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Minnesota Golden Gophers Unveil New Uniforms for 2024 Season

Following in the footsteps of their NFL bretheren, the Minnesota Gophers unveiled new uniforms for the 2024 season this morning.

Three new uniforms have been introduced: white, maroon and gold, and all with the ability to be mixed and matched. The new uniforms are not radically different from their previous set, which was introduced in 2018. But, like Baylor earlier this month, small changes should make a big difference in their overall look.

As always, let’s start with the hype video:

Since all three uniform colors are designed to be worn in any combination, as opposed to the “mono” look, we’ll look at what’s new and changed.

It looks like there will be slight changes to the helmet stripe. Whereas previously the helmet stripe formed the shape of an oar towards the rear of the helmet, it now appears to be simply a truncated stripe.

Now let’s look at the uniforms.

As you can see, the most significant changes to the uniforms are the addition of stripes to the sleeve caps of the jerseys and stripes on the side of the pants. The sleeve stripes are in a modified Northwestern style, placed on the shoulder caps of all three new jerseys. The jerseys also feature TV numbers atop the shoulders. Pants stripes are a different pattern, with thin/thick/thin stripes of contrasting colors. Another huge change is addition by subtraction: the team has eliminated the awful, giant contrasting-color collar.

Jersey numbers will be in the same bespoke font from previous years. However, previously the numbers had a thin contrasting-color outline. The new jerseys’ numbers are solid color. One additional change: on the maroon jersey, numbers were in white with thin gold outline. Those will now be solid gold on the maroon tops.

According to the University of Minnesota, “The state of Minnesota will be featured on the outside collar of all three jerseys, while Minnesota’s rallying call of Ski-U-Mah will be emblazoned on the inside of the jersey collar. The iconic Block M will remain on the front of the jersey, situated in the middle of the collar right above the numbers. The Big Ten logo will be on the right chest, while the Nike swoosh will be on the left chest and left hip of the uniforms.”

Jersey backs feature NOB in a block font and same color numbers, with the Minnesota state graphic below the neckline.

Additional photos here:

I like these uniforms a LOT. The team skillfully upgraded in several key areas, while keeping the general look the same. The addition of the modified Northwestern stripes on the sleeves, and the thin/thick/thin stripes on the pants are the best upgrades, while the slight tweak of the helmet stripe is also a major plus. Of course, the elimination of the “toilet seat” (contrasting color) collar is another huge plus! The team will likely mix and match with all possible combos, so I would expect we’ll probably see a mono-gold or mono-maroon at some point. Overall, a pretty outstanding job by the Gophers.

The only bad point? Minnesota will also retain its current alternate black uniforms as an option for the 2024 season. Let’s hope the team keeps the BFBS to an absolute minimum number of wearings. Zero would be preferable.

I’ve invited Minnesota native Cole Trace and our own Jimmer Vilk to share their thoughts as well. Here’s Cole:

The term modern classic came to mind after seeing these new threads unveiled by the Golden Gopher football program, returning to a standard look of maroon and gold. This thought popped into my head solely because of the sleeve stripes which have been missing from the Gophers uniform program since 1995, for good reason.

The last time the Gophers had stripes similar to those unveiled today were in 1976. These new uniforms take that striping pattern and modernize it with the colors the team uses today.

I love this new set. It is an absolute upgrade from what the team had been wearing. Most importantly, I’m a sucker for the maroon jerseys with gold as the main accent color. Part of the reason the previous maroon jersey fell short. Assuming all elements are interchangeable, I hope the team sticks with white or gold pants with the maroon jersey, but I’m sure we will see games with maroon from helmet down to socks.

Minnesotans love wearing clothes with the shape of our state on them, so it’s nice that this set features that on the back collar.

The only downside to this set that I can’t get past is the number font. The edges are too dramatic and the serif hanging off the top of the ‘4’ is brutal. Standard block letters would do wonders.

