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It’s Uni Watch’s 25th Anniversary — and My Final Day

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You’ve probably heard me tell this story before, but once more won’t hurt: On Jan. 1, 1999, I made a New Year’s resolution to create and place a new sports column about uniform and logo design. That turned out to be a lot easier said than done. When I presented the idea to sports publications, one editor after another turned me down. Eventually, I decided to contact The Village Voice, an alt-weekly here in New York.

The Voice sports section wasn’t a prestige platform in the traditional sense of the term. It was usually just two or three pages, had no color photography, and was buried in the back of the paper alongside the phone-sex ads. But by the time I came calling that spring, the section and its writers had become known for some brilliantly quirky sports coverage. They were writing about advanced baseball analytics long before mainstream sports outlets were (instead of OPS, they referred to SLOB — slugging plus on-base — so the goal was to be “the biggest SLOB”), and they also had a lot of stuff that, in retrospect, prefigured Deadspin, including a column about hockey fights (“Mixing It Up,” written by a guy named Mike Beaver) and a regular feature in which Yankees TV broadcaster Phil Rizzuto’s on-air ramblings were set to poetic verse (which actually led to a book of poetry). I figured a column about uniforms would fit right in — if the section’s editor liked the idea.

That editor turned out to be a guy named Miles Seligman. Luckily for me, and for all of us, he loved my pitch from the moment I explained it to him. We hashed out a few guidelines, settled on the name “Uni Watch” (which, as I recently explained, was something I had originally thought of as just a placeholder name), and got ready for my first column, which was slated for late May. I decided to debut with a breakdown of all the 1999 MLB uniform changes. Doing that in late May would seem ridiculous in 2024, but this was 1999 — nobody had written anything about these uni developments. Doing a comprehensive overview of them seemed not just reasonable but necessary. (It ended up being the model for my annual MLB Season Preview, which I’ve done every year since.)

That column came out on May 26, 1999 — 25 years ago today. Naturally, I saved the clipping, as I did with all of my print pieces in those days. Over the years, I’ve often linked to this photo of it, which I took in 2009. The clipping then went back in my file cabinet and remained there until yesterday, when Miles Seligman came over to Uni Watch HQ and joined me for the photo shown at the top of this page. He made that first day of Uni Watch possible, so it seemed fitting to showcase him on my final day — today.

Miles and I don’t see each other as often as we once did. But when we do reconnect, it’s always an easy, joyous conversation, like we’d been talking just yesterday. It’s a measure of how much I love him that I let him wear a Yankees cap for that photo. He often likes to say that he was Uni Watch’s midwife; I often like to say that he was Uni Watch’s first enabler. Either way, neither of us could have imagined that the little project we created would still be going strong 25 years later. It’s truly an amazing thing.

But while Miles and I got the ball rolling, it’s the readers and the Uni Watch comm-uni-ty that have kept it rolling. Yesterday I thanked a few hundred people who’ve been instrumental in Uni Watch’s success and longevity, but the reality is that there are tens of thousands of readers out there — including every single person reading these words right now — who’ve made Uni Watch not just viable but Special.

All of which leads me to this: As I’ve been doing the Uni Watch Tour ’24 over the past week (here are the reports from my stops in Baltimore, Minneapolis, L.A., and New Orleans), a lot of people have said, “You must be so proud of Uni Watch, so proud of what you’ve accomplished.” As I’ve told all of those people, I didn’t accomplish this by myself. We all did it together, powered by that special enthusiasm that comes when you encounter other people who share your niche passion. This thing we’ve built is big and eccentric — if it were a building, it would probably look like something out of Dr. Seuss — but it’s all ours, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So yeah, as I’ve explained to all those people who’ve asked, I am indeed very proud of Uni Watch. But you should be proud, too, because this was a collective effort.

That’s why I think Uni Watch’s future remains bright, because this project is bigger than any one person, even its founder. Next week the great Phil Hecken will take over the site’s daily operations. Will things be a little bit different than when I was running things? I’m sure they will. But that shared passion that brought us all here in the first place will remain, and I know you’ll all commingle your passions with Phil’s to help create something grand, just like you did with me.

Speaking of which: Phil has deep, deep Uni Watch roots and is definitely the right person — probably the only person — to take this project forward. He deserves the same respect and support that you’ve given me, and I know that’s exactly what you’ll give him. He’s been handling weekday duties during my annual August break for many years, so he knows the drill, but be patient with him as he settles into his new role, and ditto for newly appointed weekend editor Jim Vilk — they’ll both have a lot of new responsibilities on their hands. Don’t compare them to me; just let them be themselves, and keep enjoying this special place where everyone Gets It™.

As for me, I’ll be taking a break for at least a month and then will return with a new non-uni project (details here). Once that launches, I’ll make sure there’s an announcement here on Uni Watch.

I have to get ready now for today’s 25th-anniversary party in Manhattan, where I hope I’ll be seeing lots of you. It’s going to be a great day. And remember, this isn’t just my anniversary celebration — it’s yours, too.

• • • • •

Uni Watch will be closed tomorrow for Memorial Day. The site will reopen on Tuesday with Phil at the helm.

After today, I will have zero days remaining at Uni Watch. It’s been a hell of a ride. Thanks for coming along. Peace. — Paul

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    Thanks for everything Paul. The comm-uni-ty will be sure to carry on your legacy. Enjoy your next chapter!

    Thank you Paul for all you’ve done with Uni Watch. I started reading it in middle school or high school (close to when the blog first started) and have been a nearly daily reader since. I’ve contributed to the ticker occasionally but mostly I’ve been an observer and admirer from afar. It was always nice to know that I wasn’t the only crazy person out there who obsessed over the smallest details in sports logos and uniforms. Though I’ve never met you, I do feel like I know you well through your writing. Be well, friend – you will be missed.

    Loved every minute of it and looking forward to your next project. I’ll miss your uni writing, but I plan to be here again on Tuesday morning to hear from Phil.

    Thank you, Paul. It’s been an amazing ride, and I can tell you’re proud of all you’ve built. And I know the point of the story above is that you had lots of help along the way…which I get. But this sort of thing only happens because of the creative force of someone determined to make it work. I love sports – always have – but they frustrate me, and often make me wonder why I’ve spent so much time thinking about them. You’ve single-handedly changed the way I think about, and look at sports, and for that I thank you. It’s kept my interest strong into middle age, when I’d often thought I should just give it up altogether. Plus, I’ve really enjoyed all the culinary side-trips, the photos of cats, and reviews of bands you like. I suppose I still would’ve read Uni Watch if you were a Bon Jovi fan, but it helped that you listen to Yo La Tengo. Best of luck on your new journey. I’ll be reading – whatever it is.

