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Boston Celtics Get New Jersey Ad

This morning your reigning NBA Champion Boston Celtics unveiled a new uniform advertiser for 2024-25.

The new jersey ads will be from Amica, an insurance company.

Their previous advertiser had been VistaPrint which creates and produces marketing materials, business cards, signs, and similar items.

That was their most recent ad design, and it was changed to mimic Massachusetts highway signs. Interestingly, the Celtics and their advertiser have had different ad patches throughout their “partnership.”

It should also be noted that Amica will be the Celtics’ third different jersey advertiser. Before signing with VistaPrint (2020-2024), the Celtics had GE as their patch ad.

Paul had the scoop on the GE ad way back in 2017(!), when the team became one of the first ever to announce a jersey ad (and boy have the other teams and leagues followed).

Of course, there is no such thing as a “good” jersey/uniform ad, but some are clearly worse than others. While the Celtics were one of the first to jump onto the ad bandwagon, they have at least always worked with their advertisers to ensure that the patch has been in Celtics colors, and have matched the jersey color as well. The Amica ad will also follow this protocol.

As far as the storytelling, Amica President and CEO Ted Shallcross said “As an organization proudly headquartered here in New England, we’re thrilled to link the Amica brand to the Boston Celtics, one of the most iconic and successful organizations in sports history. Our organizations share common values and are committed to being a positive force for good in the communities we call home. We’re looking forward to building on the excitement of today’s announcement in our ongoing efforts with both the team and the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation.”

As part of the deal, Amica will also be called the “exclusive auto, home, and life insurance partner of the Boston Celtics.”

Big thanks to our own Anthony Emerson for his help on this one.

Comments (13)

    It feels that, in a way, Celtics jersey ads have gotten *less* prominent over the years. The most obtrusive was the GE patch (a big green or white splotch), and VistaPrint got progressively less obtrusive, and now Amica is just their cursive wordmark that looks smaller than any of their previous ad patches.

    One of the worst things about Nike’s NBA jersey template. The other worst part is that the sleeve striping stops under the armpit. Annoyingly noticeable on the Celtics.

    As I’ve said before, while I don’t love these ads, I still don’t understand why everyone acts like these ads, which are small patches in the corner, are more bothersome to so many than what soccer does, which is a small patch for the team and a giant ad dominating the rest of the shirt. But whatever…

    Having these turd stains in team colors just makes them more insidiously annoying. The more people say, ‘Well look at how less-bad they are!’ will make it easier to normalize for extended growth and presence. Ad creep.

    Well, we know they’re here to stay. Would you prefer something loud and noticeable, or this toned-down approach? And wouldn’t putting them in non-team colours increase their presence?

    As a Manchester United fan, no jersey ad could ever be worse than Chevrolet (link). I don’t like our new Snapdragon ad (link), but it’s better than Chevy.

    Sharp-Vodafone-AIG-Aon-Chevrolet-TeamViewer was almost a perfect downward trajectory from all-time classic to absolutely awful. Snapdragon may be superior visually, but it is a relatively unknown company, and although we hate to admit it, that kind of matters.

    I wasn’t really thinking of soccer anyway, since we know the ship has long since sailed when it comes to uni ads.

    The Chelsea 3 jerseys were the worst. Nothing like a logo that makes it look like everyone on the team has the same number.

    Ameeker advertises a lot on Red Sox games and based in Rhode Island, so this is a natural alignment with Boston sports. Nicely done!

    No ads at all on uniforms, please, but if the NBA insists: Guinness Stout or Black Bushmills for the Celtics! Top o’ the morning!

    I have lived in Massachusetts most of my life and I never made the connection between the Vista Print patch and the ENTERING signs.

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