People will be annoyed with the “Row the Boat” paddle helmet stripe, but it’s been an element of Coach PJ Fleck’s visual look since he arrived on campus. If his days at Western Michigan are an indication, it could be worse.

All in all, a clear upgrade for the program as it ventures into uncharted territory with the expanded Big 10. Hopefully, they stick to these nine uniform elements for this season so they keep the on field look as PJ Fleck would say “Elite.”

And here are some thoughts from Jim:

I have a saying which started with Purdue, and I’ve adapted it for a handful of other universities: “I love it when (insert school name) looks like (insert school name)!” The Gophers are part of that handful, so I love it when Minnesota looks like Minnesota! In other words, while there are schools that can and should consider a drastic new look, Minnesota is not one of them. Giving the Gophers a new twist to a classic look is just what I wanted, and I got it.

I only have two little issues. I won’t call them complaints, because they’re not deal breakers.

1) There’s one helmet too many. You probably think I’d say the white one, but it’s the maroon. The Golden Gophers should have a golden (athletic or metallic) lid, and the white helmet does have a long history here. So does the maroon, but I don’t need it.

2) Unlike Phil, I’m going to miss the “toilet seat” collar. Maybe Penn State can bring it back instead?

Anyway, I love the colors, I love the stripes, and I love the very close to properly-sized numbers. The font is just fine with me. Hopefully the team will mix and match these colors along with the occasional mono game. Well done, Gophers!

Thanks guys.

Readers…your thoughts?

Comments (3)

    These are beautiful. The “clean” article could’ve been written about these uniforms…

    Minnesota will also retain its current alternate black uniforms as an option for the 2024 season.

    If they keep the toilet seat collar on that one, I’ll allow it. Once.

    Washington’s red is a slightly different color (burgundy vs maroon), but your point is valid.

    I came here to say the same-. I’m not a Minnesota fan, but these look fantastic. Even though the white helmet has history, it’s my least favorite here. I think the all white look is getting played out quickly, especially with NFL teams jumping in on the trend. The gold helmet looks awesome.

    Correct! Get rid of the stench of the Snyder’s “taste.” It’s not that hard, Washington!! On a more controversial note, I would make the yellow/burgundy/yellow the primary for the Commanders.

    I initially thought that is what was being announced just seeing the picture and color scheme before noticing any of the details on the uniforms.

    Tweak the colors a bit, make the burgundy helmet primary and this woulda been killer.

    Any word on whether they still have the chrome-gold lids? Would be a shame if they got rid of them since that’s the helmet the wore this year when the broke their losing streak to Iowa, in 2018 when they broke the losing streak to Wisconsin, and 2019 when the best Penn State in probably the program’s biggest win in the last 50 years.

    I have not heard and I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere. It’s certainly possible they’ll keep it as an option, but I’m not sure it will go particularly well with the new set.

    Employee of the U of MN here (athletics) and internally, we try to do the black uniforms around Halloween. Goes with the theme of the week of it and we typically ask if the other team will do all white (Michigan State 2023, Rutgers in 2022, Maryland 2021, even Maryland 2019). Don’t think they will do it for Homecoming though this year (I Could be wrong) so it will probably be used early on against a non-conference.

    As an Arizona State alum, I’m forever biased to love maroon & gold. The design and colors of this are great. Well done, Gophers.

    I grew up watching the Washington football team, so I’m also partial to this color combination.

    I guess Nike is all in on this “keeping the custom number font from the previous uniform and slapping on a triple sleeve stripe” thing.

    Well I’ll be damned. Colleges have re-discovered stripes! Seriously, though, these particular stripes are great. The two-tone Northwestern sleeve stripes with the contrasting pant stripes remind me of Auburn’s uni, one of the all-time ‘classics’.

    Eight comments in, and nobody yet has said, “It’s yellow, not gold!”

