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Happy Independence Day 2024

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Good morning Uni Watchers, and for our American readers (and expats), a Happy Birthday USA!

In all the years with Paul at the helm of Uni Watch, one of the things I most looked forward to every year was his annual Independence Day message. His goal was to try to find an image that captures America in a nutshell. Here are the ones from 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

I enjoyed those so much, I even asked Paul to make a cameo just for today, but he politely and respectfully declined.

So, I wanted to riff on Paul’s prior precedent, and try to find an image that also captures America in a nutshell, but from a slightly different perspective. Depending upon your leanings, today’s splash photo could be viewed as a crude caricature of American hubris, or a proud graphic of American might.

The image of a jacked-up Abe Lincoln riding atop a huge bear, holding what is either the Declaration of Independence (or Constitution) and flaunting an AK-47 (or similar weapon) is an old meme — it’s been around at least 15 years, maybe longer — but it still encapsulates what many consider the stereotypical American attitude. Again, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that’s good or bad.


And to keep this post as close to what Paul had done for the past sixteen years, I’ll end on a similar note.

Please accept my sincere best wishes for a happy Fourth of July. I’ll be busy today with my “Firecracker Bonspiel,” but the comments are open, so feel free to chat among yourselves. If you happen to be on Long Island today and find yourself with some extra time, feel free to stop by the Long Island Curling Club (165 Eileen Way, Syosset) to catch some of our Firecracker Bonspiel. We’ll have 2018 USA Gold Medalist Tyler George on-site (hopefully he’ll have his gold medal with him), and you can get out of the heat for a spell. If you do stop by, please say “hi” to me too!

If you have a few minutes, I heartily recommend reading the Declaration of Independence, whose ratification is what we’re celebrating today. (Here’s a typeset version, in case you can’t decipher the handwriting.)

I will have one more article today, so be sure to check back!

If you’re traveling today, travel safe. If you’re playing with pyrotechnics, don’t pull a Jason Pierre-Paul. If you’re working, thanks for keeping the world spinning while the rest of us get to enjoy a day off. And if you’re spending the day in the company of a Britisher, kindly pass along my annual Independence Day rallying cry: In your face, Redcoats!Phil


NL All Star Game Jerseys Released

Yesterday afternoon, the American League All-Star jerseys were released (Jimmer had the story). The jerseys are an off-white with a reddish-coral raglan sleeve. “AMERICAN LEAGUE” is in stacked lettering, with “AMERICAN” in a vertical arch and “LEAGUE” in a horizontal line. We still don’t know what color pants will be worn with those, but I’m almost positive they will match the jersey color of off-white.

As expected — based off the ASG caps — the National League will wear a similarly styled jersey which is either black, or a navy so dark it comes off as black (one of Nike’s newest gimmicks), with light blue raglan sleeves and lettering. Both jerseys feature a third color on the sleeve hems: for the NL it’s the reddish-coral, and for the AL it’s light blue.

The logo of the player’s team is on the left sleeve, and the 2024 ASG logo appears on the right. Right now they’re shown ad-free, and based on the sizes and location of the sleeve patches, there probably won’t be any, which at least is good.

We also got to see the back of the NL jersey.

The back of the jersey has player NOB in vertically arched block lettering. Numbers are thick and also a block font. Both are in light blue.

Like the AL, we don’t yet know what pants the NL will be wearing with the dark jersey. Since the NL is the road team (the game is in Arlington, TX), they won’t get white pants, and they probably won’t be gray either. That means they’ll very likely be going mono dark. That was the case last year when the game was held in Seattle. I highly doubt they’ll give the team a set of light blue pants, but that would be the only other possibility.

This year’s All Star Game will be played Tuesday, July 16th (8:00 pm ET) at Texas’ home stadium.

Comments (31)

    I kinda find the American League jersey kind of interesting and pretty good. I was expecting something similar out of the National League. But, I was wrong. The National League jerseys are so bad. Of course, Nike had to plaster them with black. Let’s just go back to having the players wear their team appropriate uniforms. Oh wait, Nike would miss an opportunity to sell more merch. It’s all about the merch other than what most of the fans (well, maybe not the younger generation) want to see on the field.

    The lettering and numbering is more legible; that teal pops against the navy black (honestly, I can’t tell which it is) of the jersey.
    I fear dark pants as well but they left themselves with no good option; that blue is more electric than powder.
    And I suspect that the number font isn’t quite Block Varsity; the bottom serifs on the “17” are thicker than the other horizontal strokes, suggesting they’re going to lean into the “Texas/Old West” theme.

    Hmmmmm. My initial reaction to this post, and specifically the photo, was “this isn’t really what Paul did on Independence Day” and felt that it was crass to attempt to tie this post to his annual ones.

    But then I went back to the older posts and realized that this one is much more aligned with Paul’s pre-2017 posts, or before society became hyperpoliticized. Recency bias at play!

