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Texas Tech, Now with Adidas, Unveils New Uniforms for 2024 Season

With the calendar turning to July, Texas Tech is now officially outfitted by adidas, and they wasted no time showing off their new uniforms.

Here we go:

In this unveiling, the Red Raiders have been outfitted with two helmets (black and white), and three different pants/jerseys (red, black and white), which can be worn interchangeably.

The black helmets have a thin red/thick white/thin red stripe, while the white helmets will have a thin red/thick black/thin red stripe pattern. Both helmets will have the classic double-stacked T logos on the side.

Perhaps amazingly, given the current trend in football design towards minimalism, both the jerseys and pants will have stripes. Let’s look at the different color shirts/pants:


The white jerseys have two thick black stripes on the shoulder caps, with two thin red stripes bordering the black. A large, bold “TEXAS TECH” adorns the front of the jersey, rendered in black and with a thin red border. Likewise, the numbers will be block black, also with a red outline. A smaller double-stacked T logo is at the base of the collar.

The pants have the same stripe pattern as the sleeve caps (black with thin red stripes), and the front jersey numbers are huge.


The red jerseys follow the exact same pattern as the white, save for the colors. Wordmark and numbers are white, outline in black, and the same pattern (thin black/thick white/thin red) is the sleeve stripe pattern.

Perhaps tellingly (or maybe not), this uniform is shown with the current Big XII logo (whereas BYU and Iowa State recently unveiled uniforms without the Big XII patch). This comes in the wake of the news that the Big XII is considering selling out to an advertiser.

Unfortunately, neither the video nor the stills have shown the back of the jerseys, save for one split-second look in the video. The freeze frame reveals what we probably already knew. The outlining pattern on the numbers is the same as the front of the jersey. NOB is a block white font. And the numbers, like on the front, are huge.

We can probably safely assume the black and white jerseys will have the same treatment as the red.


The black jerseys and pants also follow the same striping/color patterns as the white and red uniforms, only with thick white/thin red coloring.


These uniforms definitely have a fauxback look. Over the years, TTech have worn various different throwbacks which had stripes, so this is a welcome development.

I love stripes on football uniforms — and even moreso uniforms that have the same patterns throughout, so they can be freely mixed and matched. All three colors (black, white and red) were shown as mono-looks (including matching color socks), so they still have that as an option, but they also showed mix/match, which — IMO — are much better options.

I’m very excited to see these on the field (hopefully in the mix/match variety, not so much the solid color look). But even if the go mono-, the stripes will greatly help to break up the mono-tony!

Your thoughts?

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    I’m good with this. I wonder if this is a rapid overcorrection to the Nike-driven “clean” look with no pants stripes, sleeve stripes or number outlines. I like this move. Nike has gone from overwrought nonsense to overly simple, like wearing practice uniforms on game day. Stripes are good.

    I have a question. What defines minimalism in a uniform? I’m seeing that term get thrown around and wonder what it means in a uniform design. Because I feel adding traditional stripes to a uniform doesn’t make it a minimal design.

    The way I see it, is we’re doing any more of the Vick Falcons, or the Fitzgerald Cardinals type of jerseys that has weird piping all over.

    Ironically for Tech, these are minimal when it comes to Adidas. Some of their stuff over the years has been horrendous

    I guess minimalist depends on perspective. We have had a lot of over designed stuff, sublimation, piping, side panels, very unique (to put it nicely) number fonts. So you could say minimalist is a return to more traditional and simple designs, which is typically just sleeve stripes. But I would just call that returning to traditional design. I would say minimalist is if suddenly everyone started looking like Penn State, with no jersey or pant stripes to be found.
    These Texas Tech uniforms are traditional (when not going with a mono dark pairing), they are not what I would call minimalist.

    I would say minimalist is if suddenly everyone started looking like Penn State


    And unfortunately, too many schools do look like Penn State.
    I don’t even want the Nittany Lions to look like themselves. Bring back the contrasting collar and sleeve ends. And please please PLEASE wear plain blue pants on the road. You want to distance yourself from the Paterno/Sandusky era without going overboard? There’s your solution.

    I quickly picked up on the sleeve stripes being outlined on three sides. The trailing edge is left open.

