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LA Dodgers Unveil City Connect Uniform for 2024

The Los Angeles Dodgers have unveiled their 2024 City Connect (CC) uniforms — the final team to receive a CC for 2024 as well as being the only team so far to receive a second CC uniform. As this had been the subject of multiple leaks, the unveil confirmed the leaked jersey as being legit.

Let’s begin with the hype video…

And the storytelling (which is thankfully relatively muted):

LA is a city of dreamers. OK, but honestly, that could apply to most cities.

Here’s another look at the full uniform. Pay special attention to the jersey on Freddie Freeman (which I’ll discuss in a bit).

And let’s look at the individual elements:


The Dodger blue cap features a new logo, which is actually a mashup of the current interlocking “LA” and a slightly modified “D” from the their Dodgers script wordmark. Not content with just the new logo on the front, the team added the “Dodgers” script to the right side of the cap.


The jersey is off-white, with what could best be described as a paint splatter sublimation. According to the team, the “Los Angeles” wordmark typeface is inspired by signage of the LA Memorial Coliseum, which served as the first home of the Dodgers in 1958. The wordmark is two-tone blue, which the team says are Cobalt and Electric Blue. “The contract and upward trajectory is intended to speak to the city’s pursuit of the beyond.”

Each jersey sleeve will feature either the team’s current ad, or the new mashup logo (which is also on the front of the cap). Atop the Los Angeles wordmark is a small uniform number rendered in the lighter shade of blue. Sleeve cuffs are dark/light blue, and each has a red square on the left sleeve, which is supposed to be a reference to the red front numbers on the Dodgers current regular uniforms. A smaller red rectangle is on the right sleeve.

One feature that won’t be seen on the field since the jersey will be tucked in is the “#ITFDB” logo just above the jock tag. This of course refers to one of legendary broadcaster Vin Scully’s sayings, “It’s Time For Dodgers Baseball.” Scully began his broadcasts with that introduction.

The back of the jersey is different from most traditional tops — rather than the NOB resting above the number, this one features the NOB below the number. It’s not a usual look for baseball, but it has been done before. Numbers are two-tone, with the darker blue at the top and the lighter blue at the bottom. NOB is in lighter blue.

If you were to look at the back of the Ohtani jersey (pictured in the storytelling graphic above), you might think, “OK, those numbers aren’t too bad.” Unfortunately, that’s not the case. For whatever reason, the Dodgers have decided to truncate the numbers above the NOB, and the results are…not good.

Also — apparently the team is giving every player a TWO-DIGIT number (even if they normally wear a single digit), by adding a “0” in front of those single digits, as you can see with Freddie Freeman’s jersey above. (They have also used this style on the jersey front, as you can see here). I’m pretty sure this is an MLB first.


The pants are also off-white, with a two-tone blue stripe (going from light to dark) running down the pants leg. The pants also have the paint-splatter pattern (like the jerseys), so at least they’re matching.

Unfortunately, none of the players (Will Smith, Shohei Ohtani, Freddie Freeman) were going high-cuffed, so we don’t have an idea of how it will look with the inevitable CC socks. I haven’t been able to find any new CC socks, but one can assume they will be in the same shade as the cap, probably with some lighter blue highlights/patterns.

Mercifully, we’ve come to the end of this year’s City Connect unveilings (and these will make their on-field debut this Saturday, June 22). Throwing out the storytelling details, I had high hopes for the CC, Mark II, for Los Angeles.

I don’t mind the new mashup logo for the cap and sleeve, but I feel the “Dodgers” on the side of the cap is overkill. As a uniform, it’s certainly not the worst CC — the cream base is good and the pants are matching. I don’t even mind the sublimated paint splatter motif, as it will be impossible to discern at any distance. Even the “LOS ANGELES” wordmark on the jersey is acceptable, and a decent design. Additionally, I like the idea of the NOB below the number. However, the decision to truncate the very bottom of the numbers is inexplicable, and will make the numbers that much more difficult to read, particularly at distance. And I’d love to know why the decision was made to put a “0” in front of the single digit players (as seen on Freeman). I actually don’t hate it, but I can think of no reason for the design decision at all.

