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An Interesting Interaction Between UWers and the Mets ‘Perfect’ Record in BFBS and CC

I don’t expect to have four articles every day — and apologies because today they all seem to revolve around me — but this one is both timely and speaks to a Uni Watch convergence. Allow me to briefly explain.

My pal (and longtime UW reader and contributor) Kary Klismet was one of many readers who made the long trip to New York for Paul’s send-off, and we made plans to see the Mets this past Saturday. As you may be aware, home Saturdays are the designated times for the Mets to wear their City Connect (CC) uniforms. I hadn’t been to a game all season, and Kary had never been to CitiField Shea, so we’d both be seeing the CCs in person for the first time.

I told Kary the Mets had an interesting streak going — and not a good one: they were winless in their CCs, their BFBS tops, and (at the time), their blue alternates as well. They partially broke the streak on Sunday, when they won for the first time this season wearing their blue alternates. But, as of this writing, they’re still winless in either their CCs or BFBS.

As fate would have it, the Mets were ahead 2-1 going into the 9th inning on Saturday, and brought on Edwin Diaz to close the game. While Diaz was absolutely incredible in 2022 (he was injured for all of last year), and started off 2024 notching a few saves, he’d hit a bad stretch where he either blew saves or leads in non-save situations several times in the past few weeks. After we were treated to Timmy Trumpet, I said to Kary, “just watch him blow this one.” And he did. He gave up the tying run, and the Mets lost in extra innings, keeping their “perfect” (ZERO wins) record intact for their CCs.

Fast forward a day: I’d interacted with reader Steve Dodell several times on this site (Steve is a huge Mets fan, and who you may remember spotted the Seaver statue error and for which Paul — and indrectly Steve — received a bit of notoriety). Steve attended Paul’s retirement party and of course, our conversation turned to the Mets and their alternate uniforms. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Steve also had been tracking the Mets record by uniform top, and was posting them to Twitter. As of yesterday, here’s a look at their uni W/L breakdown:

The Mets were scheduled to wear their pinstripes yesterday, but that game was rained out, and they’ll play a double-dip against the Dodgers later this afternoon. It’s entirely possible either (or both) of those games will feature the team wearing an alternate top, so these statistics will change. Hence, why I’m posting this article now.

Once Steve introduced himself to me and we’d chatted a bit, I grabbed Kary and we informed Steve we’d been talking about the very thing he is tracking at the game the day before! Of course, as is the case when a bunch of Uni Watchers get together, those two hit it off — I just thought it was kind of kismet that our uni-obsessions dovetailed so serendipitously at Paul’s farewell!

Aside from the fact that the Mets aren’t doing very well this season (they only have a winning record in their home pinstripes), they’re winless in BFBS and (what Nike/Mets call) graphite (CC) uniforms.

I bring all this up not just to highlight how Steve and I were on the same wavelength (which I at least found cool), but to bring up a larger Uni Watching point: how soon will Mets fans call for the team to STOP wearing BFBS or CC uniforms because of their losing? We’ve discussed how otherwise excellent (or at least really good) uniforms have been deemed unlucky or worse — like the Cowboys old blue jerseys, or Pat Patriot or the Broncos Orange Crush. Those were all excellent uniforms, but teams didn’t play particularly well (or lost the big game or what have you) in them, but many fans don’t like an otherwise great uniform simply because the team didn’t win in them. Conversely, fans seem to love bad uniforms if a team has had success wearing them.

I even devoted a column to this back in 2021.

There are already a good segment of Mets fans who don’t like the BFBS or CC uniforms because they aren’t in Mets colors, but there are also plenty who are fans who do like them — Kary and I noticed a good number of attendees at Saturday’s game who were wearing CC (or black) jerseys. But if they keep losing while wearing them, will fans start to associate the uniforms themselves with losing? And will they either stop wearing them to games or even call for the team to go back to their pins (or blue alternates, which are fine)?

Will the Mets BFBS/CC losing streak end soon? That remains to be seen.

• • • • •
And as long as we’re on the topic — and rather than make this a “What Phil Did This Weekend” type post, I wanted to share a few photos from the Mets game that Kary took.

Here’s the Seaver statue that Steve made “famous” — I specifically pointed that out to Kary.