    First time commenter, long time reader. Thanks for the memories and look forward to your next chapter!

    Thanks for everything, Paul. And thank you for letting the site continue on under new management. Best of luck with Inconspicuous Consumption and everything else.

    Thanks Paul, for all the years of providing a home base for this content and coverage for those of us who love to focus on these details of the game. Cheers!

    Your daily observations and contributions have made my mornings more enjoyable for the last quarter century. Much obliged, sir.

    Stumbled upon your MLB unI preview on ESPN’s Page 2 many years ago and have been hooked ever since. Thank you for everything, Paul

    Thank you, Paul. Uni-Watch has been the first thing I read every morning for more than 20 years. I don’t expect that will change, but it will be a different space without our fearless leader. Thanks for making a space where I found other people who Get It.
    I hope that the next project is just as fulfilling as this one has been.

    Cheers, Paul. I’ll still be on your substack list but this definitely is a huge end of an era. Props to what you’ve created here. I’ll looking forward to the future of your new project as well as the future of Uni Watch. You gave the keys to the right guys.

    Thank you (and Miles) for kicking this whole thing off. While it has taken dozens of people to make UW what it is, the seed came from you. Your vision drove what this has become after a quarter of a century. And UW is in great hands, from PH/JV to the contributors to the readers and commenters.
    I don’t know what it is like yet to walk away from something I devoted myself to for so long, so I cannot pretend to know how you feel. But thanks, see you around and I am hoping you’ll remain within the Uni-verse you created.

    While I haven’t always agreed with your uni-assessments, I’ve enjoyed the website and found the articles and observations interesting. All the best to you going forward in a new direction.

    Thanks for all the memories, Paul. Long time lurker and infrequent commenter but I’ve enjoyed so much of your work over the years. I met you at Grumpy’s in Minneapolis during the first MN gathering, and was proud to have my photo on your site in my Ashby Arrows basketball warmup sweater. Grumpy’s is long gone, and now comes the end of another era. But unlike Grumpy’s, which was unceremoniously torn down and replaced with a cookie cutter apartment building, I’m glad to know Uni Watch will continue, and you will continue to share your unique eye and interesting perspectives in a different format. Enjoy the well earned time off!

    Mets still haven’t won wearing merch dump uniforms. May they don the pinstripes and win one for you today. Looking forward to reading your future material. And thank you for offering proof to my non fan wife that my “rants against clothes (her words)” are echoed by other human beings.

    If the Mets today do not wear their classic white pinstripes with every player wearing their stirrups pulled high and visible in honor of Paul, they should all be ashamed of themselves.

    My brother directed me to your columns on Page 2 and I found the site shortly after. It’s been fun to see how the page has grown and I’m excited to see where it goes next. Cheers all!

    Bittersweet day for this long-time reader Paul, but I am looking forward to your new project, as well as Phil’s take on this site. We’ll all miss your “voice” here. For me, the niche subject matter got me started on the site, but your voice and personality that sprung from your words kept me reading each day. It’s truly been a gift. Thanks so much for that!

    Your work has provided for many of us a delightful moment of, “I thought I was the only one who thought about that!”

    And I look forward to more of those moments in the future, even if not in the world of uniforms.

    Thank you for everything, Paul!

    Congratulations on 25 years! Long time reader, I’m grateful for your work on such a fun, quirky project that was often part of my daily routine. Well done and Godspeed into your next chapter. Cheers.

    The 25 years of uni-watch roughly line up with the length of our friendship — it’s been amazing to watch. I’ve told you this before, you basically invented a new genre of sports journalism. It’s something to be proud of. Thank you, congratulations good luck, all of it.

    Thanks so much for all the greatness that has become “Uni-watch”. It kind of feels like the last episode of M*A*S*H, Seinfeld etc. Wish you the best, Paul! And, if I can ask…… What is your favorite uniform of all time???? :)

    Pleasantly surprised to see Al Oliver as your 0 for today! Thought you might have gone with George Plimpton, since you’re both writers.

    Anyway, thanks for giving me the keys to the UW-mobile on the weekends. I won’t go too fast and I’ll stay in my lane. And thanks for giving me 15 years of enjoyable reading. I discovered this place when a friend saw your April Fools article about the green Seahawks jerseys. Been here ever since.

    Most importantly, thanks for the friendship. Cheers!

    Pretty big shoes to fill, Jim. Do they make Chuck Taylor’s in a size “25”? :) Glad you are going to be keeping this site up and look forward to checking in daily.

    I’m not sure about George Plimpton from an aesthetic perspective. I’ve always loved the Expos Al Oliver’s number 0. That said I am not sure from writers perspective either, plimptons pomposity drives me nuts while my experience of Paul is as a true mensch!

    Thanks Paul and everyone for making my otherwise dreary experience with the Internet much more interesting.

    I really loved the athletic article where you talked about getting to the point we are not necessarily learning much new. We should all take that to heart as we navigate our lives.

    And sorry for all the apostrophe grammatical errors in my post! I’ve never learned that I should always post on my computer, not on my phone.

    Thank you for twenty-five years. I discovered Uniwatch during its Page 2 days (RIP Page 2) and the blog was part of my daily routine for years. Good luck on your next step!

    Thank you for this amazing website. Enjoy the next part of the journey. Perhaps you can visit now and then as a commentator like us!

    Cheers to 25 years, Paul! I’m glad the tour came to be so we could all share our Uni stories in person. Enjoy today’s bash! Looking forward to the next adventure! All the best from MN!

    Thank you, and congratulations on 25 years. Sad to see you go, but the site’s in very capable hands with Phil and Jim. Enjoy your retirement, Paul!

    Thanks so much, Paul! I look forward to the continuation of the community that you created-but will miss reading your voice on the site.

    Thanks, Paul! I’ve been lucky enough to interact with you through this site a couple of times and been able to say more to you in those moments than I could sum up or repeat here. All I can say is; I will miss you. Looking forward to Uni-Watch’s bright future with Phil and Jim!
    Thanks, Paul!

