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MLS Unveils 2024 All Star Game Jerseys

On July 24th of this year, the MLS All Star Game will take place at the home of the Columbus Crew. Unlike most other league’s All Star Games, MLS won’t have stars from all its squads playing each other — as they have in the past, the MLS All Stars will be playing another team. Since the early 2000s, MLS All Stars have played a foreign club invited by the league. In 2021 and 2022, MLS All Stars played LIGA MX All Stars. After playing Arsenal last year, this year the MLS All Stars will be again be taking on the LIGA MX All Stars.

The MLS roster is comprised of a host of international talent, with the most popular player undoubtedly being Lionel Messi.

And this afternoon, the MLS All Star jersey was unveiled. It’s … bright.

The jerseys are designed to be reminiscent of those styles worn in the 1990s, when most of the kits had wild designs and colors.

According to MLS, “The jersey design celebrates the best MLS has to offer and honors the iconic style and flash of ‘90s soccer on the 30th anniversary of the last time the United States hosted the World Cup.”

The jersey front features wavy lines in bold colors like chartreuse, pink, and purple-ish blue, along with some black. Sleeves are black with pink and purple stripes at the hem. The jersey back is solid black, with two purple-ish stripes running from just above the armpits to mid-jersey, where they blend in with the pattern on the front. NOB and number is chartreuse.

Shorts are black with a pink stripe on the hem.

MLS even released a short video, which shows some closeups of the wavy pattern.

While I’m not a fan of sublimation, I did like the styles of the 1990s MLS jerseys, so I like this look. I’m not sure if I’d like it as a kit worn for a full season, but for basically a one-off, it’s fine.

Your thoughts?

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    I love it. All Star games should be over-the-top and fun and this perfectly fits the bill.

    It’s odd seeing the Minnesota United sponsor on a kit being worn at the home of the Columbus Crew. But with all that vibrancy it should have been Ray-O-Vac!

    Looks like somebody lost control of the contrast and tint on an old color TV.

    That is a complicated design. I bet it goes for over $1,000.00 at Dan Flashes.

    I don’t like how the design ends abruptly at the back and waistline. Something needs to be there to echo the main pattern. Maybe thin pinstripes on black that imitate the front stripes.

    I agree, I’d like to see it continue somehow, but I’ll tune in for a few minutes to see how these look on the field.

    Especially for an all star game. IIRC most leagues now have rules where the area surrounding the numbers must be solid (which sucks but I get it) – but for an exhibition you’d hope they would toss that aside.

    Although also very likely to be more expensive to make so…

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