I’ll be most anxious to see what visibility issues, if any, there are when the team debuts these on the field on Saturday. I’m sure Weekend Editor Jimmer Vilk will cover that and I’m sure he won’t be holding back on his opinions.

Readers? What do you think of the Dodgers second set of CC uniforms?

Comments (106)

    Oh man, that pant stripe is too funny.
    Nike designer: Hey, should the blue pant stripe be dusk blue or electric blue?
    Nike exec: Both.
    Designer: Good idea. Can’t have enough shades of blue in CC.
    Nike exec: I know.

    The cap is all right, as is the mashup monogram. Two shades of blue and the “Los Angeles” wordmark ….all right as well. The rest is a matter of complete indifference to me, FWIW.

    Putting a 0 in front of the single digit numbers should be illegal. To think it someone came up with that idea, someone agreed to try it, then everyone approved it absolutely blows my mind. That person was a dreamer.

    i thought that the numbers and names were “too heavy” which is why everything on the normal unis shrunk this year. now they’re adding unnecessary numbers.

    Yes! And my youngest bro wore 09 in high school football.

    When I asked him why, he replied with some version of “I have absolutely no idea.”

    It says “A mash-up of our iconic LA interlock logo and the swooping D of our logo script – combined to form our LAD team code”. I guess that’s not an area code, just a weird way to say initials?

    Yeah, that’s all it’s meant to be. Team code is fair enough wording, I think. Initialism could also maybe work? But that logo is… fine.

    Area Codes in the Greater LA Area.

    The oldest one would be 213.

    310 is also a big one.

    213 is the oldest, but Dodger Stadium has a 323 area code.

    LAD is a team code the same way ARI is the team code for the D-backs or LAA is the team code for the Angels (or NYY for Yankees). To me, it seems like a silly way to tie it all together on the jersey. They shoulda just said, “It looks cool merging our two logos.”

    Probably because there are too many area codes in L.A. to choose just one.
    What would you use, 213, 310, 323, or 818?
    I’m just glad they didn’t put them all in a running vin code like Detroits championship years!

    You didn’t mention: there were two different shades of blue belts being worn. For the record, I think the brighter blue looks better as it matches the pants stripe at that point of the pant leg.

    I didn’t mention it because belts, like shoes and other accessories, are under the players’ purview. I wish MLB could enforce “uniform” colors for things like belts and shoes, but they are up to the players (within certain limits, of course). But those seem to less and less rigid now.

    I am BAFFLED that there’s no PR-speak reasoning given for the cut-off numbers, the leading 0, or the front number being above the wordmark on the left chest. The biggest questions unanswered.

    “LA is a city where people come to try new things, like improv classes, high colonics, and putting uniform numbers in strange new places. Because dreams.”

    Wasn’t even that hard.

    I assume the cut off numbers are meant to reflect the cut off dreams of all the people who went to LA and failed in their pursuit.

    I believe the numbers are meant to evoke a retro flip clock – in keeping with the “dreamer” theme.

    I’ve yet to see a reason for the truncated numbers on the back but it seems very convenient for Ohtani’s number 17 to not be too affected by this and I’m guessing his City Connect jersey will be a big seller.

    How are they going to truncate a ‘2’ and not make it look like the top of a question mark?

    Well they’re better than their last CC’s, but still might be like 25th if you were to rank them. There are some good elements there! I like the front of the jersey, I like the red “chip” on the shoulder, I think it’s a fun pop of color.

    But boy howdy is the back of the jersey ugly. Cutting off the numbers, putting the name below the number, adding a zero before single digit numbers, AWFUL.

    I always find it extremely amusing when Nike does a photo shoot to display their new uniforms and then the players wear non-nike footwear. I’m honestly surprised they don’t ask Ohtani to cover up the sides of his shoes with tape or photoshop it out.

    The cutoff numbers is horrendous! Ohtani’s 17 doesn’t even look cutoff. So it makes the other jerseys look like misprints.

