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Minnesota Wild Deny Report They Will Wear North Stars Colors in 2025 (UPDATED)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As noted by Tyler Welsh in the comments below this article:

Icethetics put out another video a few hours ago about the Ducks and the Kings, and pinned the following comment to the video about 10 minutes ago:

“UPDATE: The Minnesota Wild have reached out to let me know the reported redesign is, in fact, not true. With super early reports like this, things don’t always pan out. Here is their statement: ‘The Minnesota Wild does not have any plans to make a permanent switch to our alternate uniforms for the 2025-26 season.’”

With that additional information, the original text is below, and contains reporting on the original Icethetics video. Bleacher Report also confirms the Wild’s statement.


According to the excellent website Icethetics, the Minnesota Wild will be redesigning their uniforms for the 2025-2026 season.

If the report is correct, they will be adopting the green and gold (yellow) that was once the hallmark of the Minnesota North Stars, the team who preceded the Wild, and who moved to Dallas. The original North Stars began play in the 1967 NHL expansion, and relocated to Dallas for the 1993–94 NHL season, when they rebranded as the Dallas Stars.

Any changes will not occur this season, when Fanatics takes over as NHL uniform supplier from adidas. It is expected the Wild’s 2024-2025 uniforms will not have any changes to them.

Icethetics produces a “Jersey Watch” video, and their most recent one discussed the potential new look for the Wild. The section on the Wild begins at about the 2:50 mark of this segment.

(It should be noted there is other potential NHL uniform news discussed in that video, including rumors the Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings will have new uniforms for this upcoming season.)

Nothing is confirmed at this point, but folks have been calling for the Wild to make the green and yellow permanent since the team first introduced their Reverse Retro in 2022, and added the “78” alternate, which was based on the Reverse Retro unveiled the year prior.

As you’re probably aware, I love green and gold (UW colors!), so I’d be 100% in favor of this change for the 2025 season and beyond.

What do you guys think of this report?

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    While I like the “78s”, I’d hope that if the Wild do switch to these colors full-time, they do something different with the striping, and not just continue to copy the North Stars.

    That Kelly green color. Not enough room for multiple teams to be wearing it in a single league. Dallas kind of took it after they rebranded while the Wild were still looking like Starbucks.

    ALSO it just muddies the waters on the history of these two franchises. Are the Wild the old Stars? Who’s getting that history?

    The Dallas Stars get the records, the Wild get the history/traditions of hockey in Minnesota

    AKA the history of never accomplishing anything of note lol. I live in Minnesota so I can make those jokes.

    I always thought Dallas should’ve renamed themselves the Lone Stars and adopted a variation of the Cowboys’ color palate.

    That said, the Stars’ current green they wear is jarring and flat. Horrible and painful on the eye. -C.

    Uhh, just to let you know Chicago had their farm team in Dallas in the 1970s, a very successful one in the old Central League! Imagine if St. Louis Blues adopt the Blackhawks uniform template for one game? Before Dallas, St. Louis was the home of the Chicago farm team as well!

    supposedly they WERE going to call themselves the Lone Stars until it was pointed out that Lone Stars – plural – makes no sense.

    Just to nitpick (’cause that’s what uni watchers do, right?), the Stars’ green is a little paler than the Wild’s alternate green.

    This is patently absurd. 32 teams and only one can wear kelly green but it’s OK for 9 teams to wear red?

    I think it is more about color combinations. IIRC when Pittsburgh switched to Black and Yellow the Bruins were going to sue them.

    Awesome news! And about friggin time. Interesting about the Anaheim Ducks and Dallas Stars as well.
    Ducks’ current uniform seems like a stalemate in chess, and the Stars’ uni look confused.

    I don’t love the change. Green and red is a unique palette in the scope of North American pro sports.

    The Wild reached out to Chris Smith from Icethetics to let him know that the early report of this redesign is not actually happening. What a shame for us classic NHL viewers. Hopefully they end up doing this redesign later in the future.

    Icethetics put out another video a few hours ago about the Ducks and the Kings, and pinned the following comment to the video about 10 minutes ago:

    “UPDATE: The Minnesota Wild have reached out to let me know the reported redesign is, in fact, not true. With super early reports like this, things don’t always pan out. Here is their statement: ‘The Minnesota Wild does not have any plans to make a permanent switch to our alternate uniforms for the 2025-26 season.’”

    Thanks Tyler!

    I’ve updated the article to note the new information.

    The Wild current color scheme is unique, interesting, and works really well for the team. Changing to the old North Stars colors would be a bad choice in my opinion.

    As a fan who attended North Stars games as far back as 1970, I’m fine with the Wild wearing North Stars colors as an alternate from time to time to recognize our previous NHL history that was ripped away from us, but damn, those colors haven’t been worn since the 1980s (without the later addition of black) and the franchise never did win a Stanley Cup so I’m somewhat surprised by the unrelenting nostalgia for a team that so many Wild fans never even saw play over 30 years ago. And the Wild have always done such a great job of making their Old Time Hockey brand image since the introduction of their first red alternate and carried that forward I find it hard to believe that they would drop that look altogether.