    “either black, or a navy so dark it comes off as black (one of Nike’s newest gimmicks)”

    Haven’t the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers been doing this for a century? And the Mariners, Twins, Braves, and Astros for slightly less?

    I was always thought the Yankees’ navy was darker than the others but you’re right, it has been around a while. It does feel that Nike’s default navy is darker for the other navy teams than what Majestic or Rawlings used in the past though.

    Yeah, I don’t disagree.
    When I think of navy in MLB, I think the current Rays’ and Brewers’ caps. I know the others I listed are technically shades of navy, but I think we can all agree that they fall somewhere between black and what is typically considered navy blue.

    The Bags!
    Thank you, LI Phil!
    That is a tradition I can’t live without.

    I wish that was an AK 47.

    Which is to say, it’s an AR firearm with some modifications. To my eye, that’s pretty clearly the Constitution Power Abe is holding. Which is interesting, because while his presidency was defined by his resolution in upholding the Constitution, his public and private statements of political principle were rooted almost exclusively in the Declaration as opposed to the Constitution. For the real Abe, the Constitution was a contract, an instrumental document, while the Declaration was a source of philosophical and moral ideals.

    Also, note that the artist chose to depict Power Abe desecrating the American flag by using it as a saddle and sitting his bum on it.

    I think you just gave this image far more mental energy in your analysis of it than the person who generated it ever did. Which probably says something about everyone involved, but I, for one, definitely count that to your credit.

    On a related note, why does it seem that the people who are most likely to be offended by overt acts of flag desecration (e.g., flag burning) are the ones who seem to treat it the most disrespectfully in terms of, for example, using it as a piece of clothing or displaying it incorrectly?

    To me, it looks like a tricked-out Belgian FN FNC assault rifle, which is used by several NATO-member armed forces: (link). If I’m right, it seems odd to include a foreign assault rifle in an American trope of this kind. But, as I mentioned in a response to Scott above, I suspect the Uni Watch crowd is doing a more detailed level of analysis on this image than most would – including, in all likelihood, whoever originally put it together.

    Murica, hell yeah. Love it or leave it. Well, I have only visited it twice and that was NYC which does not really represent the entire US of A. I enjoyed myself and hope everybody enjoys themselves tomorrow without judging each other, offending each other, taunting each other, oppressing each other, denouncing each other. At least for one day. That would be nice.

    I mentioned this when the caps were leaked but I think the coral/salmon/persimmon/whatever color they’re calling it is a refreshing change. I wouldn’t mind seeing a team (Miami? Angels? Tampa Bay?) incorporate this into their color scheme. As a trim color it wouldn’t be overpowering and it would be a color a team could own.

    Since MLB started doing the league-specific uniforms in 2021 this is probably the best yet. Some might argue that they should just go back to wearing their regular team unis and caps. But this is a team sport and the other leagues don’t wear their regular unis in their respective all-star games, save for the Pro Bowl (RIP) and their helmets. I think these unis get a lot of flak because they’re not the greatest designs and are considered a merch dump. Plus Nike is on the hot seat now due to the uniform fiasco they’ve had this season. I would actually agree with that but we should give at least give them a chance and see what the future holds for All-Star team jerseys.

    I liked the All-Star Game a lot better when everyone wore their own jerseys. It made the game unique among the major sports leagues, and it gave me as a kid a chance to see uniforms I rarely saw, because I followed a National League team. And when you saw your own guys, you got excited. Now it’s just bland mediocrity across the board.

    I actually quite liked the American league ones, which had an old timey feel, but for some reason, the National league ones look awful. I think the blue is just too dark to pair with black.

    But I would love to know how many of these they actually sell. I can’t imagine buying one of these over a Giants shirt, and given the cost of them, they wouldn’t be an impulse buy for anyone. I’d have thought design costs and stock production costs could actually outweigh takings. I just can’t see how they could be much of a money maker.

    Kind of an interesting twist, given that the National League was historically the older and more tradition-bound league, whereas the AL was kind of viewed as an obnoxious upstart – at least early on.

    I posted late last night about these but I love them. SOOOOO much better to see the players wearing something cohesive and uniform. Wearing their regular team jerseys look ridiculous.

    Not to be too Pollyanna here, but today SHOULD be a day to put aside our vast differences and relish(pun intended) the fact that we’re pretty fortunate to live in these United States…As the great Camper Van Bethoven once said “Just be glad you live in America/’cuz if you didn’t live here in America/You’d probably live somewhere else

    That Lincoln image is exactly what AI was created for. I’m sure of it =P

    So the MLB All-Star Game (which I clearly pay no attention to) has its own uniforms now? Goes to show how out of touch I’ve been on that topic. I really like the NL jersey. Pale blue and orange is an underutilized combination IMO.

    They truly miss the mark for me, because the uniforms used to reflect the host team’s colors (the one’s used for “batting practice”).

    Slight jerk move by Paul to not support you/your request. I love the direction you’re taking the site though, so maybe all for the better!

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