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Oregon Ducks Unveil New All-Black “Generation O” Uniform

The Oregon Ducks football team today unveiled the first of their “Generation O” uniforms (it is expected they will have five in total), and they’re starting off with an all-black set. Normally I’d rail against the BFBS, but Oregon basically invented it.

As always, the hype video:

They’ve dubbed the all-black uniform “Fly Era.” (I know, I know.)

The helmet is black with a matte finish. White wings adorn the sides.

The jersey is also black, with white numbers outlined in green. NOB will also be in green, in a standard block font. The numbers appear to be in the same style as their previous iteration.

There are some interesting things to note about the new jerseys. First of all, they appear to be in a new chassis template. If you look at the bottom of the collar, where there was once a fabric design now appears to have that same element rendered in plastic (or some sort of space-age material).

UPDATE: Reader Emily points out the Ducks actually appeared to first use this “plastic” collar back in 2021.

Unfortunately, the video and stills don’t provide a real clear shot of the template, but it’s likely this is new. As Paul noted last year, Oregon is often the guinea pig when it comes to new innovations.

The new jersey is also a bit of a harkback, as it contains a diamondplate pattern — which apparently is also phosphorescent.

The diamondplate pattern was used several uniform generations ago. Rather than being used on the sleeve caps, this one starts on the caps and crosses to the front of the jersey, joining at a point just below the new collar template.

An small “O” logo sits inside the base of the collar on the front of the jersey.

As Oregon was one of a dozen teams to leave the PAC-12 to join a new conference, we also get our first look at the B1G (Big Ten) conference logo on the right chest. The screengrab below also gives about the clearest look at the new jersey template.

Here’s one more look (better lighting) at the diamondplate pattern on the jersey.

The back of the black helmets will have a large white “O” decal.

And finally, here’s a dimly lit look at the full uniform.

The Ducks have also produced a video showing the origins of their first black uniform — the one which featured the diamondplate pattern on the shoulders. It debuted during the 2005 Civil War (when it still had that nickname). It’s actually a pretty good watch, and just under a minute:


Long time readers know I’ve had an ongoing love/hate relationship with Oregon football uniforms for decades. And as I said above, normally I’d complain about “another BFBS” uniform but Oregon invented BFBS — so they get a bit of a pass. I’d prefer they wear school colors (and green and yellow are glorious colors), and I’m sure when the next “Generation O” uniforms are released, they will have green and yellow options. Unfortunately, with the dim lighting of both the video and the stills, this is one uniform I’ll need to see on the field in order to render a full opinion. I was never a fan of the diamondplate when it first appeared on the uniforms, and I don’t like it now — but I suppose it’s better than having a solid black jersey. And the numbers are huge and easily readable from the stands, so that’s a plus. I’m also curious if this is a new chassis — as mentioned above, Oregon frequently debuts Nike’s newest generation of uniforms, so it’s entirely possible this is, and we’ll end up seeing it on NFL uniforms down the road.

What do you guys think?

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    Good call/catch!

    I’ve updated the article to reflect this. Thanks!


    It’s almost Black Panther-esque

    so, essentially the embodiment of the “superhero costume” Uni Watch trope.

    By the way, your link doesn’t work. I think this one will: link

    The purest example I’ve seen of a sports uniform looking like a Marvel costume. Pass.

    I’m digging these but then again, I’ve always been a sucker for whatever Oregon puts out, even as an old guy. I like the homage with the diamondplate.

    I was really hoping for a new template. I hate the current version because the chest expands too wide at the top, and make the “sleeve” stripes even smaller.
    Alas, still the same template, just with a rubber collar base in the front.

    Oregon is the worst! They are truly pioneers of the Space-Age Shit Uniform era that has spread to more than half of the college programs now.

    These remind me of the Jordan brand jerseys they played one game in a few years back. Like Phil said, I’ll have to reserve judgment til we see them on the field. That said, I’m not super into the diamondplate pattern, though glad it is somewhat subtle on those. I just hope the other unis don’t have it.

    This would have been better if I’d proofread it before hitting “Post Comment.” I’m sure there’s a parallel that could be drawn between that and Oregon’s design process on these uniforms.