    Thank you Paul. Discovering you all those years ago, near the beginning but not quite (ESPN2 days?), made me really happy to know “I wasn’t the only one!”.

    I am wearing my 2023 Purple Amnesty shirt for your end today.

    It’s been a fun ride! Been reading for 20 years. Looking forward to the next era of this site.

    Thank you Paul! Excited to see what comes next, both here and in your own work.


    I remember sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2008 (when I was 17), I was walking to the kitchen for something (can’t remember what), and the TV was on ESPN, and I caught a very-short glimpse of the White Sox and Tigers wearing what I later discovered to be Negro League throwbacks. I NEEDED to find out more, so I scoured the internet for answers, and came across this site (IIRC, the actual lede was about MLB’s white hat phase from the 90s, with the throwbacks being mentioned in the ticker). I thought it was the coolest thing, and had no idea that others were interested in the uniforms the way I was.

    Due to limited access to a computer at that time, I was never able to come back to the site until late-March of 2009, when the Lions, Jags, and 49ers all unveiled new uniforms, and you were on top of all of them. I would literally be reading Uni Watch during those mornings as a senior TA for a bunch of sophomores (I had more than enough credits to graduate, so this was just killing time). I became a daily reader from that point on.

    I want to thank you for creating such a cool little thing, and to everyone who helped foster this little thing into what it is today. I also want to thank you AND Phil for trusting me with the college football rundowns. I was 20 when Phil reached out back in 2011, and never thought I would have much of any impact to the site outside of the occasional contribution, but like Uni Watch in general, it’s become so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. And that’s only because you took a chance on me. I’m incalculably grateful to you guys for that.

    Enjoy the anny party, enjoy that month-long break, and I know you’ll make like Carter and have the most badass post-career run ever. Thanks for everything.

    Much respect. Even how you’re stepping away is an inspiration and confirms our like-mindedness. Thank you and fare thee well.

    Thanks for everything Paul, especially leaving the place in such great shape that it can continue with Phil and Jim. Looking forward to reading your next project.

    I stumbled upon Uni-Watch in 2008 after searching a seemingly inexplicable uniform conundrum. I’ve read daily since. It has been become part of my early morning routine for 16+ years. Can’t thank you enough for creating a forum for us all to geek out and/or complain, vent etc regarding this topic.

    I’ve loved the content through the years; the concepts and reader redesigns. This site has truly been a blessing and a comfort to me.

    Godspeed in your newest endeavor!

    I have no doubt Phil and Jim will amply keep the ship assail.

    Thank you for everything over the past 25 years, Paul! Reading Uni-Watch has been part of my morning routine for the past 10+ years.

    John Dankosky’s comments reminded me of something I meant to touch on the other night in New Orleans… how much I’ve enjoyed the ‘side trips’ you’ve taken through the years. The dive into the report cards from the girls school, Keychain Chronicles, travelogues, culinary corner (the Irish Cream recipe alone is worth every penny I spent on membership cards), the pandemic porch series, and on and on. That’s why I’m glad you’re going to continue publishing. I’ll miss your work here but your next project will be fun. I’ll see you there.

    1. My wife and I had married on 3/14/73, about two months before. We will try to extend our streak.
    2. I also appreciate seeing a small suggestion of mine – the Milwaukee Brats shirt, today of all days.
    3. May living each day to the fullest be your next obsession.

    I know Phil and the crew will continue to do a fantastic job, but we’ll miss you Paul. The comm-uni-ty and the internet in general will be a little less special without you weighing in on this corner of the sports world.

    All the best and looking forward to your future projects!

    Thank you Paul. What a joy it has been reading your material for most of those 25 years. Enjoy your next adventure!

    I’ve never posted here, but I have read the site pretty much every day since I was in college. Paul, you have been a big part of my daily routine for twenty years, and I thank you for the time you have put into this site. You are right; it is always a delight to find someone who shares your niche passions. Good luck in all you do in the future.


    Congratulations, and thank you so much, both for your work itself and for the community you have been the catalyst for. (Also, thank you for naming me in the same sentence as Bernard and rpm and JTH, which makes so much sense, and for naming me in the same sentence as Tyler Kepner, which is only ever happening once.)

    Uni Watch has been a part of my life for well over half my life, and I’m in my mid-30s now. (Apologies to all of you who had to deal with the absolutism of my 16-year-old self along the way.) It’ll be a different place without your unique voice, and I’ll miss that, but I’m excited as hell for the permanent August of Phil’s content. (You’ve got this, my friend!)

    Enjoy your time with your cats and your partner and your lack of daily deadline pressures for a while — you’ve earned it! Know that whenever all of us see some screwed-up striping, terrible typography or high-quality hosiery, we’ll always be thinking of you.

    — KO

    Thank you for everything Paul. I have never bookmarked this site, but I check it every single day.

    Thank you for allowing me to contribute a couple of times. (An absolute thrill for me)

    I think I’ve commented twice here but been reading for many years, thanks a lot for all your columns and the entertainment you brought all of us. Congratulations and that your next project be 25 or more too! Pura vida from Costa Rica!

    I’ll always remember buying that VV in 1999 and seeing your column and thinking holy s*** this is amazing. Paul thank you so much. I start every day with Uni Watch and will continue to do so. I’ve always said what I like bout uniwatch is your voice and I’ll miss it. Wishing you love and happiness!!! Thanks!

    Thank you Paul. UniWatch will still be my “go to” every morning regardless. Enjoy the next chapter and PEACE!

    Paul, I feel a tinge of sadness as we say goodbye to your UW involvement. It’s very much the same feeling I’ve experienced when saying goodbye to retiring colleagues who I have enjoyed working with daily for years. Such is life I guess. You’re going out on your own terms still very much in command of your fastball. Wishing you the best of health. I will continue to read UW daily, support the new crew and follow your Substack rebrand. Peace & love, peace & love.

    Good luck, Paul, and thanks for everything.
    You have provided many years of reading pleasure.
    Looking forward to your future endeavors.

    Congratulations Paul and thank you for all you’ve done. Like so many others, this place is ingrained into my daily habit and I’m grateful for all of the knowledge and entertainment you’ve provided over the past 20+ years. Enjoy retirement!

    Thank you Paul! We will miss you, but I am excited that you still have another writing project planned!

    Time to retire the number 7.

