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2024-25 NHL Pacific Division Home Jerseys

Here are the 2024-25 Home jerseys for the National Hockey League Pacific Division. All graphics supplied by Fanatics. Click on the gallery below each team to see more views of the jerseys. Please Note: The LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks will be getting redesigned uniforms for the 2024-25 season and will be posted separately once they are unveiled.













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    NHL realignment that needs to happen (because I say so and yes, I’m repeating this comment in all four posts today)…

    – Original 6: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, NYR, Toronto
    – Expansion 6 (kinda): LA, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, SJ, St.L
    – Other 5 Canadian teams: Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver
    – Other Western teams: Anaheim, Colorado, Seattle, Utah, Vegas
    – Southern teams: Carolina, Dallas, Florida, Nashville, Tampa Bay
    – Teams that don’t fit nicely into the other categories: Washington, Buffalo, NYI, NJ, Columbus

    The Original 6 and Expansion 6 (kinda) would always be in separate conferences to keep the numbers even but the other four would flip-flop every few years.

    Seattle and Vegas really punted on uni design. Vegas came up with an all-timer with the helmet V logo, as did Seattle with the alternate space needle anchor secondary logo, but Seattle’s primary and Vegas’s secondary and their uni bases are just awful.

    Seattle’s logo is a modern classic. Their primary is….interesting, with its absolute lack of white. It’s all right.

    The new Kings Jerseys have already been revealed by the team. There are pictures at the bottom of this link.

    It is found in the link on their website titled “Past. present. Future. Forever.”

    “Legacy is never stagnant” LOL

    Right. Constantly moving backward to go forward and vice versa.

    Honestly these are as good as I could hope for. I grew up during the Gretzky in LA era, so these work for me, but I wonder how they’ll be recieved

    The Pacific Division is such an interesting combination of teams who are trying to push the design envelope (Seattle & Vegas) and teams who just can’t let go of their ancient glory days (or, in other words, teams from Alberta).

    The Sharks jersey remains a thing of a beauty with whatever variation they’ve come up with for it, but the current iteration is completely ruined by their decision to pair it with teal pants.

    Has San Jose always had the wave pattern in the teal striping? I’ve just noticed that today.

    Yeah, they brought that in last year with the redesign. Also on the white sweaters (which I’ve almost always liked best throughout their history, including now).

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