    I like them. All three are in defined school colors and the patterns all match. These look like football uniforms to me.
    The new trend towards minimalistic design has left me wanting, so Tech’s unis are refreshing. #gunsup

    EXACTLY what the fans have been wanting! And more surprisingly… they kept it under wraps. A few of us had posted screenshots of the jerseys from the Red Raider Outfitter website around 11pm (there had been some activity from 6pm by the various Texas Tech accounts – so we were thinking a reveal at midnight). Texas Tech Football twitter asked us to take them down. And we all did! They also told me it was supposed to be 2pm., but most likely would be earlier… ugh, I would have to wait longer than I wanted to see the helmet and pants. But I slept well knowing they got this one right! Texas Tech got their cool “removing the tape” reveal and are having their day! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! ☄☄

    This seems to be a new template/”chassis” from Adidas as well. You can see there looks to be a fold/pleat running down the sternum of the uniform, between the numbers.

    Block shadow appears “attached” to the object, giving it a 3-D appearance.

    Examples: link


    Drop shadow is an image created that is literally a shadow of an object — it is not “attached” to the form.

    Examples: link


    Hope that helps.

    My Alma Mater. These are really, really nice and LONG overdue. Tech has been in the uni wilderness for years with those awful UA duds. I love these!

    I like these, as long as they avoid the mono crap (alas, they probably won’t). I think they need a red lid. I know they can mix and match, but they seem pretty black and white heavy for a team called the Red Raiders.

    I appreciate that the new “trend” is classic looks with stripes and virtually no superfluous details, but for Satan’s sake, I wanna see at least *some* new wacky uniforms! They can’t all be old school.

    I wish the Red Raiders would use red a little more and tone down the black

    Just came here to say, it’s a dang shame the RED Raiders don’t have red helmets.
    At least black is a school color, but yeah, this reminds me of the Ottawa REDBLACKS, who dress more as if they’re the redBLACKS.

    In most of our history, we have not had red helmets (only from 57-60 regular and then we had road game red helmets in 49-50 and in 61). Since 2016 we had those glittery new fangled red ones as a part of our UA uniforms. We have never worn a red throwback with stripes. Matador/Masked Rider wears a black hat and Raider Red wears white and/or black over the years.
    Helmet summary graphic–> link

    I’d be happy with just the white helmets. That’s my first memory of them, from the ’72 Sun Bowl.
    But if they added black lids, they could give me an occasional red one.

    The Red Raiders have certainly been guilty of wearing too much black, going back to the late 80s when they looked a whole lot like the 90s Falcons with the gray pants.

    I do hope they go with the red jersey more often than not, but I’d wager they lean into the black. And I would like to have seen the white jersey have red numbers. But still a massive upgrade over the UA look.

    Any chance we can get a comparison to the prior uniforms when doing these new releases? For this and the LA Kings release, I had no memory of the prior uniform and I end up having to find the old uniform on another site for comparison. I always liked that side by side comparison.

    Big improvement for the Red Raiders!!! The outline on the stripes really pop and the different combinations fail to disappoint.

    I like how they kept the helmet striping consistent with the numbers and the trim around them. The old examples were so mis-matched. Red, white and black is a great color combo too so they have that going for them. They didn’t show red jersey/white pants or white jersey/red pants. I’m assuming that’s an option as well. A definite upgrade and any Red Raiders fane will be proud to cheer them on this season.

    HALLELUJAH. Good uniforms are here again! The only thing that could make them better would be a return to the flat Double T. I hope the “regular

    HALLELUJAH. Good uniforms are here again! The only thing that could make them better would be a return to the flat Double T. I hope the “regular“ home combo is black/red/black, and the road combo is black/white/red. (I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned “triple mismatch”). All-black for the ONE “blackout” game.

    I’m sure they will be mixed and matched, though, so I must say I’m pleased the chrome/“candy” red helmet is gone. Wish the Tuberville white helmet was too but that’s okay.

    Overall, I must say, Tech is back to looking how Tech SHOULD look. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Great job Joey, Adidas, Mahomes, and whoever else was involved. “LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO”


    Wow I love these! Idk but something about the consistency of the stripes from helmet, sleeves, pants, and the huge numbers are great. Nailed a black and red look great job TT. Early nominee for best adidas uni in the country

    Yes! The numbers were too small to read from any distance before. TREMENDOUS improvement. This is how a football uniform should look.

    Personally, I’d like to see the red pants mixed in a lot more than with the one combo pictured. Overall, a very good look though. I’m liking this trend of going back to classic, both pro and college. You can’t really go wrong with classic block numbers and stripes.

    This is definitely the best way to execute the current anti-bells and whistles trend. Pants stripes, three colors, big team name and numbers. Not just “the red Penn State.” As discussed above, a red helmet might not be necessary, but I hope the red pants get some play with the white and black jerseys.

    One small change I think would improve things is to reverse the striping on the black and white helmets/uniforms. I think red with either a white or black outline would look better with both

    Texas Tech wore silver/gray pants with these uniforms in the 1980s through the early ‘90s….

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