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Eagles Announce Dates They’ll Wear Kelly Green Throwbacks

When the NFL lifted the one-shell rule a couple seasons ago, Eagles fans were hoping they’d return to wearing one of their kelly green throwback uniforms. Unfortunately, the Eagles instead opted to add an alternate black helmet which they paired with their black alternate uniforms.

But last season, those fans’ prayers were answered when the team brought back the “Cunningham era” Kelly greens, including a new Kelly green alternate helmet.

Fans — not just of the Eagles, but those with eyes — were overjoyed the Kelly green was finally making a comeback. In order to wear the Kelly green helmet, the Eagles were forced to mothball the black one, to the delight of many.

The Eagles ended up wearing their Kelly green uniforms twice last season: against the Dolphins on October 27, and a month later, against the Bills, on November 26th.

While the team ditched their black helmets, they did once wear their black alternates, against the New York Giants on Christmas day (those were worn with their regular midnight green hats).

The Kelly greens will be worn again this season! And the team has announced the dates and opponents: Against the Jaguars in Week 9 (November 3) and against the Cowboys in Week 17 (December 29).

Per NFL rules, teams can wear alternates (Throwbacks, Color Rush or Third Jersey) up to three times per season, so that gives the Eagles one date — if they so choose — to wear their alternate black uniforms. And while the NFL has relaxed the rules again to permit some teams (those who redesigned for 2024) up to three helmets per season, that won’t take effect league-wide until next year. Since the Eagles didn’t get new uniforms this season, if they want to re-introduce their alternate black helmets, that will need to wait until next year. They could, however, do what they did last season and pair the black alternate with the midnight green helmets.

Regardless, this is good news for fans of the Kelly green.

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    Love it, although I still feel like the green of the helmets is a little too “chalky”…

    Life long Eagles fans, and the helmets are definitely off. Look very cheap, and are not in line with what they previously wore.

    Since you mention “cheap”… the original Braman-era helmets did not color-match the green jersey. These throwbacks ‘remedy’ that, but don’t look right.

    That was common and not just with the Eagles. The Vikings, Giants and Rams had mismatched helmet and jersey colors. Maybe the limits of the day are why many teams went with white helmets or had jerseys and helmets of a different color (Broncos, Browns, Bills, Packers, Lions, Raiders, 49ers, Saints…)?

    That’s great! Now, can Nike produce SILVER pants to go with the Kelly green jerseys?

    Kind of a nerdy question, but what exactly defines a shade of green as “kelly”? (Full disclosure/confession: I had never heard that term before I started reading Uni Watch.) For example, I’ve seen that term applied to the Dallas Stars’ green as well, which is paler and gives a pretty different vibe, at least to my eyes.

    I don’t have a good answer, but I’ve always associated kelly green to green the same as royal blue to blue. Lighter shade to distinguish but the exact shade is different wherever you go.

    Great analogy. And it reminds me of when somebody once described a car color to me: “It’s the color that Pepto Bismol would be if it were blue.” I knew exactly the shade he was talking about!

    Recorded announcement every time an NFL team wears throwbacks: These should be their full-time uniforms.

    I wonder if the Eagles get grandfathered in for Black helmets since they already exist. Also, technically they do have new uniforms with the updated word markings so they could play thay loophole as well.

    Well they didn’t wear them last year with their all black alternate, so I don’t see how they’d get grandfathered in now. But I could see the black helmet returning next year, when all teams can have up to three helmets.

    Mothball those BFBS threads for good and bring back the early 70s head-to-toe white look.

    Good stuff, Birds. 2 games down, now we just have to wait for them to announce that they’re wearing them for other 7 home games and the game at Dallas. Followed by the news that they made white throwbacks for the other 7 road games. And the announcement about actual silver pants.

    In 1974 the Eagles had the perfect helmets to go with the kelly green. They ditched them the following year, unfortunately, because I think they had an issue with the paint chipping. They ought to return to those for the throwbacks. They sort of were the same color as the Jets helmets, I think, with the metallic flake.

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