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Jags’ Josh Allen Changes Name, Avoids Confusion with Bills’ Josh Allen

On Tuesday, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen officially changed his legal name from Josh Allen to Josh Hines-Allen. And while few confused the Jaguars’ Josh Allen with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, the name change will eliminate any confusion that still existed.

But that was neither the only reason nor the primary reason for the name change: you see, Josh Hines-Allen is not only adding his mother’s maiden name to his, he’s also honoring her side of the family, and his relatives have some impressive sports credentials themselves.

Josh Hines-Allen’s sister, Myisha Hines-Allen, just so happens to play for the Washington Mystics. Two of his other sisters, Kyra Hines-Allen and LaTorri Hines-Allen, both played college basketball.

Gregory Hines, his uncle, was a 1983 fifth-round draft pick of the Golden State Warriors. Another uncle, Keith Hines, played at Montclair State.

The change in name will of course also require a change in NOB.

He’ll be going from wearing No. 41 with the NOB of “ALLEN” to wearing No. 41, with the new NOB of “HINES-ALLEN”.

And about that “confusion” with that other Josh Allen? Well, there is an interesting factoid between the two: In 2021, the Jaguars played the Bills, and the Jags’ Josh Allen made NFL history when he became the first player to sack and intercept a player with the same name. He also recovered a fumble in that meeting.

The two teams will meet again in 2024. But with Josh Hines-Allen now playing for the Jaguars and Josh Allen playing for the Bills, there will be no “same name” records at stake.

If you’re wondering about what this will do to jersey sales (and the old stock with just “Allen” on the back), well, a local news station visited a sporting goods store to find out:

Good on Hines-Allen for announcing his own jersey swap day. I wonder how many fans will just keep their (now vintage) “ALLEN” jerseys and instead of swapping, simply purchase a new one.

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    If you sack and intercept a player with the same name, you should keep yours and the other Josh should change his last name…

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. So far I can think of two Reggie Jacksons (baseball/basketball), and two Is(a)iah Thomases.

    Nothing beats the story of Karim Abdul-Jabbar, an NFL running back who, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was a Muslim convert who changed his name to reflect his faith. Karim also wore No. 33 and and also went to UCLA!

    Kareem ended up suing Karim and Karim’s now known as Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar.

    I have to look up that lawsuit! That’s an interesting part of the story

    In 2021 the Guardians had two lefthanded pitchers named Logan Allen playing in the minors. Unfortunately they never played at the same level or on the same team – it would have been fantastic to have LHP Logan Allen relieve LHP Logan Allen in a game.

    The Mets have had LHP Bob Miller and RHP Bob Miller in the same bullpen, although the righty started a fair number of games, and, many years later, LHP Bobby Jones and RHP Bobby Jones, who had previously faced each other when the righty was on the Rockies. Yes, one Jones relieved the other on three occasions. Not sure whether the Millers did, although I know there was at least one game the righty started and the lefty finished with other pitchers in between.

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