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Another Apparent LA Dodgers City Connect Jersey Seen at CitiField

It looks like we have another apparent Los Angeles Dodgers City Connect leak, this time in the form of the above — which was taken Wednesday at the New York Mets/LA Dodgers game played in New York.

We had our first leak a couple weeks ago, which Paul covered here.

The jersey spotted above looks identical to the first leak. Only this time, not only was it spotted, but Twitter user “uɐʎɹ” was at the game and took the picture, and also managed to converse with the gentleman wearing the jersey. He noticed this feature on the back, which indicates it’s “not a knockoff” but a retail jersey. He further explained that, “the guy doesn’t speak English, but the neckline seems lower than on current jerseys. Could be a sign for the future fixes.”

uɐʎɹ was nothing if not persistent, and eventually …

And let’s take a look at those photos full-size. They confirm everything Paul noted with the first leak, so unless this gentleman purchased the jersey shown in that leak, then clearly there are some of these retail CC’s floating around. At this point I think it’s safe to say this jersey IS the Dodgers CC (obviously this is the retail version, but the authentic will be similar).

This CC jersey is scheduled to be unveiled sometime in mid-June and make its on-field debut on June 21. It will be the Dodgers’ second CC uniform, making them the first MLB team with that distinction. Their first CC design, which debuted in 2021 and went through multiple revisions, was retired at the end of last year.

Major thanks to Twitter user uɐʎɹ for going the extra mile to get these photos!

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    I know I’ll be in the minority here, by the only part of this I really actively dislike is the wordmark. I do wonder if there will be red chest numbers. This appears to be a team replica with no player/number on the back

    Exactly. Just like the first leak. So there are definitely details we won’t know until the official unveil (or an authentic somehow leaks).

    But it pretty much does confirm that this will indeed be the CC.

    Can’t wait for the storytelling…

    Poor Vin Scully must be rolling around in his grave at the thought of such a putrid jersey. What’s the over/under on the number of F-bombs Tommy Lasorda would drop if asked to don one of these monstrosities. So sad to see from a team that has, arguably, the classiest jerseys in baseball or all of sports for that matter.

    They already ruined the uniform as soon as it was tarnished with the Gugenheim junk on the sleeve.

    “What’s the over/under on the number of F-bombs Tommy Lasorda would drop if [insert literally anything here].”


    I’m interested to see what the hat will look like. I honestly don’t hate this jersey, which I know will be unpopular on this site. It just doesn’t look like a Dodgers jersey, which I guess is the point of the city connect program.

    I don’t feel that with this. The Braves jersey is the only one that feels like a knockoff to get around trademark issues. This feels different. Not in love with it, but much better than the previous iteration

    I just hope the hat doesn’t just copy the chest logo and say the whole city name, like with the first CC iteration. I suspect it will be the sleeve logo, though, which is kind of dumb but mostly harmless.

    If these are paired with like colored pants I won’t hate them. Kind of in the middle of the CC unis, which is an upgrade at least.

    It’s obvious from the picture of the guy that the confetti/sprinkles/fairy dust will be impossible to see from the stands and virtually impossible to see on television unless there is an extreme closeup.

    Once again, Nike wasting money, time, and talent on things that no one will see or care about.

    Those are the details I tend to love most- the things that are only visible on close inspection that highlight the quality of the product instead of leaving it blank and boring. The gray on gray cherry blossoms on the Nationals, the fibers in the White Sox jersey, the pattern in the yellow in the Pittsburgh jersey. I do with the pinstripes showed up better in St Louis.

    The biggest part of this for me is that this is back to the previous template (chassis, if you must) of baseball jerseys. Does this mean that the entire Nike template program is scrapped and now back to a classic baseball jersey construction?

    One can only hope. I notice the Toronto leaked jersey also has the higher MLB logo on the back. It appears to still have the smaller NOB though.

    Will the sleeve patch -DLA-be the on hat?

    Nike doesn’t care what it looks like from the stands or on tv….they want the “individual experience” to be the drive. That and these things sell really well in most markets…..

    I saw a purported leak of the cap somewhere (Creamer forums?). It looks to be dark Navy with a gold D-LA.

    The only thing I like about this is the contrail through the wordmark. I don’t like the wordmark itself. And I don’t understand the confetti at all. I suppose there’s a story for it.

    “I suppose there’s a story for it”

    It’s a City Connect — we will absolutely get a whole bunch of storytelling!

    But I agree, I’ve yet to see anyone who can make the “confetti cake” design to be an LA thing. Perhaps it’s not supposed to be confetti cake, but it will be interesting (and probably cringeworthy) to see how they end up linking this to LA or LA culture.

