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Arizona Wildcats Introduce New Helmet

Yesterday afternoon, the Arizona Wildcats introduced a new helmet — or at least they’re calling it a “new” helmet — it’s actually just a new helmet decal and facemask.

Their regular white helmet, which I believe will be staying as part of their rotation, features the classic “Block A” logo and a blue facemask.

The alternate helmet introduced yesterday features a new logo: “Cats” is written in red script, outlined in blue, on both sides of the dome. The alternating red, white, and blue stripes running from bumper to bumper remain and are also found on the current white hat.

Here are some views of the new helmet.

It’s difficult to tell, but it appears as though the “Cats” script has some red flake or metallic to it, while the facemask also appears to have a glossy metallic finish.

The front bumper reads “ARIZONA” in blue letters, while the rear bumper reads “BEAR DOWN” with “Bear” in red and “Down” in blue. Also note the new Big XII sticker — Arizona, along with most of their bretheren, have bolted the PAC-12 to join other conferences.

The team has not announced when the new helmets will be worn (nor if this will replace or supplement the current white helmet with Block A logo).

I’m not normally a fan of scripts on helmets, and the Block A is such a classic look for Arizona, so this is one tweak I could do without. Also, the team has worn white cages with the helmets before. But I suppose it’s a nice change for those who want change. Swapping red for blue cages is a lateral move.

Your thoughts?

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    As a Wildcats’ fan since 1978, I am loving the new alternative helmet. They have used the script before on other uniforms, so it is not new to us. Personally, I would love to see the original Block A design from 1981 as an alternative/throwback helmet, although it will look quite dated to most.

    The Arizona Block A is one of college’s most recognizable logos. I would not look for excuses to replace it.

    I don’t understand the script text on a helmet trend. Most are very generic. Cats could be any high school in America. Script Arizona would have been better.

    I seem to fall in line with those who like it but it isn’t better than what they have. The Block A is a modern classic, along with the asymmetric stripes. Change for the sake of change isn’t a good thing and this does not improve their look. On its own, I like it OK.

    Does anyone else think that if you just look at it quickly, it looks like it says “Eats” — or is it just me?!

    Gorgeous in a vacuum, but after reading the prior comments I went and looked at Arizona’s current uniforms and now feel that it should be an infrequently-used alternate. Going from the block A to this script is a move from distinct to generic.

    Always have like their helmet stripes. It’s something unique and they have stuck with it for many years. When I think of Arizona’s helmets, that’s one of the first things that comes to mind.

    Agree, the block A is pretty iconic, this is a downgrade. I think scripts can work on occasion, but it in this case it really isn’t worth the effort, feels like an alternate design for the sake of an alternate design. Sort of like they saw Maryland bring back the Terps script and thought they might as well do a similar alternate.

    Not the worst helmet out there, but as just about everyone else has mentioned, the block A is better.

    Terrible and amateurish. This one needs an apostrophe and lower case C. Otherwise, to me it reads like their mascot is a plain old house cat.

    Unlike Phil, I love script helmets. Every college should have one, at least as an alternate.

    Disagree. I like script helmets but if everyone had them, it would be too much. Some helmets (Alabama, Penn State, Michigan, and their derivatives) would be borderline sacrilege to many, and a good monogram or logo works fine for many schools. There are enough teams going script names to keep it interesting.

    Yes, every school would be too much. Got carried away there.

    A good number of schools should have script.

    During the reveal we also learned that Arizona is adjusting their jersey sleeves this year. Last year they wore a red/white/red sleeve (and blue/white/blue for red jerseys) but this year they are returning to the classic red/white/blue combo for all jerseys. The new red jersey was shown in a social media post and the new blue + white jerseys were worn by their mascot at B12 media days this week, confirming the update. It may appear subtle but is considered a big upgrade for fans as this is a classic look being brought back.

    Metallic red face mask complements the metallic decal and stripe elements nicely. As alts go I like it.

    I believe these will actually be a totally different helmet from their current whites as Hi-res pictures show there to be a metallic flake in the white paint as well (a trend that was very popular in the early 2000’s but has since become less popular). Their current white helmets do not have the flake in them. As stated before in the comments, the sleeve cap stripes have been adjusted on all 3 uniforms.

    It’s a nice looking script (except the connector leading into the “a’ should be eliminated) and a nice looking helmet but I don’t think it works as part of a uniform.

    So now they’re going to have a script logo on the side of the helmets, they kept the italicized Arizona wordmark on the bumper (which would actually be the best spot for the Cats script) and italicized Beardown on the back bumper and then they have a block font for the numbers and name on back? That’s at least one too many styles in one uniform for me.

    I like them. I would love to see the old “branding iron” UA from the 70s come back as an alternative helmet as well.


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