    Try again Dodgers! How many city connect tries does one team get?

    Yeah, this is biggest issue. I actually don’t really mind the truncated numbers as part of the novelty, but it looks very weird when a jersey “unaffected” by the truncation is shown next to them. It looks like only two players — Ohtani and Miguel Rojas (#11) will be unaffected.

    Side patches on caps look like NASCAR! The mashup on the cap isn’t bad. Never understood the purpose of writings above jock tag or inside rear collar as it isn’t seen. Cream isn’t a bad color. The uniform front isn’t bad nor are the pants. The jersey back is terrible! I have never paid attention to socks or stirrups, so not seeing them in this promo is ok.

    Other than the side patch and rear of the jersey, these CCs are less awful than most!

    The splatter is just useless – no one is going to see it unless they are about a foot away from the uniform.

    The forcing to double-digit numbers is also weird – I don’t necessarily hate it – but like Phil – why? There is no reason.

    …each has a red square on the left sleeve, which is supposed to be a reference to the red front numbers on the Dodgers current regular uniforms…

    Or, hear me out… just use red numbers.

    These are a major upgrade over the Dodgers’ old CCs, but that’s like saying a strep swab is a major upgrade over a root canal.

    I too am baffled by the cut off rear numbers and hate that element. I also can’t stand the mashup logo which just looks like it does too much for no reason and does not match the rest of the jersey. If those two elements were changed, I would actually like these, more than just tolerating them.

    In a vacuum I think they’re a fun uniform set. At first glance they still look enough like the Dodgers but they feel a bit “turn ahead the clock” for a franchise with their kind of history…..but I guess that’s the point.

    I truly don’t get the “contrail” in the chest lettering. When I think of contrails, my mind always goes first to space travel, so it seems like something that would work for a team like Houston. They say it speaks to “the pursuit of the beyond,” which also lends itself to space travel. So weird.

    Agree 1000%… It’s like the designed for the area’s connection to the space program – but changed their mind. I have always thought the contrail was meant to be an Earth horizon. And the back numbers look like the Earth horizon with space above. And reaching for the stars and beyond…??? It is like someone at the last minute nixed the space connection. How is a contrail reaching for beyond? It is within the atmosphere.

    I know Benito Santiago wore #09 for a time link, but I’m curious if a team would be allowed a 9 and 09 on the same team, similarly to how 0 and 00 are allowed in the NBA. Would cause a lot of confusion if that is the case.

    Auto Racing does it quite a bit. As an example, when Champ Car and IRL reunited in the 2008 Indy 500 you had

    2 – Al Unser Jr.
    02 – Justin Wilson

    6 – Ryan Briscoe
    06 – Graham Rahal

    The main issue with these Dodgers jerseys is if that were to happen, both players would be wearing the same uniform number

    He said he did that because the strap from his catcher blocker obscured his number. By adding the 0, the strap then ran between the two digits so people could then see his number. Bizarre

    I find it fascinating that the curl/script D on the cap looks so similar to the curling serpent for the Diamondbacks CC logo. Something so close to a divisional rival is…a choice.

    I actually like the base funfetti canvas of the jersey, especially since it is 180 from the black jerseys used by Nike for the Reds, O’s Blue Jays, etc. but I can see how it doesn’t really suggest “Dodgers”. Still a fun change at least with that element.

    What city are they trying to connect to by using every blue but “Dodger Blue”

    It would make more sense as an Angels troll job with *their* city connects

    Take away the paint splatter and I really like the uni

    1. I don’t get what they’re trying to do on the back. Chopping off the numbers? Name below is not new (ref 1960’s era Cincinnati Reds).
    2. There are players who choose/want single digit numbers. Now because of a uniform design element you take that from them?
    3. So the red element on the front of the jersey isn’t the tradition of the Number in Red. No. Nike has to put the &^$(%&^^( Swoosh in red. Moronic.

    Is there an explanation for why the red rectangles are different sizes on each sleeve? Cant be to accomodate the ad, bc both sleeves have patches.