You guys may recall Paul recently highlighted another “LOL Mets” moment when the team mowed the wrong number font into the outfield grass for Dwight Gooden’s number retirement. This coming Saturday, the Mets will be doing the same for Darryl Strawberry. As fate would have it, the team has already mowed Darryl’s No. 18 into the grass — but this time they used the correct font!. I can’t help but think Paul had something to do with this!

Before the game, Kary asked me if Mr. Met would be sporting the CC uniform the team would be wearing. Of course…

And finally, seated in front of us a couple rows down was a guy with a custom jersey and the NOB “THUMBS DOWN GUY” — he had plenty to “cheer” for this day.

• • • • •
Once again — thanks for indulging me with this article (I promise there won’t be many like this one).

Thanks to Kary for the photos! If you weren’t already aware, Kary has penned a great series of Purple Amnesty Day articles in addition to his fantastic “Dressed For The Season” articles. In addition to Steve’s work with Paul, he also worked with me on a fantastic deep dive into the Sand Knit number font a couple years back.

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    Heads up: you’ve got a bunch of grocers apostophe’s happening in the first few paragraphs. “CC’s,” “Saturday’s,” and so forth.

    I don’t expect to have four articles every day

    Thank you.

    Between Paul’s home-stretch burst of posting energy and your keeping pace with him, I’m going to seem minimalist doing the old-fashioned weekend posts.

    I’m not a proponent of tracking uni records, because I find it to be an unrelated practice.
    I do love when a losing record coincidentally aligns with a bad uni, though.
    For some reason BFBS always gets a pass. I don’t get it. If Boston had the same record in their blue and yellow CCs, you can bet the cry for them to ditch those unis would be louder than Timmy Trumpet.

    I think what was smart was that they clearly put the BFBS in the Friday night slot and have been good about leaving it there. While I don’t like it, it’s in a box and can stay there. I know a trigger for me with the CCs was Nimmo and team saying they wanted to wear them as much as possible which really gave mid 00s flashbacks. Also didn’t help that post debut the the is like 9-19 since they debuted them.

    I can’t express to everyone what great guys Phil, Kary and so many other uni watchers I met at the party are in real life. Phil, you nailed this column…love how you tied in to the Cowboys blue jerseys which I found gorgeous, but were seen as a jinx.

    As for Thumbs Down Guy, what the hell is that font even doing? Is it inward italicized or something?

    I’m sorry, but as life long Giants fan, I loved that Saturday game so much.

    It’s an interesting point. I think you’re already seeing it. I noticed that Saturday at least on FB their social media team usually flips their logo and header to City Connect colors. They didn’t this time. Also it’s probably around 70/30 negative on social media, especially now with fans shouting down positive comments (ie get those jinxed unis out of here). I also notice the citi field ad for City Connects had Mr and Mrs Met in pinstripes instead of the CC outfits. So they seem to be pulling back a bit. If they were 5-0 the comments would probably trending more positive similar to Bostons for instance. It doesn’t hurt that it’s not an objectively terrible jersey like some just not a Mets jersey (As I’ve said before redo this in Blue and Orange with a creme base and it’s a classic).

    I also wonder with the crossover between Jets and Mets fans has fueled the fire. The Jets 19-23 set got a lot of flack on social media. Jets fans were pretty vocal with their displeasure with the Uni and how much they liked the throwback. And lo and behold the fans got what they wanted. I wonder this is leading to some of the additional negative feedback as it got things done for the Jets (I know personally I feel this way).

    As for the blacks, I don’t care too much, but they’ve done a nice job of keeping them in their box for the most part and not overexposing them. That was another trigger with the City Connects was when Nimmo said they were going to wear them as much as possible due to the Nike screw ups. That really cheesed me off, although that might have been me.

    The blacks do look weird without the white though. I kind of wish they would experiment a little more with them though. I think the racing stripes on the blacks would be a fun look for instance.

    Its a big reason the orioles switched to the white pants for their CC unis.. Because their record was not good in the all black unis. They’ve wont the past couple where wearing the white pants so they have stuck with them. I haven’t gone back and actually look at the actual records, but it was big perception that Orioles twitter just complained when we wore them because we always seemed to play bad.

    Fun recap, Phil! It was a great day in all respects except for the final score of the game. (Although the outcome did feel a little bit like uni “justice.”)

