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Iowa State Cyclones Unveil Surprise New White Uniform

The Iowa State Cyclones unveiled a fourth new uniform for the 2024 season on Thursday afternoon, which adds to the set of three new unis they unveiled in early May. Although that set did include a white uniform, the numbers, wordmark and sleeve stripes were cardinal and gold. This new uniform is white with only black accoutrements.

As always, lets start with the hype video:

Here’s how that compares to the other three sets they unveiled previously:

The new hype video unfortunately doesn’t show any rear views of the uniform, but we can safely assume that both NOB and number will be black.

There are some additional views here:

The helmet is white, and it was previously shown with the set released in early May. Clearly this uniform is designed to be worn as part of an “Icy White” or “Stormtrooper” theme. In fact, the video showing players holding what looks to be a lightsaber portends the Star Wars theme. However, Stormtroopers didn’t use lightsabers, so that’s a curious prop. And most Jedi didn’t wear mono white.

The white jersey and helmet were also shown with black pants, so it appears that will be an option.

I donno. Maybe it’s not a lightsaber.


This new uniform is fine, but it also seems completely unnecessary. They already introduced a perfectly good white uniform — in actual school colors — so this feels like overkill. But this is obviously part of the current trend in college football so it is what it is.

Your thoughts?

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    Yeah…. This is by far the most bland WFWS uniform so far. A bit too “clean”, and this is coming from a guy who thought the Vikes winter warrior jerseys were pretty cool.

    Number 50 for the Stormtroopers…er Cyclones, appears to be ready to off himself the way Anakin Skywalker offed Count Dooku.

    Not only is this unveiling unnecessary, it’s dangerous. Kids, don’t rest a lightsaber on your shoulders or you’re going to lose your shoulder…

    Iowa State grad here. I hate these. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE these! This whole “black and white” schtick has gone on long enough already. Our school colors are cardinal and gold. Represent the university, already!

    I kinda had a feeling you’d say something like this, Kary.


    Also an ISU grad. This looks like a plain jersey that a local 2a high school would have for their road jersey. I don’t mind the bfbs or the storm trooper, but they NEED some school colors on them.
    I know “clean” is the current trend, but this is too clean. I look like they washed everything in bleach

    I was worried the BFBS look would not have a buddy, but they did the WFWS uni. Yay.

    Stormtroopers didn’t use lightsabers, so that’s a curious prop. And most Jedi didn’t wear mono white

    Looks more like Jedi hunter General Grevious to me.

    I absolutely hate when a team’s uniform makes it almost impossible to know what team they are. Why would they want this uniform in this color? I hate BFBS, but I can admit why some might like an all black look. But this white uniform makes no sense.

    Rick, you’re a fellow Trojan right? I remember a while back there was rumblings of a “gold” jersey, and also white pants w/ cardinal stripes and alumni/boosters flipped out. Those would still be within the realm of USC school colors and still tradition won out, cardinal/gold at home, white/gold away, nice and easy. I guess the point I’m making is some schools (USC, Alabama, Auburn, etc.) really care about maintaining traditional designs, some don’t. I don’t like these but I’m not a Iowa State fan or alumni, I’m sure they don’t care what I think. It is concerning that some alumni above clearly state they don’t like these, so there appears to be a disconnect there between the people that decide these things and supporters. BTW if I recall correctly the white pants were actually produced for USC, but they eventually were worn in practice only.

    I don’t have a problem with many alternate uniforms for other teams, but I still think it should be recognizable, and in the school colors. I like much of what Iowa State has done since they used to look almost exactly like USC, except they had 2 shoulder stripes instead of the 1 USC has. In fact, if USC ever decided to do an alternate, I’d prefer it to be similar to the Iowa State all white uniform, including helmet, and only wear it on the road once a year. And yes, I remember that gold jersey. I think it was more for retail sales, but it wouldn’t be awful.

    This looks something straight out of a coloring book. Kids, come fill in the colors you want to see your team wear! It’s the new BFBS…bleach for bleach sake.

    One casual observer could think this was the Iowa Hawkeyes and not the Iowa State Cyclones.

    Completely unneeded uniform for Iowa State but if they even profit $1 from this through merchandise and marketing, then I guess it’s totally worth it in their eyes and Nike’s.

    Why? Just…….. why?????? This one makes absolutely no sense. Everyone has these really nice HDTV’s these days and all the new uniforms have mono-white or mono-black versions. Kind of reminds me of the breakroom at work. Nice HDTV’s all over the place and we have to watch black and white Andy Griffith or Gunsmoke all the time.

    Is there a team that is literally just black and white? Like BYU or Wisconsin but black instead of the color? These are sharp, but obviously very silly for ISU

    Good thing we live in a world of score bugs because I would have no idea who this school is. And if you told me the school was in Iowa, I would think Hawkeyes, not Cyclones.
    Sounds like a marketing failure when sports fans would assume you’re your rival based on your new clothes.

    Hi, I am a 20-year old football player and I love these! School colors are so boomer and over the top (apart from Providence College but they do not have a football program), this is what we like: all white or all black, no frills. Clean, sleek look. You people just do not get it.
    Hi, I am a 57-year old sports uniforms fan who never played football and I do not like these at all. School colors are meant to be colorful and uplifting (apart from Providence College but they have a solid reason for black and white being their school colors), this trend of turning into living chess pieces with no colorful details, just a blank canvas or sleet. I just do not get it.

    I’m not sure I get the point of this comment but I played football in HS, yes long time ago, but we loved our school colors-purple and gray. We had pride in our colors. But again sorry if I missed the point.

    Black and White unis like this should be reserved as a punishment. They seem like jailhouse alts.
    Maybe they can force teams to where unis like this after they have committed revisiting infractions or whatnot as a form of shame.

    Reminds me of the old generic brand groceries. Like they should just say “FOOTBALL TEAM” on them.

    Didn’t Bobby Knight unload on a hapless IU football coach for a black alt, saying they were Indiana and not Purdue?

    Anyway, while these are wonderful, what I really want to see are the Michigan scarlet and gray uniforms.

    Agreed and in this case of it’s “dress up in the colors of your in-state rival”. Meet you Iowa State Hawkeyes.

    Can we stop calling these Stormtrooper jerseys and refer to them as the obviously more appropriate moniker of Clone trooper jerseys?

    I wonder if they had planned to wear the black and white for a specific road game (maybe Houston or Utah and they wamted all the red oit of the uni?), and between may and now found out that the home team was going to wear a uniform that meant they couldn’t do the black, but they wanted to keep the black and white look, so they did a palette swap to make these.

    The first thing that came to me when reading the description was Penn State and BORING!

    I may be a grumpy old dude, but similar to this topic I don’t understand why one of the uniform trends in college basketball is for players to wear a shoe featuring a color of their choosing. And I’m not referring to the pink cancer-honoree shoes. You want to wear green shoes? Great. Pick a school that has green as a color.

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