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University of North Texas Unveils New Football Uniforms for 2024 Season

Late Tuesday afternoon, the University of North Texas (UNT) Mean Green unveiled new uniforms they will be sporting for the 2024 season. Like many of their college bretheren, UNT have introduced a stripped down uniform set that joins the minimalist trend in NCAA football.

As always, the unveiling was accompanied by a hype video, which we’ll look at now.

As you can see, the uniform unveil showed one helmet (white), two jerseys (white and green), and two pairs of pants (also white and green). What was not shown was also key: not a single black element (save for the conference patch) was on the green and white ensembles. Over the past several years, the “Mean Green” have been big proponents of mixing BFBS into their uniforms. The team have worn black helmets and pants, as well as gone mono BFBS, and have had other combinations that made use of one or more BFBS elements. The team also sported a green helmet, which also was not shown in this unveiling.

The green jersey is fairly plain, with white numbers and white Northwestern-style stripes on the sleeve caps.

Here’s a closer look at the sleeve striping.

Aside from the conference patch and maker’s mark, the only other graphic on the jersey is the UNT Eagle logo, located at the base of the collar.

Here’s a look at the new jersey compared to the old (old on left). Notice the complete lack of black on the new jersey.

The new white jersey is the same style as the green, and has green numbers, green Northwestern striping and the same Eagle logo at the base of the collar.

The green jersey was only shown with the white helmet and pants, while the white jersey was shown with both white and green pants. Fortunately, there was no green jersey/pants combo shown, although presumably that will be an option going forward.

Both the white and green pants are stripeless, while the only addition is the Eagle inside the State of Texas logo, which is placed on the right hip of both color pants.

The white helmet is also stripeless, and features the Eagle logo on both sides.

Here’s a comparison of the old (left) and new (right) jerseys. Note the lack of any black outlines, TV numbers and large chest wordmark. As with the green jersey, the only addition is the Northwestern striping on the sleeve caps.


While I love the new jerseys with the Northwestern sleeve striping and the elimination of any black elements or outlines on the jerseys, I wish the team would have added some stripes to the pants. It would have been a perfect time to add a Northwestern stripe to the pants, similar to how the NY Giants uniforms. Additionally, I would have liked to see a green helmet (although they may still have one) shown in the video and still photos. But overall this is a definite improvement from their prior set. It’s not great, but it’s still really good. Let’s hope that the BFBS is completely gone — that would be the best part of the redesign. The only disappointing thing about this unveiling was no photos of the rear of the jersey (either in the video or the stills). We can probably safely assume green NOB and number on the white jersey and white NOB/number on the green.

Your thoughts?

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    Exactly, nothing to add to Phil’s and your comments. Completely agree.

    I wouldn’t include this uniform in with the current minimalist trend.
    They added Northwestern stripes and there’s the Texas logo on the pants.
    I’d call this a simple uniform (which I like) instead of a minimalist uniform (which I don’t like).
    Not bad, UNT. With the right opponent, you might be seeing yourselves on the good side of the 5&1 this year.

    How anyone can write about North Texas without referring to the famous coffee mug requires a modicum of self restraint I’m not familiar with.

    North Texas has been using various versions of diagonal, sloping wing designs on it helmets since at least 1973 (link), long before Oregon trotted out a similar concept for their helmets in 2012 (link). If anything, Id say Oregon’s helmets are a poor man’s Mean Green helmets.

    The Pop Warner Mitey Mites in Concord, CA just got a new uniform set. Can we get that story too?

    North Texas. FFS

    Seriously? Uni Watch has been covering uniforms at all levels of sport since its very inception. Of course UNT’s uniform reveal is uni-notable. In fact, if the “Pop Warner Mitey Mites in Concord, CA just got a new uniform set,” I’d be all for some coverage about it on Uni Watch, at least in the Ticker, which has frequently featured similar stories before.

    If you don’t like any of this, then you’re free NOT to read. In fact, based on the quality of your commentary, I’d daresay the rest of us would all be better off if you didn’t.

    I think you need to sound out their user name. That’s a lurking troll telling you what they think via their handle.

    With striped pants these would have been an A+. Without they’re just a bit too plain.

    If they wear green pants with the white shirt, I don’t mind. If they go full-on white, then yes, pants stripes would be nice.

    Which newly or recently revealed/revamped teams identities (pro and college football, basketball, baseball, hockey) does NOT have a customized font for the letters and/or the numbers?

    Whether using an existing font but just cutting out a notch here or there from each character counts as a new/customized font is up to you.

    Waiting for tomorrows surprise drop of the black alternate. Otherwise, these are really nice.

    Add stripes to the pants and ship all the stuff to Marshall U., please! They’re still on the BFBS kick, insisting that black and several other colors are part of the uniform palette. But they likely will stubbornly stick to it because their new stadium turf, installed before last season, contains major black elements, including a black end zone.

    Nobody does Green & White as well as Michigan State, but this is a solid runner-up.

    I like the Spartans helmet logo better, but I prefer the North Texas shade of green better.

    Great jersey – but these plain bicycle shorts with no stripes are absolutely killing me… Is the trend Nike trying to save money and not include stripes? Out of all the new uni drops – how many actually have stripes on the pants?

    It seems like so many teams now have the Northwestern arm stripes. I like it a lot, but at what point does this become so common that it looks generic? Some of my USC friends were suggesting going back to this look SC had during the 80s and 90s, and I pointed out that it looks like almost every other team now.

    Definitely an upgrade, although I wouldn’t mind striping on the bicycle shorts. I also prefer a green helmet as that would make the whole set pop. White helmets always look too plain to me, like a practice helmet or something. One thing also missing is a school or nickname wordmark on the chest. Sometimes it’s hard to discern which teams are playing just by looking at photos. An identifier is always a nice touch.

    This no-pant stripe trend in CFB is very unfortunate. Only one team can pull it off- Penn State.

    Also, the no pant stripe trend has spread to the NFL too- Jaguars’ boring pants are an example.

    The font in the photo accompanying the lede is definitely a winner. I’d like to see UNT put that on a mug.

    Certainly an upgrade. If they added stripes on the pants and used a green helmet, you could just call them the Armadillos.

    Should have added the shoulder numbers on all the jerseys to complete the look

    Love this shade of green and love the green/white treatment. Could use a pants stripe though.

    I like the elimination of green, but this would have been a good time to eliminate black from the conference logos. With the plain pants, they could have put the hip logo on the sides in a larger size. plain pants are generally just a lazy design choice, IMO.

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