    Paul, thank you for being a part of my day, every day, since I discovered Uni Watch around 2007. It’s been a great ride. Enjoy your break.

    Uni Watch is the greatest thing that has ever existed on the internet. Quite an achievement.

    A Happy (and bittersweet) 25th Anniversary Paul! Checking in on the site has been my daily ritual for close to 20 years. Thanks so much for letting me be a small part of Uni Watch history. Finding material for the “There’s No Service Like Wire Service” segments were always a great joy…and inspired me to dig even deeper into baseball history. Wishing you all the best in your next project! Cheers!!!

    Thank you, Paul. You have been a part of my life so much that my daughter and son-in-law gave me a sympathy card knowing that I will be grieving your departure, but I am also looking forward to Phil and his insight as we start the next quarter-century. Take Care.

    Thank you Paul! Uniwatch is a perfect internet phenomenon: bringing people who have a niche interest together. I have loved reading about uniform details. Thanks for bringing us together.

    Thanks, Paul. Can’t say there are many sites I started reading more than 15 years ago, and still am. But this is certainly one of them. It’s been a pleasure, and I’m sure that will continue under Phil’s stewardship.

    Congrats on the new project, and hope it turns out to be just as successful and fulfilling as this one.

    Paul, when I found the site I was elated to know there were more people out there like me: uniform nerds who obsessed over the same, seemingly trivial things. I’ve visited the site nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for close to 15 years I’d say. It’s become part of me and I owe that to you and your amazing team. Thank you for what you’ve done and what you’ve created. You’ve made an indelible and lasting impact on how I watch sports. Best of luck and good health to you and yours. Thanks again.

    Thank you for all of your insight and contributions overs the years. I stumbled on Uni-Watch when it was featured on about 10 years ago and have been a daily reader and sporadic commenter ever since.

    I’ve been obsessed with logos and uniforms as long as I can remember and never knew anyone else who Gets It. This website provided a lot of joy to me and I thank you for starting it.

    Congratulations on knowing when it was time to move on and doing it. I look forward to seeing what’s next.

    I’ve been frequenting the site ever since I saw a Uni Watch column on ESPN about NHL goalie masks about 15 years ago. It has been a heck of a ride.

    Thank you for everything over the years, Paul, and best of luck to both you and Phil moving forward!

    Thank you so much Paul! This is the first thing I’ve read every morning for around 15 years. You’ve got big shoes to fill, uh Phil. I’ll miss your travelogues also. Best of wishes to you in your future endeavors!

    Paul you had the guts and timing and skill to professionalize what many of us were doing with our friends at home. You did a remarkable job and being a reader and rarely commenter let me know there were other people who had standards for uniform expectations too. The site was and is legitimate and thank you for filling this gap in our collective understanding of our professional, artistic, aesthetic experience.

    Once again-
    Thank you for sharing your gift and for bringing us all together.
    Continue to be who you are…and be that well.
    Enjoy the day, the respite, and what comes next.
    Cheers and peace, my friend!
    Chris Hickey

    Thank you Paul! I accidently came across one of your 4 major yearly breakdowns (although I’m not sure which one) on the ESPN site back when I was in Highschool nearly 20 years ago. If I had to guess, I’d say 05 or 06. I was always fascinated by uniform details as far back as I remember. Some of them that stick out to me that were most memorable were the Broncos changing to the style they just retired, The (then) St Louis Rams switching from Yellow and Royal to Gold and Navy, the Padres constantly changing their color scheme, The Marlins changing their unis in the early 00s.

    So when I came across your article, I was instantly hooked. I never realized there were people out there that loved uniforms as much as I did. When I’d talk to my friends about it, they wouldn’t care as much. I’ve been a follower ever since. First in the ESPN articles, and then later coming here to Uni-Watch regularly. It has been my go-to for many slow times during work. Or the minute I see something new, I’m hitting up the site to see if you have given your opinion on it yet. Where I will likely still keep uni-watch as a regular site I watch, it will definitely be different. Nothing against Phil, but I just prefer your writing. But you deserve this retirement. So long, and farewell friend.

    As a longtime reader and site visitor, thank you Paul for dreaming up the idea that folks would want to read about uni-specific and uni-adjacent content. The site has been a part of my daily wake up routine for years and will continue to be for years to come. Thanks again!

    Thank you for everything you’ve done with this com-uni-ty. I’ve been reading daily since 2009 when I saw the blog referenced on the wikipedia article for stirrups.

    Thanks Paul. I know this is your last day, but I hope you write up something about today’s celebration.

    Paul, thank you for creating this place. As I spend more time here then I do anywhere else on the internet, I’m grateful to have discovered Uniwatch shortly after it hit the web. Your ability as a journalist and wordsmith were the early attraction. Baseball and football helmet worship are mainly what started the obsession for me as a young kid in the 70’s. You’ve taught me, as great teachers can do, to look closer. That magnifying glass moniker you have suits this site beautifully. Then I began to learn about other things here. The interest you’ve shared with vintage things like packaging, advertising, and catalogs, are also interesting to me. Each day I would come to read, would be anticipated with the wonder of what would you teach me today. As you frequently share about yourself I learned we’re very close in age, so the lens we see life through was shaped around the same time. Having lost our Dad too soon and blessed with a Mom in her 90’s yet another parallel. The sharing of a life with the wonder called cats was a welcome twist to your regular programming. Other gems include waiting for the branch to fall and the Malliard reaction but to name but a few. It’s been a pleasure for me Paul. I’m sincerely grateful for having found this place. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, courage, and your willingness to share your passions with all of us. I’ll leave with a tip of my cap to you sir, and I wish for you health, happiness, and prosperity.

    Thank you for everything Paul….finding this sight in 2010 was huge…finding others that get it as no one around me did…!…I had the pleasure of meeting you on your San Diego trip and enjoyed our conversation…Best of luck on your new ventures….!

    I, like a lot of commenters in here, have never posted either. Wanted to say thanks for everything and good luck on your next chapter!

    Thank you for all of work creating and fostering this community. I have enjoyed reading your posts and getting your perspective. You will be missed.

    So long and thanks for all the BFBS, Paul. You’ll be sorely missed whenever I see either an ugly uniform or an immaculate one, but at least thanks to Phil we’ll still have a place to talk about it.