    The times are a-changin’ around here =P

    Well, so much for the younger demographic to be reached with these: way too much color contrasting and those granddad sleeve stripes and huge numbers…pass! Letters on helmets? Please…
    As for this old man staring at the sea and watching the clouds pass by: what a truly great set of uniforms. Except for the weird number font it is a 9 out of 10 (block numbers and the old running gopher popping up somewhere would have made it 10/10). I can even tolerate a mono look in any of these for a couple of games per season.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I think the stripes would be better on the maroon and yellow uniforms without the white. Making them all maroon or all yellow would look better. But that’s just my opinion. Otherwise, a tremendous upgrade.

    As a western michigan university alumni, I can’t warn minnesota enough. Fleck had one good year at my mid major school, stars aligned with a weak b10 non conference, and he catapulted out. Wmu had iconic colors and logos before him, and till this day the university athletics is in an identity crisis. He had strong internal allegations at wmu before he left and don’t understand how minnesota is content with his high salary and on field mediocracy.
    Minnesota has such a beautiful color scheme and rich uniform history, I scratch my head seeing them deviate with gimmicky row the boat and also not sticking with single shell maroon or gold helmet. I am not trying to come off as angry, just resentful.

    Absolutely agree with you on this. I cringe for Minnesota because PJ Fleck’s BS is all over their program and he’s a mid coach at best.

    Gopher STH here. Fan for over 50 years. The PJ Fleck era has been the best stretch of Gopher football in my lifetime. On field and off field success. His teams have been model citizens and students. If you would have told me 15 years ago that the Gophers would someday beat Nebraska 5 years in a row I would never have believed it. I’ve met PJ Fleck and talked to him. I know older former Gopher players still close to the program who vouch for him as a good person and a great leader. I know high school coaches in the State who have a great deal of respect for him. I’ll listen to them rather than someone who just read something posted on social media.

    Not newsworthy. Posing not necessary. Come out of tunnel with them on and thats how people know what your uniforms are.
    Guy in the uniform should have retained his dignity and declined participation in this farce.

    Odd to find a comment like yours on a site devoted to uni news. I mean, isn’t this the kind of stuff we all come here for?

    Its a blurb at best. With a link for anyone who cares to see it
    A headline, with photos? I expect more from a varsity letterman.


    You’re always more than welcome to your thoughts and opinions, and you’ll find I’m much more lenient in censoring comments than Paul.

    Just don’t be surprised when someone calls you on it in the comments.

    But if you don’t think a new uniform unveiling is newsworthy on a site devoted to uniforms, I don’t know what else to say.

    lol im not surprised in the least. We all burn calories in the way we see fit.

    And again…i feel it should be a blurb. If you indulge certain uniform reveals that perpetuate a long standing issue with uniforms, dont be surprised if someone voices their displeasure with it.

    I love these uniforms! I haven’t loved a gopher uniform since the Glen Mason era. Getting rid of the toilet seat collar – big win for the fans. Love the gold helmet, love the new stripes, yes yes yes…. was that good for you?

    Overall great update, but the PJ Fleckification has gotta go, it’s so cringe inducing. Go Badgers.

    Gopher alum here! Agreed on PJ’d unis. They should not be about the coach’s brand!

    Bravo, Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You “get it”. These are going to look great on the field!!!!

    I like all of these, except the maroon jersey with the white pants combo. With the all yellow numbers, to me, the white pants look like they are from a different set entirely. If they had a maroon jersey with white numbers with yellow outline (or just white numbers) it would look fine. At least the white pants have stripes though. I like the yellow/maroon/yellow and white/white/white combos especially.

    For the record, the helmet stripes have actually been the stripe, and not the oar since 2019, so the helmets are the same (minus the gold for chrome swap).

    These are great!! Checks off my 3 boxes, 1-stripes (not truncated), 2-actual (mostly) team colors, 3-TV numbers. Near uniform perfection.

