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American League All-Star Jerseys Leaked

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Good afternoon! Jim here, making a rare weekday appearance to share with you the first look at this year’s All-Star Game jerseys for the American League. Thanks to @BRWalkoff for finding this tweet:




Well, not much of a surprise there, since the cream, coral and light blue match the caps we saw last month.



One can assume this means the NL will have navy jerseys with light blue sleeves, letters, and numbers. But Felix Unger told me a long time ago not to assume, so I’ll just say that’s my guess.

I know, the All-Star Game should go back to players wearing their own teams’ uniforms. I feel the pain of a lot of you. However, my pain is lessened a bit after seeing these. If you’re going with one-off unis for the occasion, you could do a LOT worse. It’s readable, it’s colorful, and it has a certain old-timey feel…even with the new-school pastels. My only real quibble is my standard one with Nike MLB jerseys: Respect The Placket!



It can’t be that hard to adjust the lettering so it doesn’t get bisected. No major quibbles with the back of the jersey.



I wouldn’t mind the numbers being a little bigger, but they’ll suffice. You can see on the sleeves the All-Star game logo and the team logo…and so far no ads. Hope it stays that way.

A few readers in the comments have asked about the choice of coral and light blue, and I have yet to see an official “story” or explanation. My guess is because they’re *very* close to some of the 2024 Colors of the Year.



Without any official “storytelling,” here’s a bit of marketing-speak I came up with on the fly back when the caps were released:



You’d buy that, right?

Once the NL jerseys are released, we’ll share those with you as soon as we can. Stay tuned for a USA Olympic Basketball unveiling in the meantime. Take care, everyone!



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    That’s gonna match some players’ skin tones making it look like we have some topless players out there.

    Same tiny NNOBs as the regular jerseys. You’d think they would’ve fixed that for their high profile event.

    I surprisingly don’t entirely hate these, for whatever reason.

    Not as awful as the last three seasons. But you know what would look even better? Players in their standard team uniforms.

    Yeah I don’t hate it, I feel confident saying that I even font on the front of the uni. But I agree their standard uniforms are ideal.

    The MLB logo looks like it could totally fit above the back placket seam with enough space to not overlap any stitching, which would allow the NOB and number to sit up higher, where they should be.

    The placket seems to be full-size, so there’s no reason the logo couldn’t go back inside it. Instead they’ve made it even uglier and more off-balance than this season’s new designs are.

    Slap an outline on the names and numbers, but even like this I think it’s a winner. Just hope the NL doesn’t do blue pants too.

    I don’t hate these! But on the rear numbers, is that a block shadow in the same color fabric as the shirt beneath it?

    I think it is, with a second outline of the shadow in the same color as the body of the jersey. Too subtle to be necessary, too present to be an accident.

    I generally restrain from posting negative comments on UW but this is one time I can’t help myself… these are total shite and the soulless, pencil pushing, bottom line watching dweeb who had the idea to take ASG players out of their regular unis needs to have his or her ass kicked from Madison Avenue to Madison, Wisconsin. The ASG was the one damn baseball game I made a point to watch even during the years (decades) the sport and I were estranged. SMDH

    Any explanation on the color choice? I don’t equate coral and light blue with cowboys or the west.

    Like most everyone I’m sure, I want to see the whole uniform before I fully judge…but I fear these are going to look just as ridiculous as the previous clown suits they’ve worn.

    MLB, please stop doing this. If you want to see these as fashion jerseys, fine…they do not belong on a major league field for any game. Go back to team uniforms like God intended.

    Did I miss the explanation for these color choices? One team in red and one in blue seemed like a no-brainer considering the Texas flag colors and the Rangers’ own identity crisis on whether they are a predominantly red or blue team.

    I updated the post to give you a guess, along with a totally unofficial bit of storytelling.

    Can we PLEEEEEASE go back to the players wearing their team’s uniforms on the field? Heck I’ll even take ’em wearing the City Connects. But please stop with this BS, Manfred.