    There were so many of us…it felt as if uniform discussion was one of the Unwritten Rules, but so many of us did it. You gave us one giant speakeasy to discuss our likes, our dislikes (I HATE road pinstripes, and if anyone has one of those Sleeved Adidas NBA jerseys, BURN THAT THING…), and our Unwritten Uniform Rules. Thank you—you brought this forum to the open, and many of us who love The Toy Department of Life are eternally grateful that you made it cool.

    Thanks for 25 years! I’ve enjoyed everything and I very much look forward to what comes next!

    Thanks for bringing us all together here, Paul. From uniforms, to vacation recaps and food talk, there’s never been a shortage of fun and interesting things to read about. And in a world where so much online grows more and more toxic, it’s great to have a spot where fun reigns supreme! Best of luck in the next chapter!

    I’m going to take a moment to first admit to some bias when I say what I want to say in this post.

    You’ve written about a topic, the visual signature of sports, that is dear to me. I like to talk about how the most memorable thing about my first trip to a baseball game was how I could almost describe it with words matching the captions on the dials on an old TV, if not the settings you can now adjust for a picture in Photoshop. The contrast between the dark, dim, dingy concourse at Milwaukee County Stadium versus the bright, daylight-splashed, saturated green grass, blue sky and bright lights of the big scoreboard versus the black background. For a five year old that hadn’t really done anything in “big” places yet, the ballpark felt like such a huge place, as well as sensory overload.

    You’ve written about things I previously thought only I noticed and cared about among my fellow fans, even if that time and place seems like part of the now-distant past, given the explosion of discussion about uniforms on social and even traditional media. Finding Uni Watch was a revelation once upon a time.

    You’ve written both solid, factual pieces that have required journalistic research and steps, as well as spectacularly deep thought-pieces. Both are in very short supply as you leave the project in 2024, but both are things I enjoy greatly. Before it got too heavily paywalled, I read a lot of The Atlantic. A lot of your work is on par with their thoughtful writing about politics and society, and yet, you’re just one man.

    You’ve written about things in realms where I both agree and disagree. But even when I’ve disagreed, I couldn’t debate the thoroughness, thought and respect you gave to every topic you’ve written about. Even the guy who documented female reporters’ boots — sorry, I still think that was weird and a little creepy on the guy’s part. But you gave the subject more respect than I would or could have.

    And, on top of all you’ve done and written, you’ve had the respect for your readership to meet them personally. I still consider it a mild honor to have once been welcomed into your home. I do wish I could have made it out to one of the farewell gatherings, but with money as tight as ever for us and my mom going through some health issues right now, it just wasn’t possible.

    So yes, bias when I say what I’m going to say, in that you’ve hit on so many things I enjoy and were settled in on a topic that I didn’t even necessarily fully understand was as dear to me as it was, yet turned out to be one where there were even greater depths of knowledge to achieve and history to explore than I understood. I try, when I make a rather grand statement, to remove my own, personal feelings and try to see things from the view of if the hive mind personified somehow.

    Nonetheless, in my own, biased, opinion, it’s worth saying: Paul, in my estimation, you are one of, if not the, greatest journalistic writers of our generation. We have been fortunate to have Uni Watch, if only for it to be a forum for you to share your thoughts and work these past 25 years. In an age where great writers are becoming rarer, and where it’s more difficult for them to stand out from the din when everyone has access to the same publishing tools, your writing does, and has, stand out.

    I also consider us all lucky to be able to say “are” rather than “were,” knowing you’re simply moving onto Inconspicuous Consumption.

    While I understand this is a comm-uni-ty, it’s been your thoughtfulness that’s stood out the most to me, Paul. It ultimately transcended uniforms and sports to me just recognizing that you’re something we need far more of in the world: A deep thinker who cares about details and is willing to go into detail when laying out your thoughts in words. No insult, but part of me wishes you didn’t stand out as much for that as you do, because again, we need more people like that. But because you do, and because it was such a great thing, I can’t be anything but appreciative for your work to build this forum for you to share thoughts with us, as well as to give us all the knowledge we now have as the result of your work. You’ve helped us expand our own minds and thoughts, which is what the best writing should do. It is truly a remarkable legacy you leave behind here.

    Anyhow, thank you, thank you, thank you for these 25 years. You’ve earned the right to not have to deal with press releases and corporate marketing hype, or the flaws of cheaply made uniforms designed to increase profit margins rather than be a proud representation of elite athletics, and to move onto being as observational about things that deserve closer looks.

    I reiterate: You are a truly spectacular writer, one of, if not the, best of our generation. Thank you for pursuing this idea and for being willing to share your unique thoughts and work with us these past 25 years.

    Thank you, Paul, for all of your work on this project! And good luck to Phil! I’ll still be an avid supporter of you both!

    Amazing run Paul. Not sure people are giving you enough credit for walking away. It’s tough to do. I’m curious: Do you find you’re good at walking away from things when the time has come, in general?

    Thank you, Paul, for twenty-five years of quality work. I wish you and your family the best and please post a picture for us at your Mother’s Birthday next year.

    Paul, thanks for everything you’ve done and created here. It’s been part of my daily routine going back to 2006 (that’s the date of the earliest email to you that I can find, related to news anchors wearing your hated purple during election coverage).

    I’ve enjoyed your side projects. I look forward to seeing what comes next via Substack — and here via Phil and others.

    Good luck with the newest chapter! You’ve made a difference in many lives and places. Cheers!

    What an incredible run. I’m thankful to have been along for the ride for the last 16 years. Cheers, Paul.

    Although Uni Watch will continue and thrive, it’ll never be the same without you. Thanks for creating this wonderful little corner of the world and for bringing us along for the ride, Paul. I’ll keep following you in the future but I know I’ll miss your distinctive voice in the Uni-verse.

    The end of a great, great era, but the beginning of new one. I’ll miss your voice here, Paul, but look forward to hearing it elsewhere. You do indeed have an excellent and substantial accomplishment to be proud of.

    Beyond bummed that I can’t make it to the event in NYC this afternoon. Thanks again, Paul, and best of everything to you.

    Long time reader. Thank you Paul for giving all of us uni-obsessive a place to call home.

    Thank you very much Paul.

    Uni-Watch has long been a place where my nutty, meticulous mind has felt stimulated, and I’ve always enjoyed the solidarity of other minutiae-lovers in the comm-uni-ty.
    I’ll continue to wear my Uni-Watch cap proudly. (“No, it’s not an A’s spring training hat. It’s a Uni-Watch hat.”)

