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New York Giants Announce Date For “Legacy Red” Uniform Debut

The New York Football Giants have announced the date they’ll debut their new “Century Red” uniforms: Opening Day.

On Sunday, September 8, the Giants’ 100th season officially gets underway when the team hosts the Minnesota Vikings at MetLife Stadium starting at 1:00 PM. The team has announced they will wear their new throwbacks for this game.

If you’re not familiar with this uniform — it’s actually an amalgamation of three early, but different years: the helmets are from 1938, the jerseys are from the 1933 season, and the pants are from their first season in the NFL: 1925. Obviously, the uniform will have a modern cut, so the elements won’t appear as they did when originally worn.

Paul had coverage of this uniform when it was first unveiled.

Under NFL rules, teams can wear alternate uniforms (defined as Color Rush, Throwback or simply Alternate Jerseys) up to three times per season. While no other dates have yet been announced, it’s expected the team will wear the Legacy Red uniform twice, and their 1980s/1990s throwbacks once.

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    September 8th? That doesn’t give the Giants receivers very much time to learn how to “swag out” those uniforms.

    I thought the Giants had a chance to win against the Vikings,now forget it with that abortion uniform.The helmets with GIANTS on them are the only acceptable classy ones.

    I cannot overstate how much I love this uniform. It may be my favorite NFL uni of all time. As a hockey fan, one of my biggest complaints about football uniforms in general is that there generally isn’t much to catch my interest on the front of the jersey – just big numbers and maybe a little wordmark under the color if we’re lucky.

    But this! This has some swag going on in the front. (Yeah, I went there.) And the brown pants even somehow look good with the red and blue, which I wouldn’t have expected. Just a 10/10 uni, and I will let no criticism of it bring me down =P

    I’m sure I’m not the *only* one who can’t wait to see these on the field, but I’m generally surprised at how the overall reaction — particularly among players (and the voices on WFAN, the biggest sports-talk radio station in NY) — has been generally negative. Even Tiki Barber (former Giant turned broadcaster) is lukewarm at best, and he hates the “brown” (his words) pants they’ll wear with the uniform. I know not everyone loves throwbacks, and to be fair, they can sometimes be different (examples: link and link and link)

    I don’t think I’d want the G-men to wear this as a *regular* uniform, but once or twice a season? Hells yes.

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    you can also always send them to me (phil.hecken@gmail), just specify it’s for the ticker

    Okay thanks,
    I’ve tried to send three ticker submissions to your email above and all three came back saying your account is under repair.

    The best uniforms the Giants have had in a long time. All the elements work well together. that jersey should be a great seller.

    Forget Barber and the silly Giants fans who thrive on complaining all the time on and off the airwaves just to show that they are savvy, this is a great throwback and it will look spectacular on opening day.

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