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Baylor Bears Introduce New Football Uniforms for 2024

Yesterday afternoon, the Baylor Bears unveiled three new uniforms for the 2024 Football season, and have hinted at a fourth to be coming soon. Rather than a wholesale redesign, the new unis have undergone some subtle tweaks.

As they previously had, the team will have a green, gold and white set of uniforms. While each uniform is shown as a “mono” uni, the individual components can be mixed and matched if the team so desires. Before we take a closer look, the team produced a hype video, so let’s look at that first:

And now, each of the three uniform individually; if you’re at all familiar with their previous set, you’ll notice some small changes that are definitely upgrades from the previous set. I’ll note those changes below as they differ slightly for each color.


The major difference between the two uniforms is the introduction of a gold/white/gold striping pattern, with two thin green stripes separating the white and gold on the sleeve caps and down the legs. The prior set was stripeless, with a thick gold collar and a small ribbon of gold at the sleeve hems. The new set also swaps out gold numbers for white (this is a slight downgrade). Their custom fonts remain the same, as do the helmets. Here are some additional looks:

The jersey is definitely giving off Green Bay Packers vibes! Here’s a close-up of the sleeve striping pattern:



As you can see, the only tweaks here are the added striping. Whereas the green jersey eliminated the thick, contrasting collar and has a different number color, the gold jerseys keep both of the prior design elements. The stripe pattern is green/white/green, with thin ribbons of gold separating each stripe color.

Some additional looks at the gold uniform:



Like the gold uniform, the only major tweak here is the addition of the sleeve and pants stripes. The thick green contrasting collar and green numbers remain. Striping pattern here is green/gold/green, with thin strips of white separating the gold and green stripes. Like the green jerseys — these too give off a Packers feel.

Some additional views:

The previous sets all had a Bear logo at the base of the neck. That remains as well:


So…for the three “new” sets that were introduced yesterday, there are only a few slight changes. I think the addition of the stripes to the sleeves and pants — despite only being a minor adjustment — makes a major improvement to the uniform. As you’re probably aware if you’ve been following the college or NFL uni game for the past few years, the trend has been towards minimalist (and almost always stripeless) pants, so this is a good upgrade. In fact, the only change that’s not an improvement — or is at best a lateral move — is the switch to white numbers from gold on the green jerseys. The contrast of the gold and green isn’t quite as good as the contrast between green and white, but Baylor had no legibility issues (even if you’re not a fan of their bespoke font) with their numbers on any set.

Unfortunately there were no still photos of the rear of the jerseys, but if you watch the hype video there are some quick views shown. The green jersey will have white NOB and number…

…while both the white and gold will have green NOB and number.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Bears have also teased a fourth uniform…

…and that tweet doesn’t really give away what color that uniform will be. Social media denizens are speculating it will be gray.

Since Baylor’s official colors are green and gold, any fourth uniform would need to be a “new” color — with the current trends of creating BFBS or GFGS alternates, the new alternate color will almost certainly be “neutral” gray or black. The Bears have threatened indicated that will be unveiled on Thursday. The team has had a gray alternate before.

After years of having the football team wear green and some shade of metallic gold, the team finally upgraded to athletic gold during their last uniform overhaul in 2019 (bringing it in line with the shade of gold worn by Baylor’s non-football teams). Although the football team had traditionally worn a metallic gold throughout its history, I thought the change to athletic gold in 2019 was a major upgrade (YMMV). While I appreciated the simplicity of those 2019 uniforms, the addition of sleeve and pants stripes moves the new set from a good to a very good look.

Clearly the team likes the mono looks, so we can all hope that for at least some games they’ll mix and match different color elements.

As far as the upcoming fourth color? I’m not getting my hopes up (and would love to maybe, just maybe, be pleasantly surprised). But it will almost assuredly be gray.

Your thoughts on the new uniforms?

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    solid look but it really bothers me that the helmets didnt get the same stripe treatment as the rest of the look.

    Was going to say that. These are a helmet strip away from being elite. I could go for an outline on the numbers too, but that’s not a deal breaker.

    I like it as is.
    Calls to mind the other Bears that play on Sundays.

    I agree. The sets look a bit too plain with the lack of helmet stripes. Especially the white set

    Even a single solid colr stripe would be a 1000% improvement on the helmets and pants.

    This is it – and I think I figured out why.
    Each of the jerseys and pants has white, green and gold elements. But each of the helmets has only 2 of the same 3 colors. Helmet stripes would fix this and tie in to the jerseys and pants.