    I can’t recall exactly when I first stumbled upon Uni Watch, but it’s been part of my daily routine for quite some time now. I don’t personally know anyone remotely as obsessed with sports uniforms as I am, and this site is the only place I can geek out over them.

    Thanks for everything, Paul, and especially for my shoutout in a post earlier this year! link

    Paul, thank you for so many years of fantastic reading! Whether it was uniforms, food, indie music, the cats, it’s been an absolute delight, and I can’t wait for your next project!

    Gracias, Paul. Has sido un ejemplo de vida, trabajo y pasión para hacer realidad lo que amas. Saludos desde México y mucho éxito en lo que viene.

    I’ve come to this site, first thing in the morning nearly every day since day 1. But I’ve been reading your stuff paul since at least 2003. I’ll still come here and still read your Substack and support you the best way I can. I never really comment, but I have been and will continue to be one of those tens of thousands of people that enjoy your work. Thank you.

    In the beginning, it wasn’t a sense of comm-uni-ty for me.

    Back then I worked second shift. I got up, got the kids ready for school, then went back to bed. Got up around 10, made coffee and sat down with my desktop PC and checked out a few of my bookmarks.

    Back then, Uni Watch was just me and Paul. No one else really Got It™ although there were other readers who replied and shared photos.

    I’ve sent in jersey concepts and observations that popped into the Ticker. I have my membership card. And like so many things in a life, certain times change and some end.

    Back then, my wife worked early mornings opening up a retail store (chain). Kids were in elementary school. I worked 3:30-Midnight, locking up the place, coming home to bum around online (oh, those ebay days), waking up to bum around before work (that pool was always clean for the family to enjoy).

    Now, I’m retired. My wife passed away. Kids are moved out. Things change. Too soon, sometimes. And you gotta change with them. You may not like it but you can’t play in Little League forever. You can’t stay in senior year of high school forever. You can’t stay in bars five nights a week forever.

    Like so many others have shared, this has been one of my daily ritual sites for twenty years. I have been so happy to have a group of people to be a part of who loved uniforms and design as much as I did. I’ve enjoyed seeing my small contributions pop up here and there – mostly UCF related. I tried two different times to actually meet Paul in person – both times thwarted by illness. And I’ve always found my interactions with Paul to be gracious and rewarding.

    I think that the thing I most appreciate about this site is that it is always a positive contribution to my day. There isn’t any sniping. No vitriol. No nastiness. It is a group of people enjoying good design work and enjoying the trashing of bad design work. Even that trashing is never mean. Uniwatch has been like the internet equivalent of eating a cookie … or a couple of cookies. It is enjoyable and brings happiness to the readers. And for THAT, Paul, you should be applauded. You created and fostered that. So thank you for so many years of being a positive influence on this community.

    Like many who have commented, I first encountered Uni Watch in the Page 2 days and it has been part of my daily routine ever since. UNlike a lot of folks I can’t quite pinpoint the moment where I first Got It™️, but I am certain Uni Watch showed me the way there. Thank you for forever changing the way I look at “the laundry” of sports. I wouldn’t have it any other way. All my best wishes in your future endeavors.

    Best of luck on the next journey. Thanks for bringing the Uni-Verse to life


    Thank you for the dedication and the had work put into Uni Watch all these years. I never realized that there were so many people that were obsessed with all the minor details of sports uniforms like myself. Finding Uni Watch through ESPN however many years ago opened my eyes to the comm-UNI-ty.
    This site has been daily reading for me for years, and I will look forward to it’s next step.
    Best wishes to you in the future. I do hope you stop by here on occasion to chime in.

    -Josh in Scottsdale AZ

    I’ve enjoyed it all. Thank you for creating this space for those like you. I’m happy for your future but I will miss your presence.

    Paul, I’ve been reading Uni Watch daily for 10 years now. Thanks for widening my knowledge of a longtime interest for me, and good luck on your future endeavors.

    I’m looking forward to seeing both UniWatch’s next chapter and your new Substack.

    Hi Paul! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us. I came for the uniforms, but stayed for the writing. Looking forward to what’s next.

    Hope you and everyone are enjoying your get-together in Manhattan today. Thank you for all the time you’ve devoted to uniform design, logos, and addressing issues concerning commercialization. My awareness of your production goes back to your column in the Village Voice and your web work on ESPN. Good luck to you and the new direction you are going with your interests. Uni Watch has been a big part of my mornings for years, and I expect it to continue after today with Phil Hecken. If you ever decide to come back to UW (I don’t expect you to; I understand that you have to move on), I’m sure it will be a much different body of work. Thanks again for all you have done!

    Feels like the last day of high school. Saying goodbye and all that…we will still read Uni-Watch, and we will still read your Substack, but man we don’t have sixth period Physics together anymore. Vayos con Dios, Paul. You rule.

    Thanks for everything, Paul. Amazing to see what’s been created over the past 25 years.

    Thank you Paul for this: I don’t remember the exact date that I stumbled upon one of your Page 2 columns on but I do know that from that point forward, I’ve only missed a handful of columns! Thank you also for choosing me as one of the membership card winners (tequila sunrise Astros card, baby!)!

    Looking forward to seeing where this uni-community goes

    Paul, thank you for the past 25 years. Between you and Chris Creamer, it was nice to find a place online to discuss our esoteric sports-related interests. Enjoy your retirement, and please don’t be a stranger!

    Thanks for taking the risk to follow your gut & passion!
    As a result, we’ve all benefited.


    I just want to once again say thank you. I first found Uni-Watch when I started college in September of 2006, and at the time 18-year-old me was amazed there was someplace to read about the kind of uniform obsessiveness that I had had for many years. Now 36, I’ve read Uni-Watch pretty much every single day since and often wear my cap proudly.

    Can’t wait for the new project,

    Thank you Paul!
    I’ve been reading UniWatch since late 2014. When I was a puny middle school kid who wanted to know learn more about things. Now as I get near my college graduation with so much learned thanks to you, and I helped some readers with few contributions to the ticker. So thank you!

    Congratulations on a wonderful 25 years and thank you for all the content you have given us, Paul!

