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Are These The Rickwood Field Jerseys? MLB Shop Gives Hint

With the upcoming MLB game at Rickwood Field, a special regular-season game at the former home of the Birmingham Black Barons, just a little over a week away, have we finally learned the uniforms the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals will be wearing? We got our first leak a little over a week ago, when the cap the Giants will wear was spotted in the wild.

Now it looks like we know what the uniforms will be, thanks to the MLB Shop.

If you head on over to, we’re presented with the above, and a listing of several jerseys, caps and related gear now for sale. That page is for the Giants, who we know will be throwing back to the San Francisco Sea Lions for the game. Further narrowing the search to Giants “Authentic” jerseys, the cream version has several offerings. The Cardinals page reveals similar offerings.

As noted in my earlier article, the Giants have worn this jersey as a throwback before, although the cap in that game was plain navy. The leaked cap has the “cub” logo found on the jersey.

This would confirm the speculation that the Giants will be wearing a 1946 throwback for the Rickwood game.

The Cardinals, who had a deeper NLB throwback pool from which to choose, look to be going with the 1928 uniform. The Cardinals have thrown back to the 1928 St. Louis Stars on several previous occasions.

So, while the uniforms to be worn for the Rickwood game haven’t been officially announced, it is highly likely these are what will be worn for that game.

What do you guys think of the (likely) throwbacks for the game?

And on a somewhat related note, Rickwood Field itself almost didn’t survive. Here’s a great story of how Hollywood ‘saved’ Rickwood, allowing for the Rickwood Classic and next week’s game to happen.

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    Placket looks wider again; MLB logo on the back is up within the placket again; number on back looks larger. The 2023 template being used for these, perhaps.

    I wonder if supply issues are driving the home/away team uniform choices since it appears that the teams wore those colors before? Disappointing.

    Technically it’s a home game for the Cardinals, but it isn’t. I don’t think who’s in gray or white matters here.

    I’ve always thought those look like old timey short ties. And kind of appropriate for the era…

    I saw the Giants jerseys and caps in the team store on Monday. I had no idea I could have leaked them! Both these uniforms are gorgeous. I especially like St. Louis’ cap.

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