    I miss TV numbers on shoulders. Sure we don’t need them to tell the players but they look good….

    Traditional looks, team colors, and details that are interesting but not overwhelming the rest of the set. This is a miracle.

    I’m fully expecting them to appear on the good side of some 5 & 1’s this fall!

    If they manage to fix the problem with their 11s looking like 1s from a distance. Even if they didn’t they might make the list.

    I actually think the white numbers are an upgrade! That said they will 100% look like the Packers when they wear gold/green/gold or gold/white/gold.

    Still an improvement overall though

    Agreed! They really stand out, and eliminating that thick collar makes this a great jersey.

    I like these, but not in the mono-centric way they show them in the photos. Well, the all white is OK, but those pants need stripes people. I also agree with one of the prior comments about the helmets. Would have been nice to have stripes on them matching the jerseys/pants. All in all though, the set is nice. Really glad the green and yellow pants have stripes, and I think the green helmet, yellow jersey, green pants combo will look good, although it reminds me of North Dakota State.

    the all white is OK, but those pants need stripes people.

    The white pants do have stripes for 2024:


    Oops, was looking at the old photo. And, somehow missed the gigantic photo of the white pants with stripes… face palm slap!

    Too many changes to uniforms across the board for this to really matter unless its dramatic. And even then it would be ho hum, being that its college football where this nonsense goes on every year, down to nothing nowhere schools no one cares about.

    Uniform change for uniform changes sake.

    Im starting to realize that those who “get it” means seeing the horseshit, dishonest natures of the whole thing.
    If they are going to wear these, the first time should be the reveal. Any sports organization, any league. Posing while yelling, trying to look tough…these attempts to persuade/manipulate people into feeling “hyped” is now just generic hack scumbaggery.

    reveal it when its worn for first time

    Does it bother anyone else that invariably in these football uni reveals (both NCAA and the NFL) the players’ faces are almost always obscured? A lot of the pics pose the player with his head down so you can’t see his face. Here, there’s a little of that but even when the face isn’t pointing down it’s obscured by a black eye guard (which is not part of the official helmet, no?). I would say that perhaps the NCAA schools do this to avoid NIL issues but the NFL does this as well so I’m thinking it has more to do with de-personalizing the uniform. I get it that the focus should be on the uniform and not the player within it but it strikes me as odd and a bit disturbing that both the NFL and the colleges go as far as they do to remove the human beings from the uniforms they’re wearing.

    Shame that college football pants are simply bike shorts now.

    And these would all be good looks mixed and matched, which they’re never going to be.

    The yellow facemask on the yellow helmet is a downgrade. I like the addition of white trim to the green and yellow uniforms. I wish they’d extended it to adding a white outline around the green numbers on the yellow jerseys. And I hope they mix and match the jerseys and pants to break up the mono look. Otherwise, it’s a decent set.

    As a long-time BU fan (met my wife at Baylor), the “athletic gold” or “mustard” hurts; especially when they go full banana. The stripes help break it up some but many fans are clamoring for the gold to be more of a Vegas gold that was featured during the Briles era.

    While the stripes look good in a vacuum, I actually think that this redesign is boring because they look too much like the Packers. I always felt that the yellow numbers and the lack of white on the uniform was kinda their signature look for the last bunch of years. It’s a better looking uniform, but to my eyes its less “baylor”, and so a worse uniform for baylor, whatever that means.

    I’m with you. I’m surprised this is getting such rave reviews on here. It seems sort of half-assed.

    I like the stripes but I really hate the mono combinations. Let’s hope they mix and match some.

    I wish they’d stopped with these 3 since the 4th is bound to be either grey or black.

    Yeah I know.

    I’m used to seeing a couple guys on the field with them, and it was notable enough that it would merit a ticker item. Seeing them in an official team uniform reveal is a new level of approval.

    I would hope so, I like their old green and metallic gold uniforms much better than these, or any of the athletic gold unis

    This may be unpopular, but I think the Green Bay Packers should seriously look at this.

    I wish Baylor restored ‘BAYLOR’ to the front of the jerseys……Still an improvement over their previous look, though…..

    I’ll agree with you if the shade is “old” gold. But the more “metallic” looking the gold (as was the case until 2019) wasn’t nearly as good. That goes for all teams who use metallic gold (not just Baylor). It got so bad their pants were more tan than anything approaching gold.


    Of course even *that* look is better than the BFBS they sported: link or link

    Looks like only the helmet was really metallic back in ’79. I mostly just love the gold helmet, green jersey, white pants look. Too much mono these days.