    I found UniWatch when it was on the ESPN site. I have had an interest in uniform aesthetics since I was a child and went to my first major league game at Comiskey Park and saw the whitest white uniforms on the field ( yeah, the Bill Veeck untucked collared jerseys). It was cool to find articles that explored uniform and helmet history. Thanks for creating this forum for those of us who need to scratch our obsessive itch. Thanks for your vigilence. Wishing you the best.

    You’re a legend, Paul. Thank you for creating this amazing community and doing it the right way – you’re always going to be the GOAT of “getting it.”

    Best of luck to you with all your future endeavors.

    It suddenly got really dusty in this room.

    As a proud reader of/contributor to this blog since pretty much day one (*week one* for sure), this is definitely a day I knew would eventually happen but kinda hoped never would.

    Take care, Paul. I hope you’re having a great time right now at the gathering. I really wish I could be there tonight.

    I’m planning on being in New York in a few months. Hopefully I can meet up with you and Phil while I’m in town.

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t say “happy birthday, Paul Lukas!” I am of course referring to the Budapest-born Academy Award-winning actor.

    I’m sure this has been mentioned here before but coincidentally, he was born on this date in 1895 (at least according to IMDb: link).

    It was a great ride, Paul. Thanks for everything. Enjoy the next journey.

    Thank you for everything, Paul. Been reading everyday since the Page 2 days. I’m looking forward to what your Substack will become, but my lunchtime reading will definitely not be the same on Tuesday. Thanks again for everything!

    Paul, thank you for creating a beat that gives serious analysis to something so many people find interesting. Thank you for showing that a person can be a traditionalist without being stuffy and out of touch. Thank you for creating a project that grew a comm-uni-ty organically. Thank you for providing a daily escape from the rigors and responsibilities of real life. And thank you for your interest in the cultural quirks of my home state of Wisconsin. Best of luck to you in the future.

    Dear Paul, I just got back to New Hampshire after my annual trip to Citifield. Fortunately, a rare win! You have educated us all. We can spot fake jerseys, real jerseys, and everything in between. On one such trip about 7 years agonI wore my uni-watch hat, and was amazed at how many comments I got. I then knew how powerful this brand had become. I thought I was the only wierdo out there growing up designing uniforms during class in grade school. Thank you for bringing us together. Best wishes on your future endeavors!

    Congrats to all on the 25th anniversary! Big thank you to Paul, and good luck to Phil and Jim… looking forward to future columns from all 3 of you!!!

    Best wishes for the future. May your next adventure be fulfilling in the ways you need it to be!

    Congratulations and thank you, Paul. Your work has changed the world for the better. Cheering you on as you move into your next endeavor.

    Long time reader, second-ish time commenter. Paul’s end-of-tenure is really striking a chord in me somewhere. We’ve never met or interacted, really, but I’m really feeling things about this. Things that I don’t really have words for. Don’t me wrong, I know Phil’s going to do a great job, but this is hitting me more than I would have thought. My recent entry into middle age is probably informing some of that, but this ending is hard. Paul, only the best to you from here in out.

    It won’t be the same without you, but that’s okay. See you on the other side.

    Paul- as someone who fell in love with sports uniforms as a five year old in 1969, I spent most of my life thinking my older brother (who got me into sports) and I were the only people who even gave a damn about the importance of what the uniforms looked like. Thanks to the coming of the World Wide Web and this incredible place called Uni-Watch, I now know that I am not alone and maybe not that much of a weirdo after all (well… I might still be a weirdo, but you know what I’m saying!). Thank you and good luck with everything going forward.

    For the final time: many thanks, Paul! UniWatch came up at the right time in my life after a few setbacks and tapped into my need to know more about US sports uniforms. Here in the Netherlands there are not a lot of likeminded people who like uniforms the way I do, who collect hats and who design their own team logos as I have done for the last 50 years, so discovering this community has been a blessing. Hope the NYC finale was a great way for you to cloese the UW book. All the best!

    Living across the pond here in the UK, for so many years my fascination with US Sports Uniforms seemed just a weird quirk. Some strange hobby that my British friends would show bemused interest in then go back to real life. It was only when I found UniWatch about 5 years ago that I finally began to feel some kind of connection with others. Since then like most of us it has become a daily ritual reading UW with my morning coffee. So thanks Paul for giving me, for giving all of us, this wonderful place where we can be obsessive about unis together!

    Thank You Paul for everything you did with Uni-Watch. Best of luck in your newest venture.

    Thank you Paul. I think I’ve visited your site every day for the past 10 years. We’re sure going to miss you!


    Thanks Paul! Been reading your work every day for years ! Gonna miss you !! Thanks again!!

    I completed a journalism degree partially based on inspiration from reading your site. It’s been a privilege to experience the ebbs and flows of athletic aesthetics with you and this community. I’ll always think of Mr. Paul Lukas whenever I see an old timer rocking stirrups in my local softball league.

    Have a great next journey, and much thanks.

    Thanks, Paul. I’ve always loved uniforms, and your work has been a great resource and a delight, one I’ve checked consistently whether for ticker or various features that caught my interest, for decades.

    Paul- thanks for everything and congrats on a great run.
    Your 25 years roughly parallels a 26 year run for my favorite DJ, Don Slack at KEXP in Seattle. Last fall, he made his last show a 3 hour set of Songs of Gratitude and Goodbye. Here’s a few that are perfect playlist for any farewell.
    Outta Time-Orville Peck
    They Closed Down the Honky Tonk-Miranda Lambert
    Longer Than You’ve Been Alive-Old 97’s
    Drink Till We’re Gone-Lucero
    For the Good Times-Ray Price

    Thank you for 25 years of incredible content.

    I know the site is in good hands with Phil.

    This is what I’m going to miss about your content and commentary: the intelligence. In today’s culture, it feels like smart criticism is dead. Criticism consists of memes and pictures and more often than not its negative. I don’t always agree with your analysis but I appreciate that like a proper critic you explain why you think it doesn’t work. Not just a hot take of a barfing emoji.

    I’ve always enjoyed your voice and I’ve enjoyed your take on things non-uniform, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever comes next. Enjoy the next phase.

    The world of sports uniforms is now a waaaay bigger deal because of you Paul.
    Thank you for creating and running my favorite website!l for the last decade. I check out UW first thing every morning!
    I cant wait to follow Inconspicuous Consumption!

    Appreciated all these years of reading the blog daily and all the articles before that. Thank you Paul. Enjoy your time.