    I’m a lifelong Dodgers fan, and avid On Field New Era collector. I don’t care for the hat logo and the side script on the hat makes it worse. I won’t be adding it to the collection. I like the uniform more as the complete kit than my original opinion on the jersey leak. Is this top 10 in CC’s? Definitely not. Is it an improvement over Version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2? Absolutely.

    The truncated numbers, and 0- format for single digits, seem to follow the “dreamer” theme, semi-reminiscent of the numbers of a retro flip alarm clock. Really the numbers SHOULD fold exactly in half if this was the case, but would be even more difficult to decipher the number.

    Actually, I think the lighter shade of blue on the numbers does start at the halfway point of the numbers. That along with the truncation seems to help the number appear to be “flipping” just like the old alarm clocks.

    Proofreading: “…bt adding a “0” in front of those single digits…”
    ‘by’, not ‘bt’

    As with all CC it seems to have a lot of weird features just for the sake of having lots of weird features. In most cases you look at these and think, if they took the one decent weird feature and just put it on a traditional baseball uniform it wouldn’t be too bad.
    There is nothing I really love about this uniform, but it still looks like a baseball uniform, which is not common for CC. By that merit alone it is one of the better designs. Even the objectional things like “Dodgers” on the cap and truncated back numbers with the new NOB placement aren’t so awful that they keep it from looking like a baseball uniform should.
    If anything the worst part of the uniform is Nike doing its usual thing and rendering the logo in a contrasting color so it is highly noticeable.
    What strikes me the most about this is, as a “City Connect” it should have various features that are overtly Los Angeles, but it really isn’t the case here at all, or with a lot of the other weak efforts in the program. All this does is emphasize that the CC is, as we here all know, just marketing speak to try to make this seem like something other than what it really is, an excuse for alternate jersey/hat merch dump by Nike/MLB.

    I wonder if City Connect 2.0 will be on the lighter side for most teams, countering the darker uniforms that City Connect the First Generation has been.

    God forgive me, but I’m about to say something nice about the Dodgers. It at least looks like a baseball uniform. Not a particularly good baseball uniform, but at least it doesn’t look like a comic book costume gone wrong. It maintains the team colors for the most part and is at least identifiable as a Dodgers uniform. The damn Dodgers are still one of the teams that should never change from their classic look, but this is an improvement on their last CC uni.

    Way better than their previous set – but there was almost no way they couldn’t improve upon the last unis either. Still not great, but way more attractive and appealing. In the middle of the CC pack for me now.

    I really think the front numbers should have stayed red. It’s the one unique feature of the Doger uniform and kind of special, and they just abadoned it. The sleeve patches in red do not cut it. Also, how does LA think of “the beyond”?


    Okay, it’s not as bad a the Rays or the Blue Jays, but so. many. pointless. elements.

    The truncated numbers, the red patches on the sleeves, the dual-colored pants stripe, and on and on. The storytelling part is awful, as always. Honestly, Nike needs to stop with the “the multi-colored blah blah blah represents the diversity of the city.” Is there a city large enough to have a MLB team that doesn’t have a diverse culture? If there is, would Nike and/or MLB actually acknowledge?

    The only positive thing I can say about these is at least the rumors about the funfetti being inspired by some tiles at LAX were false.

    I think it’s time to go back to designing where the only reason to do something is, “it looks cool”. Enough of the storytelling, references, pulling elements bs. Just make it actually look good and if you are also able to do any of that, fine but don’t lead with it

    “The galaxy pattern on the fabric evokes both the style of Formica countertops popular during Hollywood’s Golden Age, as well as the blood splatter patterns that are studied in the many homicide-themed TV shows located in LA.”

    I like the Los Angeles wordmark and the number font. I like that it’s mono something-not-dark. I don’t particularly care for the cap logo, the number on the shoulder, the two-digit single-digit numbers, or the name below the number. I very much dislike the truncated number on back and the splatter pattern.

    So, the font for the numbers is great. I think some time out there should use this ASAP.

