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Capitals Launch 50th Anniversary Campaign and Unveil Commemorative Logo

As we anxiously await the unveiling of the 2024-25 NHL uniforms now that Fanatics has taken over for adidas, the Washington Capitals unveiled the club’s 50th-anniversary logo for the 2024-25 campaign, commemorating 50 years since the team’s 1974-75 debut in the National Hockey League.

As part of the celebration, the team has launched a special 50th anniversary microsite at, offering exclusive content related to the Capitals.

The Capitals home and away sweaters will sport a 50th anniversary patch featuring the secondary 50th anniversary logo. The patch will debut on Capitals jerseys during the 2024 NHL Draft, taking place in Las Vegas Friday, June 28 through Saturday, June 29.

Here’s how the patch will look on the sweaters (note we also get a peek at what the Fanatics jersey will look like):

According to the team, “The Capitals unveiled a special series of 50th anniversary logos to commemorate the milestone. The primary 50th anniversary mark pays homage to the franchise’s origins with a design that celebrates the team, its fans and its roots by incorporating elements from the team’s first logo. The unique reverse-italic lettering reflects the history and tradition of the team and has been transformed into a comprehensive anniversary program. Inspired by the inaugural 1974 Capitals lettering, the mark features a reverse-italic 50 and a hockey stick, along with the red and blue stars from the original sweaters.”

Here’s a look at the Capitals primary “50” logo:

And here’s the secondary “50” logo:

“We are excited to launch a celebration of the Capitals’ vibrant past and honor our history as we mark 50 years as an NHL franchise,” said Jim Van Stone, President of Business Operations and Chief Business Officer at Monumental Sports & Entertainment. “Fans can anticipate several events and initiatives that will uniquely commemorate this milestone, and we are eager to share the celebration with our fanbase. We are also proud to highlight the Capitals’ impact off the ice, including the franchise’s contributions to the community and the growth of youth hockey in the region as we pay tribute to 50 years and embrace the future of Capitals hockey.”

And some additional information:

A look at past anniversary patches the club has worn:

And of course, the team produced a hype video (but it’s actually good!) looking back on their first 50 years.

Your thoughts?

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    Now that the Ducks and Kings are doing uniform redesigns, the Capitals are now at the top of the list for a team in dire need of a redesign. They need to get rid of these uniforms featuring the Reebok Edge hangover.

    I’ve loved the Ducks’ unis since they first put the foot logo on the front of the jerseys, but I agree about LA and Washington. I’d have to put some thought into it before I’d declare the Caps the worst-dressed team in the league right now, but they’re definitely in the conversation.

    The only major difference I notice between the Adidas-manufactured jerseys and the Fanatics-manufactured ones is that Fanatics lacks the dimpled shoulder yokes of Adidas.

    Also looks like the shoulder has a triangle template. Not sure if that is just on the Caps due to their design or if that will be throughout

    Surprised they want to remind anyone of that 74-75 team and season.

    The Capitals need a rebrand. The primary jerseys are a piping mess and the logo looks dated. They should look towards the Eagle logo or their third jersey (W with 3 stars) as a great starting point.

    The caps unis have been lost in the wilderness since the 90’s gold/teal eagle nonsense. What they had before that was generally ok, and the clutter of stars and stripes was fine considering they started in the 70’s in our nation’s capital. The capiLals wordmark works ok but I wouldn’t miss it. I’d like it better if it didn’t say washington on top. Their navy alternate with the W was decent, as was their winter classic uni. All in all they vary from dated, to unremarkable, to straight up bad in terms of what they have to draw from historically. I think a reimagining is due for sure.

    Never a great team from a uniform standpoint. If forced to choose, I guess I’d wear the original red jerseys with the white yoke. The reverse italics make it easier to render their hockey stick.

    As far as I know, this is the first time the team has ever spelled the “t” in Capitals with a letter and not with the hockey stick. It’s jarring to see that letter in this logo!

    As an anniversary logo, I wish they’d incorporated the stick as the lower-right of the zero instead of putting it in between the two numbers.

    This just makes me realize how badly our two most recent Stadium Series Jersey is the best in the teams history.

    Anniversaty Patch is fine. But make the Weagle the primary logo already, create a grown up wordmark and get back to winning.

    Weagle is what I want. These 50 logos are nice but cannot hide the logo and uniform mess of the Caps.

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