    I think this was mentioned in the comments on Paul’s coverage of the initial leak, but I think the funfetti is meant to be the terrazzo floor at LAX. If so, the arch through the word mark could also be echoing the floor, as it has curvy arching lines as well as sprinkles. Either way, I kind of like the jersey, and I quite like the LAD logo. I’m interested to see the hat now.

    I’m thinking the LAX floor, too, but I can’t find any evidence that LAX has a terrazzo floor with a similar pattern. If they were going to pay homage to LAX, I wish they’d picked the Theme Building or the mosaic tiles.

    I lived in LA for almost 30 years. There are probably about a dozen things from around the city that I would use as the basis for a city-themed uniform design and the floor at LAX would never, ever cross my mind. I’ve flown in and out of LAX more times than I can count and I never knew anything about terrazzo floors until now. The floor of LAX? Really??

    Does Nike actually have people on their design team who has ever actually been to LA? The Theme Building, maybe. The Gateway lights, I suppose. But I can’t imagine a single person in LA thinking that what really resonates with them, what really speaks to their experience as an Angeleno, is the floor at LAX.

    I don’t mind the D and LA together, but the LA alone with the giant tail on the A… feels like Astros or Epcot or something not so Hollywood.

    LA had and still has a huge aerospace industry. Downey, el Segundo, torrance come to mind. However, I think it’s kinda lame to highlight this when everyone here hates the Astros

    I’ve come to accept the whole CC program isn’t aimed at me—it’s aimed at people who use the word “drip” and live on social media. And that’s totally fine.

    If I want a Dodgers jersey, I can always pick their timeless home white. Producing something for different types of taste is a good thing.

    This is my favorite take. I love the CC jerseys. There are 3-5 I’m not a fan of and another 5 that are just meh, but I love most of them. Even many that I’m not in love with I think are really great. I never hear someone say they don’t like them, but they appreciate that they market them to a different consumer

    Great reporting, uɐʎɹ. On the one hand, I don’t like really any of the details or components of this jersey. On the other hand, I dislike the thing less than I dislike the previous Dodgers CC jersey, so, um, upgrade?

    I suspect that we’ll soon see sublimated patterns like the confetti here appearing on regular home/road/alt jerseys. And I sort of think I’m OK with that. The confetti thing or St. Louis’s river-wave stripes aren’t weirder or less normal than the pinstripes we’ve accepted in baseball for 117 years.

    I’m convinced that all the sublimation of this year’s CC jerseys (EVERY team has it to varying degrees) is as much an anti-counterfeiting move as it is a design choice. It’s a shame that design is being driven, at least in part, to address the proliferation of knock-offs, but that’s where we are today.

    Assuming the Toronto Blue Jays jersey leak is the real thing, the sublimation trend will continue. And I’ll bet good money that when the Minnesota CC jersey is unveiled, it too will feature some form of sublimation.

    Did “Upsidedown Ryan” ask this person how or where they got this jersey? Was this an employee of a sporting goods store? A Dodgers employee? Inquiring minds want to know!

    uɐʎɹ’s account claims that the person wearing the jersey did not speak English. And, presumably, uɐʎɹ did not speak a language the jersey-wearer could understand. So it seems perhaps impossible for uɐʎɹ to have gleaned detailed info about the source of the jersey.

    I personally know of one instance in which someone at an MLB team gave an unused uniform prototype to another team worker as a gift, and then that worker wore it in public during a game at the team’s ballpark, So it’s possible that the leak came from within the organization. The seating location here is similar to where the story I’m aware of took place just off the field of play at the ballpark where that earlier incident took place.

    It’s a Funfetti jersey! Unless they have some connection to the Pillsbury doughboy, these things are ridiculous.

    Well the Rams do have the Pillsbury Throwboy aka Matt Stafford. Did you know he was best friends with Clayton Kershaw growing up? There’s your connection!

    I am going on memory, but I think the speckles are from the Dodger Stadium concourse terrazzo, but we’ll have to wait until the Nike storytelling.

    Pure trash. Why are you ignorant consumers purchasing Chinese knock off sweatshop made merchandise? All city connect uniforms are pure trash,for each sport and social media world can’t see passed their keyboards to notice anything wrong with all the crappy uniforms.

    The first symptom of Rabbititus:

    …and the chest lettering reminds me of how Trackhouse Racing slices their car numbers:

    I love the idea of the “LAD” logo, but the execution isn’t quite there. The “D” is such a different style than the “LA”, and they don’t mesh well together. Maybe change the “LA” to a slightly rounder/curvier font, and that could be a really top-tier logo.

    Well if the point of the City Connect program is to sell jerseys, this one’s clearly doing its job already

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