    Yeah, that is all I have that is good.

    The rest of the hot mess is, well, a hot mess.

    It’s a nice uniform. It’s a dodger uniform like the angels CC is an angels uniform, that is to say, just barely, but in a parallel universe it could have been their main look. I think they did themselves a huge favor in not over designing it too much, though, as usual they could have left the extra doodad off the side of the hat. Particularly since it just says dodgers, and for once the “new” logo and the color scheme actually read as the team they’re supposed to represent. So that little tag on the side of the hat does nothing at all to improve it. They simply could have added another red tag to the hat right there like the sleeve, or done that on the side with the new era logo, and put the NE in white in the red tag. Or… not done any of that.

    Long story short, it’s a very nice uniform, and the dodgers desperately needed a better effort after that sorry attempt to reverse engineer the Los dodgers unis that the team and fans actually really loved but don’t fit into the 4+1 scheme.

    no one’s mentioned this but it sorta looks like the Ohtani name-on-back is misaligned even though it isn’t

    Sprinkle Connects!

    That said the front is generally fine and I like the cap logo. The back is again a functional disaster. The lower names on back and custom numbers are fine but truncated numbers?! It’s a uniform. I don’t understand why Nike seems to think messing with the basic uniform concepts is somehow cool. They don’t do this on NBA ones. It’s just dumb.

    Otherwise it’s fairly okay but I’m still floored that have ignored the Hollywood aspect especially with the PCL Stars having a lot of wild looks.

    Everyone is saying this is a step up from CC 1.0. I honestly don’t remember it. Old age? CC overload?

    God, what an ugly mess. Splattered paint represents diversity?? Hahaha. What a joke. So glad the Yankees avoided this crap.

    The “tribute to the signage at LA Memorial Coliseum” is one of the dumbest bits of Nike “storytelling” so far. The sign at the Coliseum is NOT ITALICIZED. How freaking difficult would it have been to emulate an actual typeface associated with Los Angeles? Just look on the cover of any Raymond Chandler novel, or a movie poster from the 50s or 60s. It’s a town rife with iconography and you still blew it!

    The actual unis aren’t even terrible, but there’s so much missed opportunity here it feels tragic.

    how anybody can watch a pitch of baseball without scooping their eyeballs out with a rusty souvenir spoon from a world’s fair, is beyond my comprehension. The toxic garbage in MLB parks should make them eligible to be declared superfund sites.

    I know we’re all here because we’re emotionally invested in unifirms, and that’s mostly a good thing. But if it’s making you this angry, maybe it’s not the best hobby for you.

    I’m confused as to why patches are on different sleeves in different images of the same uni.

    depends if they hit left or right – jersey patch always faces the pitcher/camera, except for switch hitters

    The only typeface I’ve ever associated with Los Angeles is the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills sign used on the Beverly Hillbillies. A perfect example of an Art Deco font.

    The colour on the wordmark isn’t Cobalt. The graphic showing the back of the jersey mentions “Dusk” and “Electric Blue”, with the dark colour presumably being Dusk.

    I think a navy blue Dogers hat with their traditional logo in cream and a royal blue underbrim sounds like a perfect hat. They were so close.

    Why do we all hate storytelling so much? To me, it’s fascinating at its best and harmless at its worst.

    A good design speaks for itself and does not need the extra fluff. This needs all the fluff it can get.

    The “fluff” can be useful to explain the design to non-locals. I’ve never been to California, so I certainly wouldn’t get all the local references, no matter how well-designed the uniform is.

    And yet, more often than not, people will criticize teams/outfitters if they feel an element is random or doesn’t belong. Storytelling is necessary, especially for the City Connect program.
    Let’s face it, there isn’t actually that much that is unique about each of the ~27 MLB cities, and especially not in ways that easily translate into baseball uniforms.

    I really don’t like the big red square on the left sleeve. It looks like an afterthought, and it doesn’t align with the other stripes.

