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Boise State Football Releases “Updated” Uniforms for 2024 Season

This afternoon the Boise State University Broncos unveiled updated uniforms for the 2024 season.

The “new” uniforms will look pretty much the same as their previous iteration, but these are now on Nike’s newest chassis: the Nike Vapor F.U.S.E, or Field Utility Special Edition line.

But the new uniforms aren’t complete replicas of their previous set, as there are a few subtle differences. Let’s take a look at the mandatory hype video and then the uniforms individually. I’ll note the specific changes from the past year’s set at the end.

If that hype video looks a little different than your normal hype video, it’s because they’ve done something unique: the unveil was partially done using EA Sports College Football 25 video game.

Here are a few stills of the different colors/combos:




If you’re familiar with the many different Boise State uniforms, you may not recognize many of the subtle changes for 2024. But there are some:

• The font on the front of the jersey is larger by roughly 1/8 inch and the script on the pants also is larger and longer.

• The stripes on the jersey shoulders that were applied at an angle now surround the arm.

• The colors of the stripes for the 2024 campaign have been reversed compared to last year’s uniforms.

• Boise State is set to sport jersey numbers on the top of the shoulder for the first time since 2006.

• The team will have 64 different possible uniform combinations available.

You can see a full gallery of the refreshed uniforms here.

Comments (20)

    Boise, like Oregon, has two outstanding colors (royal blue and orange). Why either school needed to add BFBS (or GFGS) is beyond me — well, I know why — the kids love the blackout look (and now the icy whiteout look).

    But when your school has two outstanding colors already, IMO there’s NO NEED to add BFBS. Look at how great those orange/blue combos look!

    Royal blue and orange is a great combo (UF, Mets, Knicks) and this set would be addition by subtraction by dumping the BFBS. I don’t get the angled shoulder swashes when the other jerseys have actual horizontal stripes. Beyond that, this is fine.

    Along those lines, the color combo screams “classic” which I think is why I can’t stand their branding being so “modern”. They would look amazing with a “retro” bronco theme. The minor league baseball logo just doesn’t do it for me. But the colors are gorgeous.

    Why didn’t they change the stripes on the orange jersey? Looks dumb that it doesn’t match the others.

    The orange jersey they used for the photoshoot is the same one they’ve been wearing for the last several seasons – you can tell it’s the old Nike template by the base of the neckline collar and lack of seams running across the chest. Very odd that they elected to update their terrible black tops instead of their orange ones.

    That and their signature blue/white/orange look: link

    which they at one time (and hopefully this fall) shared with that other Broncos team: link

    I’d love to see this every away game this fall: link

    The Smurf Turf needs to go.
    It’s unnecessary and annoying… just like their mono blue, white and black unis.

    Would love to see their throwback logo with the state outline on one of the helmets. I think their modern logo looks better when it is featured on both sides of the helmet. If they want to do an asymmetrical helmet design I think the bsu throwback logo and the state outline throwback logo on different sides would be a great design.

    It’s a downgrade for me. The script “Broncos” feels out of place for a team that has always skewed loud/funky/modern. Regardless of which style you prefer, the mismatch of shoulder stripes across jerseys is crazy. I much prefer the slashed stripes – the horizontal ones take away a unique element and makes them look like every single other uniform from the last couple months.

    The Broncos unis have always bothered me. They are too “gimmicky” or “cartoony” for me. Same with the turf.

    I officially propose we quit calling football pants… pant. Going forward let’s just call them what they are football shorts.

    I officially propose we quit calling football pants… pants. Going forward let’s just call them what they are football shorts.

    Am I the only one getting Gators vibes? Not only with the cursive name on the helmet, but the fonts used for the school name and numbers as well?

    Not the only one. I can forgive the overall color scheme, and the font honestly doesn’t really set off any alarms for me, either. But, the Broncos script helmet decal really screams “We have Gators at home.”

    I realize Florida doesn’t have ownership of cursive script designs, nor were they the first to do so. But, for the last couple decades I think you can make a strong case that they’ve been one of the most consistent and prominent users of the style.

    It looks like Boise State has had some variation of the Broncos script helmet dating back to 1997 (which they wore through 2001). Even from that earlier usage, though, that’s still nearly 20 years after Florida made it their signature (1979). Funny that Boise State adopted that helmet the year after Florida won its first National Championship.

    I supposed you could even argue Florida copied Boise State with their 2020 alternate blue helmets. Neither of Boise State’s versions feature a center stripe, though. That said, I think it’s safe to say who “inspired” who.

    Very hard for me to take this team’s uniforms seriously, they are the Oregon of the Mountain West. Orange and royal blue are beautiful teamcolors but if it was up to the players they would wear all white or all black every single game from here to eternity. Or at least for the next decade. Of this set not one is executed particularly well. On the plus side: TV numbers, yes!

    Love the orange and royal blue, hate the angled stripes on the orange jersey, and can’t understand why anybody would want to wear that horrible BFBS when their team colors are so gorgeous.

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