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Ole Miss Football Unveils New White Jersey for 2024 Season

Ole Miss football have unveiled a new white jersey for the 2024 season.

Like most of their other looks of recent vintage, this one is not flashy, but it is classic.

It is white, and features two shoulder stripes in powder blue. “Ole Miss” is in red script on the chest, and the numbers are powder blue.

Other than the SEC patch and swoosh, the jersey is otherwise blank.

The back of the jersey is similarly “clean” with NOB and number also in powder blue.

As you can see, it is designed to be worn with either the current powder blue helmet or the white helmet.

Although Ole Miss have gray pants, the new jersey will likely be paired with their current white, stripeless pants.

Last season, Ole Miss wore a white jersey with red elements, as well as a powder blue jersey with the same striping and number patterns. So this new white jersey with powder blue stripes and numbers is the next logical extension.

Even though it only introduced the new jersey, it still required the obligatory hype video, which you can see below (I’d turn the volume down though).

It wasn’t mentioned anywhere — at least not that I saw — whether the new white with powder jersey will replace or supplement the white with red.

Ole Miss also have a red jersey and a navy jersey (as well as a navy helmet) in their closet.

I like the new jersey, although it’s probably not necessary (I prefer it to the white with red stripes/numbers). I’m guessing it won’t replace that one, but be another option. In general, Ole Miss have some of the best football unis, and this is another nice one. And of course, with the trend in college football towards minimalism and “icy whites,” this one checks both boxes.

Your thoughts?

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    “Nice-looking uniforms. You’ll be hearing from our layer.” – the Tennessee Titans, probably

    I bet those numbers are tough to see on a sunny day. Red outlines would have been nice there

    I love it. It looks great with white pants, but would look great with light blue pants and their light blue helmet.

    Pants stripes. Pants stripes. My kingdom for some pants stripes!

    Otherwise, fine.

    Did you say the same thing when they wore their all whites last year? Or when the Vikings released their new all whites? Or when the Bengals wear their all whites?

    I don’t think Minnesota or Ohio have quite the same history of how non-white people are legally treated as Mississippi does, so probably not.

    I wonder if we’ll ever get the full loop UCLA shoulder stripes back? It is a shame the customers (teams) don’t force the manufacturers to create the product to the design spec, and instead allow the truncated stripes because that is what fits in the standard template from Nike and others.

    If Nike can create a jersey cut that allows for some teams to avoid the horrible “V” template that shoves the team names/numbers down the front of the jersey, why can’t all teams go with this template cut?

    if they could make full loops in 1956, they can do it now. These are great uniforms but the truncated loops stink

    I wish the blue were just a touch darker in order to exactly match the shade of the helmets, which originally started this whole U of M blue mess decades ago. The story I read was that back then they got shipped helmets the wrong shade of blue and just kept them. This didn’t make sense since helmets could be repainted, but I’ve heard no other explanation for the discrepancy with the school’s official dark blue.
    Adding this even lighter shade of blue adds to the confusion even if it’s a better-looking shade.

    Living in northeast Mississippi, I have been plagued by the powder blue phenomenon for the past 10 years now. It’s everywhere. The story about the helmets is true. Coach Johnny Vaught rolled with them when they arrived. Billy Brewer brought them back. Tubberville got rid of them when he arrived. The Ole Miss fans just won’t let powder blue go……….

    It’s interesting to see how Ole Miss has basically done a sneaky full rebrand into a powder blue team. My memory is that they were a navy blue team basically forever, then a steadily increasing amount of red, then the introduction of powder, and now they’ve come out the other side. Had they just announced one day “navy is out, powder is in,” I think that would have registered as a pretty big change!

    The Carolina Panthers somehow make it work. They had to make the loops way thinner recently, but they go all around the arm. link

    Leaning into whiteness is on-brand for a place that likes to call itself “Ole Miss,” which even the University of Mississippi’s own student newspaper acknowledges has profound racist origins. Google it.

    Too much political, social ratings lately. Can’t we just discuss uniforms and be done with it? These uniforms are great, btw

    ‘Ole Miss’ does not stand for “old Mississippi, as many people believe. It is a racist term for enslaved people and has no place in modern society.


    As an Auburn alum I never knew the whole backstory into the term “Ole Miss”. While my school has had its share of racism in the past, as have all SEC institutions, I feel the Univ. Of Miss. has definitely been the school most reluctant to change over the years. As much as I can’t stand Lane Kiffin, I do praise him for his efforts to help Miss separate itself from its Antebellum past, as he’s mostly succeeded whereas past coaches have not when recruiting top Black players to play in Oxford. As the old cigarette ad used to say “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”, but there’s obviously still a ways to go.

    That Black players for the University of Mississippi are required to wear helmets and jerseys that say “Ole Miss” in order to play for the team is really sickening and horrible, given the origins of that term. Which is what makes these new unis — extreme white — even more apt. That entire university needs a rebrand urgently.

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