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In Honoring Maxey, Sixers Tease Return of Iverson-era Black Unis

The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers put out a video yesterday celebrating their Point Guard Tyrese Maxey, who had earlier signed a five-year max extension that will cement his status as one of the top stars of the team and league. As any Knicks fan who watched this year’s divisional playoff between the Knicks and Sixers can attest, Maxey is absolutely capable of superstardom.

The video itself is almost seven minutes long, and features such luminaries as Joel Embiid, Nick Nurse, John Calipari, Dawn Staley and Julius “Dr. J” Erving feting the first-time All-Star and the NBA’s Most Improved Player. But it was a few images in the video that have people talking about the Sixers possibly introducing an “Iverson-era” throwback.

Beginning at around the 3:55 mark of the video, Dr. J. is seen presenting a black jersey — the very one made famous by AI — to Maxey.

The jersey doesn’t appear to have any makers marks, and it’s definitely not in the current Nike template. It actually looks like it might have the 2001 NBA Finals patch on it. But this wasn’t the only hint the Sixers might be planning to reintroduce the black uniform.

Later, Maxey is seen next to Joel Embiid, and as can be seen in several angles, there is a wall of photographs and magazine covers scattered about the stage.

One cover in particular has attracted special attention. Here’s a close up:

That shows a Slam magazine cover of Maxey in the Iverson-style black jerseys. It’s a bit difficult to make out, but the writing on the cover says “The fans asked & Philly answered” and beneath that it reads, “76ers Classic Edition.” Like the jersey presented to Maxey, the one he’s wearing on that Slam cover doesn’t appear to be in the Nike template.

So — does anything here indicate the 76ers will be getting a black Iverson-era throwback? Not really — but there also had to be a reason the Sixers included the jersey/uniform in the tribute video, right? Did they actually soft launch a throwback for 2024-25?

We’ll probably find out soon enough.

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    I have strong feelings of love and nostalgia for that jersey, but it’s not the right time to bring it back. This team needs to earn the right to wear the Iverson era jerseys. As a consolation, how about bringing back the Iverson rookie year red/white/blue jersey? It already fits the current branding and would beat the pants off of that ‘city of brotherly love’ garbage.

    I think the Iverson rookie year uniforms were really underrated and would look great today.
    By “earn” the Iverson Era black unis, I assume you mean “make it past the 2nd round”…

    FWIW, there are several moments in the video (3:57, 4:15, 4:19) where you can spot a tag on the bottom-left of the front of the jersey that looks, to my eyes, like a Mitchell and Ness tag.

    Definitely a M&N jersey also SLAM and M&N collaborate on cover tees so makes sense they’d use one of their recreations

    We should be honest: while I’m sure Sixers fans have nostalgic feelings due to the Iverson-era title run, this is not a great uniform. The shimmer fabric, the weird shoulder tapering, and that overly busy wordmark were all awful. Also, a patriotic team wearing a black, blue, red and gold uniform? Nah.

    Lifelong Sixers fan here and I 100% agree with you. One of the worst examples of BFBS, seeking to cash in on the craze. The wide shoulders and huge goofy wordmark didn’t help. Certain teams have defined color palettes and a team in Philadelphia named for the American Revolution needs red, white and blue.

    Agree 100% on the BFBS part, but I don’t mind the wordmark/overall design itself, knowing it was product of the time it was created (comparing to uniforms like the Pistons’ teal flaming horse, etc). The alternate blue version of this is tolerable enough.

    “Divisional playoff”? Ha! Regarding the jerseys, I liked the Iverson rookie year unis and even the ’97-98 version of these better (with the narrower shoulders and smaller wordmark). They should bring one of those back.

    This raises a question that I’m not sure has ever been addressed here:

    If a team previously introduced BFBS does that mean any use of black in the future is no longer BFBS? Sure, when these jerseys were first introduced it was 100% BFBS. But once they did, black became part of their historical color history. Does that mean any use of black is no longer BFBS? Same question applies for teams like the Lions, Mets, Jets, etc.

    We’re in such a good place now with sports uniforms mostly rid of BFBS. It’s about time for all that eyesore garbage from the late 90’s-early 00’s to be ‘nostalgic’. I guess this is where we are in the cycle.

    Not a favorite uniform of mine, as much as I like Iverson and I certainly like Maxey. But this is all about potentially making a lot of money off casual fans or people not interested in the NBA, basketball or even the Sixers or Maxey. To bring back this uniform equals City Connect: making more money over anything.
    The video is sappy but great though: I am forever a huge Dr J fan and to see him hug Maxey is priceless.

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