    Phil, will you frequently do features when college teams release new uniforms? I always enjoy the content of a new uniform release, but new NCAA uniforms typically feel like a ticker item, simply because teams change so frequently, there are only a dozen or so big time programs that have maintained a continuous identity such that a new uniform would really be a big deal. If Alabama, Penn State, Auburn, Michigan, Texas, etc suddenly rolled out a new uniform that would feel noteworthy. With most other schools I could probably tell you what they SHOULD look like, but not what the actual current uniforms are. Baylor definitely feels like the latter.

    Honestly it depends — for example, I didn’t cover WVU’s new unis (rather, I put them in the Ticker) because when they were first unveiled at their spring game, the team only released pics of the three players in three different unis (mono-blue, mono-gold, mono-white). During the week they did finally release official photos (but I don’t think Paul covered those).

    Baylor, on the other hand, released plenty of looks at all three new uniforms (even though their changes were more tweaks). But I felt it merited an article.

    And while I don’t believe most colleges have the same “5 year rule” restrictions as does the NFL, schools are limited by the manufacturer on how many new and different uniforms they will introduce (it depends on their individual deal with schools).

    To actually answer your question (if I haven’t already): pretty much going to be a case-by-case basis on whether a new set of unis gets a full article vs. a Ticker mention.

    Odd how Baylor can do this, but UH can’t have a similar look to the Oilers!!

    Well Baylor didn’t completely change their colors and announce “hey y’all, we’re gonna blatantly rip off an NFL team, check it out!!”


    If the Oregon Ducks had any sense of restraint, they’d look like this.

    I think they look great…

    I mean, yeah, they added the Packers’ stripes, but man….STRIPES! It’s so refreshing to see a team actually add pants striping.
    In a vacuum, I like changing the numbers to white, but in this case it really veers a little too close to Green Bay. The bespoke font still sucks, but overall these tweaks are a big upgrade.

    These are very good, and would look even better if they will interchange some of these. Yellow helmet, green jersey, and yellow pants would be great. Also green helmet, yellow jersey, and green pants, would also be great. And even though I love all white road uniforms, the green helmet & pants, yellow helmet & pants, or green helmet with yellow pants, would look great with the white jersey.

    Honestly I’ve reached the point of uniform sickness with all this alternate crap. Enough with retro reverse, city connect, color rush, ncaa alts and whatever the nba calls their garbage now. It’s too much and mostly done poorly. I’m regurgitating unipuke.

    A team called the Bears that look like the Packers; what a paradox.

    The yellow face mask on yellow helmet reminds me of early 80s Pitt. That was a genuinely under appreciated look. I hope they wear the green tops with it once in awhile.

    It looks like the Packers equipment manager ordered an updated template from Nike, then changed is mind. Giving Baylor an opportunity to get new uniforms at a discounted price..

    Your thoughts on the new uniforms? Yawn.

    Add stripes to helmet, even a single contrasting center stripe is a 10000% improvement.

    Old Gold – NOT Vegas Gold – goes well with Green, particularly with good usage of White trim and striping.
    If Oregon had any sense they’d use that combination i their ongoing Uniform Carnival marketing bazaar….

    These are a nice improvement. Nothing big, nothing flashy, and feels like they’re trying to not have such boring looking uniforms. I hate to think they’ll add a black option, but that would be better than a (*gag*) gray choice. I hope they swap elements throughout the season.

    Would really like my Packers to borrow those green pants and pair them with our white away tops. We’ve never done that combo before. Those stripes look beautiful on those green pants.

    Packers should really think about that one: green pants with the white shirts.

    “Run it back” — maybe that means the fourth uni is a throwback?

    These seem a little too Green Bay (and Edmonton for CFL fans) to me. I think the white numbers on the green uniform pop better than the yellow (sorry, won’t call that color gold) ones did. It’s a beautiful jersey, but we know that because it’s almost identical to the Packers and they’ve looked great for decades.

    The helmets are the weak point in these uniforms. They moved from a 2-color scheme to a 3-color scheme with the pants and jerseys so should have done the same with the helmets. Incorporate the striping or at least add an outline to the logo or change the facemask color.

    (I’m an outsider and probably in the minority here but I kind of liked the jerseys they introduced about 10 years ago with the bear paw sleeve/shoulder design. If we’re going to lose TV numbers and make sleeve striping not wrap around since football jerseys don’t really have sleeves anymore, it was nice seeing a little innovation. Pants striping on that uniform set was terrible so not all innovation works out but I liked the jerseys,)

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