    Conceptually, I don’t like it. The North Stars are long gone. Embrace the Wild’s imagery and colors. Forest green, red and gold are pretty strong.

    I don’t love this news. While I personally prefer the Green and Gold North Stars colors in general, I think Minnesota’s current color palette works much better for a team called the Wild, especially when the logo features pine trees and nature. The Wild shouldn’t sacrifice their brand in favor of a departed team.

    My hockey fandom roots are in the Red/Green Wild when they went to the Western Finals in 2003, so I would prefer they don’t fully change to Yellow/Green. Its a fun alternate and it sells well, but I would rather it stay in that category. If they do change though, its not the end of the world for me.

    Also, even if the Wild reached out Icethetics and said there is no plan for a uniform overhaul in 2025 — id say its still just as likely there is a plan, lol, but maybe not exactly what the rumor is.

    While we’re at it, bring back the Minnesota North Stars and rename the Stars to Dallas Lonestars.

    Always thought that would have been cool, like the two Sox teams in the MLB.

    Green and gold will always look better than the Christmas Creatures costumes they’ve been wearing. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Correct. The current color pallet of red and green just don’t go well. I know some like it, but the whole Wild (including the name) branding has been atrocious. But so were the Atlanta Thrashers. I guess they were a victim of the era they came about.

    Here is a thumbs up for a return to the green and gold to Minnesota. But I like a suttle black trim with them.

    Wild’s current colors are better, not everything retro needs brought back.
    The Dallas Stars current green and unis finally give them their own identity, hopefully they stay the course as well

    Its interesting how hard it is to dislodge the nostalgia for a previous generations team, even when there’s been a new one for decades. The Texans can’t quite get out of the shadow of the Oilers, the fans in Winnipeg didn’t want to even consider a new name when the Thrashers moved, and the Charlotte Bobcats did an entire identity swap. The only time that doesn’t happen is when the relocated team keeps the name. The Wild have a great logo, uniform design, and colors, but that name is so so bad/minor league. Honestly I think that’s the biggest reason that the North Stars stuff just won’t receed into the background.

    And when minor league teams mirror their parent clubs.c

    The Iowa Wild? C’mon man…

    “(It should be noted there is other potential NHL uniform news discussed in that video, including rumors the Anaheim Ducks and Dallas Stars will have new uniforms for this upcoming season.)”

    Did you mean LA Kings and not Dallas Stars? Aside from the North Stars stuff I didn’t hear any mention of the Dallas Stars in the video

    I like the green/yellow as an alternate but would rather see them update the current set a bit (add wheat and ditch the center stripe).

    So it’s not happening after all? Well, I’ll offer my opinion anyway ’cause why not?

    This feels a bit TFTS (throwback for throwback’s sake, anyone?) to me. The green and yellow alternates are perfectly fine, but I don’t think it’s a good move to lean too hard into North Stars nostalgia. The Wild have a really solid identity in their own right.

    If I was going to change anything with their unis, I might bring their original gold color back. I like it a little better than the yellow or “wheat”. Their original 2000-01 unis were pretty sharp, though I always thought the green set would have looked even better with black on the shoulders/sleeves, similar to Columbus’ 2003 alternate jersey.

    So, regarding the Kings… way back in the winter of 1997-98, I drew up one of my first uni concepts, taking the Kings’ home and away uniforms, and just adding a little bit of purple trim. Some piping-thin purple striping around the existing stripes, a purple outline on the numbers and the logo (and changing the numbers on black from silver to white, with the purple outline inside a silver outline). But I also did a third jersey, which was basically the 1980-88 purple jersey, but with black instead of gold on the shoulders, sleeves, and waist stripe, and the old crown in black and silver with some purple bits. It was hand-drawn with pen and markers, and sadly I don’t have it anymore (it managed to get lost with several moves over the years).

    Obviously, the Kings did not go in that direction when they did bring purple back that summer… and it was a direction that I was split on. I thought the striping was fine, I was okay with the crown, but I wasn’t a fan of the shield logo, at least as the primary crest, and I did not like the new typography at all. When they switched crests in 2002, it was a marginal improvement to have the crown on the front. And when they phased in the black and silver uniforms that they basically wear today, I thought it was a lateral move at best; the new banner logo, like the previous shield, felt weaker to me as a front-of-the-jersey crest than the full-sized crown, and they didn’t change the typography at all. So, I’m hoping this new look marks the end of that 1998 typography.

    What a roller coaster day. I would totally embrace the Wild in the green in yellow. Frankly, If they keep the forest green and red they need a uniform redesign anyway. Would like to see the home and road uniforms accompany each other better. They could get a better uniform design going with the forest green and red.

    And then the news Blasty is sticking around in Calgary. Good grief.

    Keep the green and red, nobody else wears it since the Bucks abandoned the combination and switched to purple and green.

    I was very excited for approximately 15 minutes. Green and yellow is iconic in Minnesota. and the alternatives look amazing. Much more appealing to watch. And selfishly being from Edina, Minnesota (iykyk) I wanted this color change for my alma mater haha.

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