black all together.

    Where’s the storytelling on this one? Is the black supposed to represent the power outages a hurricane can cause?

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