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MLB Officially Announces Rickwood Field Uniforms

As my earlier article surmised, MLB has now officially confirmed the Negro League throwbacks to be worn by the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants, when they meet on June 20th at historic Rickwood Field.

From this article by, “For their June 20 showdown paying tribute to the Negro Leagues from the former home of the Birmingham Black Barons, both clubs will honor their respective cities’ legacies of Black baseball with modern redesigns of the uniforms worn by the San Francisco Sea Lions (featuring a bear cub patch, like the originals, which were repurposed from the then-defunct San Francisco Cubs organization) and St. Louis Stars.”

As I reported earlier, both teams have worn the throwbacks which they’ll wear next Thursday in previous seasons. The Cardinals will wear uniforms of the 1921 St. Louis Stars, who won three championships as part of the Negro National League between 1922 to 1931. The Giants will wear 1946 San Francisco Sea Lions throwbacks.

While the MLB game between St. Louis and San Francisco will attract the lion’s share of the attention, it’s not the only Negro League throwback game to be played at Rickwood Field next week.

On Tuesday, June 18th, the Double-A Birmingham Barons will be playing as the Birmingham Black Barons and the Montgomery Biscuits will suit up as the Montgomery Gray Sox. The Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro League played their home games at Rickwood from 1920-1963.

You can read more about the Birmingham Black Barons and Montgomery Gray Sox here.

Comments (13)

    So are these being made with the old template?

    The mlb logo is in it’s proper place inside the hemline. The hemline also appears wider.

    Also, in the picture of the San Francisco uniform he is wearing the new pants and the jersey and pants color do not match.

    “So are these being made with the old template?”

    It would appear so. Until we see more photos I don’t want to say that for certain.

    It’s not the Majestic Flex Base template that Nike carried over until last season, but the old double knit template that was worn prior to the Cool Base era, and that some players such as Yadier Molina wore up until his final season in 2023. The 2020 and 2022 version of the St. Louis Stars jerseys were double knits too.

    Loving the faux-heather pattern on the Gray Sox uniform. Wish Nike was able to do something like that too. Would look great on some team’s road greys.

    The Gray Sox’s faux flannel look is the look the Yankees should add to their road grays. That would complete the look, IMO. Also, stop with this “The MLB,” nonsense. That doesn’t even make grammatical sense. If we must use the article then change the name of the league to the Major Baseball League. And then we can call it “the MBL.” And get off my lawn.

    100% Agree with the Flannel comment. Would look great on the new flannel-era inspired Yankees road uniforms. I think it would also look great on some other “classic” teams greys like the Dodgers, Cardinals, Phillies, Giants, etc.

    I think you’re taking “The MLB” out of context. The only points where I see “the MLB” seem to refer to the specific game, not the organization. So it’s talking about the “MLB at Rickwood” game as opposed to “The MLB” as an organization.

    If MLB started referring to itself as “The MLB”, that would be stupid, but I don’t think they’re trying for that yet.

    Am I the only one, but the tenor of this site is so refreshing PPL (post Paul Lukas).

    That Gray Sox uniform is very good. The Barons one is also nice, but the M hat is the cherry on top.

    That Gray Sox uniform is very good

    From the knees up, yes.

    WHY aren’t they wearing GRAY socks??

    I wish they would/could have just used the Ebetts Field Flannels San Francisco Sea Lions jerseys!

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