    If you showed me these without saying they were new I would have assumed that was what Minnesota already looked like. Nice simple and “clean” set.
    It is wild that Nike obviously knows how to make sharp looking classically designed uniforms, but keeps throwing out stuff like the Houston Texans rebrand.

    I can’t look at this set and think anything other than “the Commanders shoulda used this design”.

    Gopher fan here: I love these uniforms but I sure hope they actually wear these regularly rather than having some new twist every weak or some funky new chrome helmet with alternate stickers, etc. etc. The gophers wouldn’t look like The Gophers 10 out of 13 weeks a year. Funny how the only teams that seem to look consistent (for the most part) are teams like Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State

    Jersey reminds me of Anthony Davis, Ronnie Lott, Charles White days of USC. Nice looking changes.

    I’m a badger, so I’ll deny it in person, but these are good

    I really like the practice of inviting a couple other folks from the uni-watch community to offer their own thoughts on each new uniform. Love to hear the different perspectives from someone who comes from a more neutral perspective along with those coming from folks closer to the team.

    I’ll admit, I was someone nervous/skeptical about the transition from Paul to Phil, but so far it’s been great. I can definitely tell that a different voice is talking to me, but it still feels very much like the same old uni-watch. Keep on keepin’ on!

    Thanks Brian!

    It’s tough to take over from the guy who invented the genre. I’m just trying to uphold his legacy.

    Gopher fan and season ticket holder here. I love the new set! Reminds me a bit of the Glen Mason era unis (late 90’s/early 00’s) which I thought at the time were our version of Penn St – simple, clean, classic. This set is a bit more busy with the striping and number font, but still really nice, and an upgrade from the last set which I didn’t think was terrible either.

    Glad to see the egotist PJ Fleck got to keep the wood grain strip for his dumb Row the Boat crap. That makes these an automatic F

    I used to think that. Then someone on this site told me the background story, how he developed his philosophy after the death of his infant son. I don’t like the idea of someone using a university’s uniform as a personal vehicle, but it isn’t quite as megalomaniacal as I first thought. See link below.


    All good except number font. A change to standard block serif would make it perfect.

    Pretty much my feelings. The number font tries too hard. Just block it. Otherwise, this set eliminated most of the issues with the last set.

    I actually kinda like everything about these (even the number font and the helmet stripe).

    Really looks great. Now that my Trojans will be playing the Gophers on a somewhat regular basis, my only hope is that when we play each other Minnesota will wear a good contrasting option. Yes I know maroon and cardinal red are different, but trust me playing ASU all those years, contrast matters. White would be great in the Coliseum, and if they’re going to wear the BFBS anyway, this would be a good one when USC comes to Minnesota.

    Any combo that doesn’t include a maroon hat or gold pants will contrast just fine, no? Since I assume the Men of Troy will be in cardinal/white/gold.

    Yes. For some reason ASU seemed to always wear their maroon helmets when they played USC.

    Excellent upgrades for the Gophers. These would be 10/10 if they dropped that bad font and dumped the helmet stripe altogether.

    The Gopher, like the “M”, is a decal. I’m sure they could (and might) put Goldie on the hats (or at least one side of the hats).

    A college team that did their two colors, plus white, for each element of the uniform? The white actually has color to each element? There’s no BFBS or similar?

    I can live with the tiny Fleck flaws, because they nailed what modern college ball should be:

    A mix and match of what your school already IS.

    Well done, Gophers.

    Beautiful set. The NFL could learn something from this. Looking at you Denver.

    This Minnesotan says the maroon jersey should always have gold numbers, so that to me was the biggest addition. I never liked it when they have had white numbers with a gold outline. This set as a whole looks sweet as hell and hope they never deviate from this unless they go to a standard block number.

    The Washington NFL team should be taking notes. The BLOWS their costumes out the window…

    I like the uniforms!! The funny thing is the gophers have always wavered in their colors- athletic yellow-old gold-chrome gold AND maroon that runs from brown to burgundy. This is my favorite color combo within the color combo.

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