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2024-25 NHL Central Division Home Jerseys

Here are the 2024-25 Home jerseys for the National Hockey League Central Division. All graphics supplied by Fanatics. Click on the gallery below each team to see more views of the jerseys. Please note: Since the Utah Hockey Club came into being only a short time ago, there is only one graphic for that team.

















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    I don’t watch hockey, so I’m not sure if this is the first go ‘round for Nashville without all the Reeboky piping and darts and crap. Have they been so plain for a while now? I have been wanting them to ditch the extra googaws for so long and now that I see it, it feels so blah. I don’t want that other crap back but it just feels like it needs a little extra something. Maybe a navy yoke or an extra navy stripe placed above the navy sleeve and torso panels? Not that it matters, their logo is so dated and awful, it’d be lipstick on a pig. Their winter classic retro sabertooth tiger head logo was SO GOOD, and now it just sits in mothballs somewhere while this power rangers mega-zord crap persists.

    Yep. They ditched the piping in 2017. link

    They are definitely missing something. None of these jerseys have the TV numbers on them. I don’t understand why they don’t have the sleeve patch on both sides. That might improve the look a bit.

    NHL realignment that needs to happen (because I say so and yes, I’m repeating this comment in all four posts today)…

    – Original 6: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, NYR, Toronto
    – Expansion 6 (kinda): LA, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, SJ, St.L
    – Other 5 Canadian teams: Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver
    – Other Western teams: Anaheim, Colorado, Seattle, Utah, Vegas
    – Southern teams: Carolina, Dallas, Florida, Nashville, Tampa Bay
    – Teams that don’t fit nicely into the other categories: Washington, Buffalo, NYI, NJ, Columbus

    The Original 6 and Expansion 6 (kinda) would always be in separate conferences to keep the numbers even but the other four would flip-flop every few years.

    I’ll be that guy responding to myself: a lot of these unis actually feel like they are missing something. I’m not criticizing fanatics, it may be that when they have the sleeve numbers and captaincy/anniversary/memorial/ad patches that they will look normal to me. But the Wild for example have such a spectacular logo (and name!) and the uni it’s pasted onto is so… meh. I know hockey tends to lean into more basic sweaters as a default or reset option, but some of these really feel overly plain.

    I think it’s the lack of a waist stripe. It bothers me with the New Jersey Devils as well, who USED TO have a waist stripe but for some reason omitted it in recent years. They look so amateur now. Like a practice jersey. The Wild also suffer from this now.

    Related to the Wild, they and the Florida Panthers have stripes on the front of the jersey that do not wrap around the back and that bothers the hell out of me. The Canadiens to it correctly.

    the other thing about the Panthers’ jerseys that drives me nuts is the single blue stripe at the bottom. What is the point? It completely disappears because the pants are the same color.

    Oh wait. You are saying the Devils omitted their waist striping. No, they actually DO have waist stripes but, similar to the Panthers, It’s just a single black stripe that completely disappears against the stripeless, black pants so they may as well not have any waist stripe at all.



    I’m not a hockey fan these days, but I still think the Minnesota Wild logo may be the best in US pro sports right now.

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