    As someone who likes to look for the positive in these design choices… these are bad and MLB should feel bad

    I’m really convinced the person who was incharge of this years All Star Game gear is severally color blind and is plaining to make all of us blind with that bright redish orange jersey. My god that is awful. That cream color makes it even worse. These might be worse than the Rockies All Star game jerseys, and I can’t believe I just said that but atleast they had somewhat of an excuse given they had to pivot from Atlanta to Colorado very quickly. This year they had zero excuses. Can we please go back to the players wearing their own jerseys?

    It’s common knowledge that baseball doesn’t have the national appeal that the NFL and NBA have. Baseball’s appeal is local.

    During a baseball all star game, the only thing fans care about is the players on their own team. We don’t care about “The American League.” We care about our guys.

    So let us see our guys in our jerseys.

    Why is this so hard to comprehend?

    Oh, right. Nike.

    These are nice. Like, really, really nice. I know I’m in the minority (and I don’t understand why) but I loathe when they wear their regular sets. It looked dumb in the NBA and I couldn’t imagine a Pro Bowl being played with a bunch of different colored uniforms running around. They should be wearing something cohesive and……..uniform!

    In baseball it somehow looks good to me with one team in regular home whites and the other in regular road greys. The NFL and NBA have bold, solid colors as the alternative uniform color so you get an eyesore of a matchup. Not with baseball when done in the traditional white versus grey way, there are only different color accents. The different colors of hats and helmets would not bother me, as the hat is a smaller part of the uniform than the jersey and the pants plus socks (if showing).

    I get a Negro League fauxback vibe, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the red really doesn’t pop off the tan, which makes all the lettering and numbering hard to pick up. And if it can’t be read on a static picture, it’s unlikely to be better from the stands or even on TV as players move.
    It feels like this was a good concept on paper but it will be difficult to execute. Do they make mockups and test these on the field before going ahead and making them?
    Count me among those who like the players wearing their own uniforms. No CC, no alts. Home whites and road grays (if you have them).

    It’s not the worst idea. The MLB All Star Game was the only sport where wearing each players home/road uni made sense and was aesthetically p!easing. NFL, NBA, and NHL all star games demand 2 distinct uniforms because of the physical interaction. But, baseball unless we a brawl going, its easy to identify your teammates. I’d like to think viewership is down because of the terrible product worn on field… But its been a downward spiral for the last 15 years.

    Let the $$$ roll in. Even as unappealing the jerseys are, people will buy them. The hats okay, just don’t buy them at an MLB ballpark shop or Fanatics, They will be cheaper at an independent retailer. Better yet, wait until after the game when they go on clearance.

    Credit Jim’s storytelling for reminding us there are TWO MLB teams in TX, the Houston Astros and Arlington Rangers.

    Excuse me for sounding like an old “Get Off My Lawn” kinda guy. But, I feel the MLB All Star Game has lost a lost of it’s significance because they went to these outrageous All Star Game Uniforms several years ago. The great thing about the MLB All Star Game, (back in-the-day) was that all of the players wore their regular home and road jerseys for the game.. It made for a great and outstanding scene. I loved seeing all the difference colors, the uniforms and players as well as the players that made the event. Why, oh why, should we have to see special All Star Game jerseys for this game? Can you imagine the late, great Willie Mays, wearing an All Star Jersey, instead of his normal “Giants” jersey.?. Or how about, Reggie Jackson when he hit that home run off the light tower transformer in Tiger Stadium back in 1971.? Remember that great Oakland A’s cutoff jersey, white shoes, and yellow helmet and green bill? How would that have looked if he wore a special All Star Game Jersey? Call me old fashioned, call me whatever, the All Star Game Jerseys are not necessary and take away from the game’s history and the players that participate for their respective teams.

    I was today years old when I learned about the Colors of the Year.

    Actually scratch that, I still don’t know what Colors of the Year means

    I firmly believe the individual responsible for this year’s All-Star Game attire must be severely color-blind, intending to blind us all with that bright reddish-orange jersey. It’s truly awful; even the cream color accentuates its shortcomings. These might even surpass the Rockies’ All-Star game link, a statement I never thought I’d make. At least the Rockies had a reason, having to quickly switch from Atlanta to Colorado. This year, there’s no excuse. Can we please return to the players wearing their own jerseys?

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