    The rest of the uniform is mostly OK to me. Like another commenter said, I like the 0 in front of the single-digit numbers, and I don’t really know why. I’m also not bothered by the truncation, and I don’t think it will affect legibility at all. We can all easily recognize a number without its bottom. As a legibility issue, this pales in comparison to the contrast problems we’ve seen on other unis.

    Nike just did not try hard enough designing this piece of tinsel make believe. They did not have to. It will sell like hotcakes with sprinkles to look-at-me Angelenos and tourists. Over the top, gaudy, gimmicky, a lot of random storytelling to make some sort of point and it is a big flop to most out of towners.

    Nike did not put in a lot of creative effort for this piece of tinsel make believe. They did not have to as it will sell like hotcakes with sprinkles to look-at-me Angelenos and look-where-I-was tourists.

    The “funfetti” effect will probably not be noticeable on the field. So, I can probably deal with them. The under visor makes no sense to me. Nobody will see that except for the merch purchasers. I actually think the truncated numbers are kind of cool. Not the greatest. But, not the worst I’ve seen.

    I…..don’t hate these. The only thing that really bugs me is the wordmark on the side of the hat.

    I assume that this bullsh*t never goes away – and probable leaks into the NFL at some point. I’m not connecting with the cities..

    I’m a designer and I imagine it must be disappointing working for these design teams at Nike. You’ve grinded your whole career to get to a fabulous establishment like Nike, a lighthouse of design and craft that’s been crushing it for 50 years (at least it once was). And then you are told to design these sh!tty uniforms. Over and over.
    Something about all of this just seems off. Obviously it’s about retail, and the teams (and non-design folks associated with the teams) must have serious influence in the designs, but there is just no way that a majority of designers at Nike don’t hate these designs. Something isn’t right about it.

    The interlocking LAD logo is sorta cool but. beyond that this is atrocious. One thing I’ve noticed is that City Connect hats are often pretty cool by themselves, but then the whole uniform will ruin it.

    How are they going to truncate a ‘2’ and not make it look like the top of a question mark?

    City Connects don’t be a dark blue to light blue gradient challenge (impossible)

    The 05 reminds me of Benito Santiago wearing 09 – because he wanted the strap down the middle to fit between his numerals.

    The Los Angeles wordmark across the chest screams lazy MLB uniform spanish translation of Angels, thus it looks like an Angels uniform rather than a Dodgers uniform to me. The cap logo is creative. Having Dodgers spelled out on the side of the cap makes it seem like they think no one will know that it is a Dodgers cap so they probably shouldn’t have used that logo. Otherwise it’s whatever.

    Did anyone call out the mismatched belts in the first picture?

    To me it looks like adding the 0 is so they can show off the back number font w/ the “truncated” 0’s, 3’s, 5’s, 6’s, 8’s and 9’s. I will be surprised if the 1’s, 2’s, 4’s or 7’s are truncated in the back number font style.

    Also: Great look imo as a temp alt uni.

    I’m just amazed that no one has noticed that the Los Angeles across the chest looks exactly like the DirecTV logo, down to the contrail and black/blue color scheme

    Saw them up close at the stadium tonight, and can confirm they are absolute garbage. Indistinguishable from a promotional giveaway “Korean heritage night” jersey, or some other cheaply thrown together ethnic-themed jersey. They also FEEL cheap, like a pair of Nike mesh shorts.

    The mashup logo of the “D” and the “LA” is the damn dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Not only that, but they were selling pins tonight featuring the new elements, and they actually have one of the interlocking LA with a giant unicorn horn on it, plucked out of the D! Just the LA with the weird horn coming out of the A, no D at all!! It just looks bizarre. Why is there a giant horn coming out of the LA part of the logo?

    Have to agree with the commentator above, who said the “story” part of this uniform is by far the weakest imaginable. Los Angeles is a city BUILT on stories – stories both true and not – and you could’ve gotten a storyteller and a graphic designer to do some honest work with the history of the club and the history of the city and put together something real special

    Instead, we have City Connect uniforms which again do not even live up to the standards of those found in “Super Mega Baseball 4.” Sad.

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