    Looks good. Oregon owns the anti-tradition of making its uniforms mere tangents of ones that went before, using garish colors, so I give them a pass I wouldn’t fathom, with, say, Alabama.

    This is like Oregon’s Greatest Hits album. It ticks all the wrong boxes.
    BFBS? Check.
    Non-school color as main? Check.
    Perforated/patterne numbers? Check.
    Quirky bespoke font with open 4? Check.
    Weird space-age polymers for no reason other than resembling armor or a Batsuit? Check.
    Diamondplate pattern? Check.
    Weird template and fabric cuts? Check.
    Unnecessary phosphoresence? Check.
    Oregon could revolutionize the game simply by dressing in a decent uniform.

    Yes! This! Ugh, just gross. Like they said, “Remember that diamond plate look no one asked for or liked? Do you think it’s time to bring it back??? Screw it, let’s do it anyways.”

    I’m *almost* positive in college football it was Oregon.

    Other sports might be a bit more difficult to ascertain. I know in baseball, in a short period of time, you had the Royals, Mets, Reds and A’s all doing it (possibly even simultaneously). Hoops? No idea. NFL I don’t know off the top of my head, but certainly the 49ers, Eagles, Jets, Cardinals have done it.

    Is any hockey team BFBS?

    I wouldn’t classify the trim stripe as BFBS.
    My vote for the first BFBS was the LA Kings after signing Gretzky and ditching the purple and gold for silver and black.

    Northwestern wore black jerseys starting in 1992. Indiana had a BFBS game in the 90’s.


    That’s two right there. I’m sure there are more examples, too.

    Oregon may have done it bigger (and certainly with more hype, given the Nike sponsorship), but they certainly didn’t invent BFBS.

    I think White Sox is the winner. BFBS is a 90’s phenomena and the Sox appear to have done it first in that decade. There’s an argument that Gretzky to the Kings in ’88 was the start, but I think the Kings were just re-branding around their new superstar and going with Raiders colors. In ’91 Minnesota relegated their greens and re-branded as the Stars with black jerseys. Then in ’92 the Senators and Lightning came into existence with black jerseys, the Devils swapped green for black, and Hartford switched their primary from green to dark blue. Just like Oregon, green was out and black was in.

    being a part of the younger generation, they look pretty good, but MAN that d

    Oregon football, more than any other team in the world, has made uniforming a joke.

    So carry on, Ducks. You’ve been digging new levels of subbasement for decades now, so WTH, let’s see how much lower you can actually go.

    About that video of Oregon’s “first” black uniform. That video claims they first wore black for the 2005 Civil War. But weren’t the Joey Harrington era home uniforms black with green sleeves?


    Wow lot’s of haters commenting here, “black…how original,” that comment is soooo deep

    I could understand if a school wanting attention was all in with what Oregon started. A school like Boise State, San Diego State, USF, ECU; those mid-major, G5 types. I could even understand if say a Purdue, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, UCF, or even rival Oregon State, tried crazy uniform combos. Black happens to be in most of these schools colors, but you get the point.

    What I can’t understand is why? Why did Oregon need to take a great look, color scheme, and what I consider an iconic “O logo” and just waste it every year? You already are unique and have a brand; you’re the Ducks. Like Toledo is the Rockets, no other school is. Incredible stadium and atmosphere. You are green and yellow. Want to vary those shades for alternate uniforms? Cool. Try a few alternate logo’s? Great. What’s been going on for the past 15 years or so is lame.

    Somewhat like Maryland, but much better on the field, Oregon doesn’t need that kind of attention. All they have been doing, unlike Maryland, is winning since the late 2000s. But what do most talk about when Oregon gets mentioned? Uniforms. And it’s all due to Nike and Phil Knight.

    Oregon should be regularly pumping out green/yellow/white helmets, uniforms, and pants, with the “O” as primary logo on the helmet. Then if they want to try a few helmet logo things and font for numbers and such, whatever. But that IS Oregon. Instead, they are a school that I only know it’s them on TV because they are the only one dumb enough to try what they do on a weekly basis.

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