    The Mets are back in their pinstripes for the first game of today’s double-dip. So the ‘perfect’ record in BFBS and CC remains perfect (at least until game 2…). Here’s hoping they win in pins and keep them for game 2 (and every other damn game this season!)

    “fans seem to love bad uniforms if a team has had success wearing them.”
    This is why I doubt that the Patriots will ever move too far from the Flying Elvis, whereas the Pat Patriot is a much better look.

    Don’t apologize for the article, Phil! It was a fun recap of the weekend and nicely tied in the Mets record with the CCs. I would read lots more like this one. Keep up the good work!

    Hi Phil
    I traveled back “home” from New Hampshire this weekend, and was at both games on Saturday and Sunday. I wish I ran into you!

    I was at Saturday’s game with Kary — too bad we didn’t know each others schedules. And I know the Mets are important ;), but you should have come to Paul’s farewell party on Sunday!

    Is there any rule preventing the Mets from wearing their white pinstripes for every game? Even road games? Or is this lame ‘schedule’ written in legal stone?

    I’m not sure if you’re serious or not, but yes — there is a uniform rule that the road team cannot wear white pants. So basically they can’t wear the pinstripes on the road.

    I am of the opinion that the Mets have one of the top 5 road uniforms (maybe even top 3) in the bigs, so I have no problem with them wearing their road grays for ever road game. Pins at home, grays on the road. And sure, wear the blue tops every once in a while at home as well. It’s those other two (BFBS & CC) I can do without.

    They wear the pinstripes wayyyyyyy too much as it is. Pinstripes belong with the Yankees anyway. If we have to wear white the snow whites were better. Nevertheless the blues should be the perm home jersey and they should have an orange alternate.

    I disagree with every line of this post. The Mets have had pinstripes since their inception. Pinstripes don’t “belong” to the Yankees any more than they do the Phillies or Cubs. Blue home and orange

    Love this graphic. Keep updating it for us. LGM even though they are terrible and they need to wear the Blues more often. Too bad there is no orange jersey :(

    – indrectly missing an ‘i’
    – “I can’t but think…”, perhaps should be ‘I can’t help but thing…”?

    Good catch — I meant what I originally wrote, but it definitely sounds better with the added “help” (now added). Thanks!

    I personally came around on Michigan wearing blue pants after we beat Ohio State wearing them

    OMG, I can’t tell you how much I hate the Michigan blue pants. No stripes, and the stupid mono look they won the championship in. Ugh. Their uniform combo with the blue jersey and yellow pants is so superior, looks-wise.

    In the Mets’ very first game wearing the City Connect jerseys, the visiting team sent nine men to the plate in the top of the 1st inning and scored four runs before the Mets even had a chance to bat (NYM v. STL, Sat 4/27/24). Unfortunately, that wound up being a harbinger not only for the game (the Mets lost 7-4), but for the season to date.

    And that guy in the “Thumbs Down Guy” jersey was me. I’m the Mets fan who inadvertently wound up giving the Yankees their thumbs-down rally cry in 2017 with my gesture of disapproval over Todd Frazier’s home run in that NYY at TB game that was played at Citi Field because of Hurricane Irma, that was caught on camera and quickly became an internet sensation.

    I really, really wish the Tigers had a record like that in their CC’s. Yesterday it was reported that they would keep wearing them while they’re on a winning streak. That’s a shame. Those unis would look wonderful in a container under the stands somewhere in Comerica Park.

    Agreed. Actually caught them on TV when I was out Friday night and it was not a good-looking game; the Blue Jays’ blue tops in that game did not help the situation any.

    “I just thought it was kind of *Klismet that our uni-obsessions dovetailed so serendipitously at Paul’s farewell!”


    Well, we can update the standings to 10-9 in the pins, since the Dodgers swept them yesterday.

    That game 1 loss (blowing *ANOTHER* 2-1 lead in the 9th) was absolutely brutal, but unfortunately, I think we’re in for a lot of these this season.


    As a Met fan since 1970, I can honestly say that I hate the black softball uniforms. They looked horrible in the 1990’s and are worse today. This year’s look is very Florida Marlins esq with an almost invisible outline making everything hard to see. I can’t stand the Yankees however, they’re the gold standard everyone should look at. Some minor tinkering with shades of blue and nothing else over a zillion years is all they’ve done. There’s something to be said for tradition and Mets black isn’t one of them.

    As Paul occasionally reminded us, there are “Coke” teams and “Pepsi” teams. The Yankees are the former. The Mets are decidedly the latter.

    I am not a Mets fan, but I really liked it when they had home pinstripes and home plain whites. It was a very unique thing to have two home uniforms

    I didn’t mind the “snow whites” they introduced in 1997 (with or without the ice cream caps)


    Unfortunately they quickly moved to adding the black drop shadow (and black elements to all uniforms) which wasn’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing


    Then there was that brief period whem they dropped the drop shadow and wore the snow whites AND cream-colored pinstripes as home unis. That look was good too.


    But no team needs two home uniforms, and if I had to pick the snow whites or the pins, then it’s the pins 100% of the time.


    Ah, the Uni-Gods have spoken. Thou shalt not win in the shitty looking combos!

    Saw comments about folks not liking the blue jersey. I rather like it as an occasional alt to the home/road.

    So am I to understand that under your new management you are all still gonna do this BFBS nonsense (and GFGS nonsense as well)? I hope at the very least you’ll be fair enough to treat teams that try to force white or other colors the same way (but you probably won’t).

    I am going to continue to rail against teams who introduce a color that’s *not* a part of their color scheme, as I have for the 15+ years I’ve been doing weekends and Augusts. And as our founder pretty much invented the term “BFBS” I see no reason not to continue to criticize teams who use it.

    As far as your point about “forc(ing) white or other colors” — I’m not sure how you define forcing white. If you mean, especially in college but also the NFL, teams wearing all white (looking at you, Detroit link among others) when they have perfectly good team colors? I have, and will continue to, dislike this look and will say so.

    But since white is basically a mandated color for all teams (at least for jerseys), I can’t see how that’s forced (but rather is required in almost all instances).

    And as far as forcing other colors? Other than stuff like City editions or CC’s for baseball (or perhaps some “special” uniforms in college), I’m not really aware of teams adding “extra” colors that aren’t already in their official color scheme.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Actually what I meant when I referred to white was not about a mandatory version of already existing uniforms. I meant more like when a team wants to put white in places where it isn’t, such as when a football team creates a white helmet when that’s not one of their colors or adds white trims, etc. to a jersey when there otherwise wouldn’t be. My overall point was that this site’s obviously biases against certain things was turning into an overly negative cliche that I couldn’t take seriously anymore and I was trying to find out if you want to be better than that now that there is new management. If not then that’s your perogative. I’m sure I can find people that will give uniform news while being able to think for themselves instead of relying on old tropes thinking they aren’t allowed to have their own opinions. But hey, maybe you’ll prove us all wrong. Have a nice day.

    ” I meant more like when a team wants to put white in places where it isn’t, such as when a football team creates a white helmet when that’s not one of their colors or adds white trims, etc. to a jersey when there otherwise wouldn’t be”

    I think I addressed that.

    You are always free to disagree with any of the opinions expressed on this site, but I will disagree with your assertion that UW is somehow “biased” — You can disagree with what we call BFBS or GFGS, but simply because you don’t agree with the terms, doesn’t mean I(we) are biased against them per se. Honestly, I think some BFBS uniforms look great (Tennessee for example: link). I’ve said as much before. But it’s still BFBS because black is NOT a school color. But that doesn’t mean BFBS — if done *well* — automatically looks bad. I apologize if I give the impression that all BFBS or GFGS uniforms are inherently bad looking (because they’re not in many cases). But it’s still BFBS/GFGS.

    The term is descriptive rather than perjorative.

    No matter WHAT colors/designs constitute an official uniform, if I like it, I’ll say so. If I dislike it, you’ll hear me say it. And I’ll give my reasoning why I like or dislike a uniform.

    Again, I welcome feedback and discussion, and I’m happy to agree to disagree!

    Thanks again.

    Thank you for the response. I am glad to know that you have your own opinions on such things. I’m just being honest when I say I don’t believe Paul was unbiased and while claiming that disagree opinions were ok he seemed to take them rather personally (at least towards the end), even if he wouldn’t admit it. Hopefully we’ll all be constructive as well, preferably without cussing and swearing at each other (which Paul also seemed to think was necessary for some reason). Thank you.

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