    Thanks Paul. I think I started reading in the early-mid 2000’s. Was so thankful there someone who cared about uniforms as much as I did. Congrats and wish you and your family the best.

    Thank you, Paul, for 20+ years of mandatory reading, IMHO. You will be missed.

    Thank you, Paul! Your impact on those of us who care deeply about how sports look has been immeasurable. Best wishes in your new endeavors.

    Thank you Paul. Uni-Watch is my first visit pretty much every morning. I wish I could remember when I found the site for the first time. I know Phil will carry the torch high!

    Paul- you’ve had me hooked for years. Thank you for sharing your passion and fulfilling our own passions

    Paul, as a long long time reader, and card holder. I’m going to miss you being part of the daily scene. There was a period of time in my late teens and early twenties where sports weren’t a big part of my life and music was. But it was your site that helped to bring me back to the world of sports and my love of baseball as well. I don’t know why I’m sharing this other than to express my gratitude on what Uni Watch has meant to me. I reference this site regularly on my own sports podcast because of the influence it continues to have on me. Thank you for the years of great articles, your continued influence on myself and all the many readers. We speak your name and appreciate you.

    I’ve been following Uni Watch since the Page 2 days, and it’s been a fun place to discuss things with similar fans. Thanks for all the news, discussions, random tangents, and community.

    Thanks Paul. Looking forward to your next project. This one has been spectacular.

    Thanks, Paul ! I have really enjoyed your work. My only wish for change is that the new regime is more purple-friendly :)

    Paul, thank you for giving a voice to people who “got it” in the early wild and wooly days of the internet. Its been a comforting daily ride ever since for so many of us. Now that I’m in my mid-40’s, far removed from the 20 year old kid who first found your blog, its weird to think of a world where I don’t flip the laptop open to see what Paul Lukas has dug up in the world of sports aesthetics. Thank you for a quarter century of all of this, and we all wish you the best of times moving forward.

    Uni-Watch has been part of my morning routine for about 9 years now, since I was back in college. Thanks for being a part of my morning Paul. I don’t think I would be as rabid about sports jerseys without you. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    Uni-Watch will always have a special place in my life (as it has for over 20 years now), thank you for building this community and sharing your time and energy with all of us!

    From Page 2 through this past Sunday, it’s been a privilege to follow your work. Thank you for fostering this comm-uni-ty, Paul.

    Thanks Paul! Can’t believe I’ve been reading Uni Watch for 20 years now, but I’m looking forward to everything ahead, both here at Uni Watch and Inconspicuous Consumption!

    Like so many, I came here for the unis, but stayed for the travelogues, green plaid shirts, Tucker & Caitlin, the branch, the comm-uni-ty, and off the wall references and recommendations (“The Mezzanine” is one I’ll never forget; if anyone else had recommended this book, I’d have tossed them off a balcony, but it’s a perfect sort of companion piece for Uni Watch). Best of luck with everything ahead, and thanks so much for these last decades, it’s been an awesome ride.

    Paul, Congratulations on a great run, but more important, thank you for everything you have given us over the last 25 years. Like so many others, this site has been a part of my daily routine since I first stumbled upon it (I think it was about 11 years ago, when a neighbor of mine, who has been following you for much longer than that, turned me on to Uni Watch). Of course, also like so many others, I had been a Uni Watcher long before I knew there was such a thing, and I had that certain feeling of “Gee, I never realized so many other people geeked out about this sort of thing”. I will continue to follow you on Substack, and will continue reading this site, but it just won’t be the same without you here.

    Paul, thank you for everything, especially for building and nurturing a space for people who Get It. This has been one of my favorite places online from its first day.

    I personally like that, in a manner of speaking, you’re going out while wearing a Milwaukee Brats tee.

    Congratulations Paul on 25 years of superb writing. And also going out on your own terms and doing it so well. I appreciated the NY pizza recos a few years back as well as the deft handling of commenters.
    All the best to you and the mascots.

    Thank you Paul so much for creating this wonderful community! Since I stumbled on the group in 2011, Uni Watch has been a part of my daily routine. As the world has seemingly gotten bigger, it always gave me great pleasure to know there were people out there who cared as much as I did about the little details in sports uniforms. Congrats on an amazing 25 year run and best of luck in your next chapter!

    Paul, thanks for all you’ve done these 25 seasons. Youv created a daily must read for us all. I loved the addition of the travelogues and your appreciation of great signs like neon and they like too. You’ve taught us how to love capers on a hot dog, how to play close attention the details, how to rip off logo creep from hats, how to expand the appreciation of stirrups and how to appreciate the uniqueness and special qualities of athletic uniforms

    We are forever grateful for all you’ve done here. Thank you always

    Thanks so much Paul for an amazing run. I can’t imagine how much effort needed to be put into this day in and day out so thanks for that as well. Was a daily visitor for many years and while my ability to catch up on the uni-verse isn’t what it once was I will always be grateful for your content and for giving us a place where design ideals are both appreciated and at times demanded of those that we cheer for.

    Best of luck on your next chapter!

    Thanks, Paul. This site & what you created fucking rocks. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Best of luck in your lead capacity Phil.

    You’re the best, Paul. You created something out of nothing, and that is the hardest thing to do.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done…

    Thanks Paul. This site has been my first click of the day with my morning coffee for what feels like forever, going back to when it was still an ESPN column. I have enjoyed your scoops, deep dives and commentary over the years. Good luck to you, you’ve left us all in good hands.

    Paul, thank you for all that you have done with Uni-Watch. I started reading in 2018 (a late adopter, I know) but I’m so glad I found Uni-Watch when I did. Never did I think I would find a page so dedicated to the topic of sports uniforms, which I have now obsessed over and will for the rest of my life, even as niche as it is. I read Uni-Watch every day: good days, bad days, the days in between. It helps me get through the day. Knowing you won’t be behind the other side of the screen is sad, but I feel as though my gratitude for your work outweighs the sadness of this change. Best of luck to what’s next!

    Thank you for your time and effort in running Uni Watch for 25 years, Paul. I first discovered Uni Watch during the ESPN Page 2 days when I was still in college and found the website a few years after graduating. I’ve been a regular reader of the site since 2013. New uniform unveilings are now big news today because of social media but were more local news back in the Page 2 days. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

    Thank you for all the amazing work you’ve done over the years. Happy to say I’ve been reading since the early ESPN days, and Uni Watch has often been part of my morning ritual. Sadly I’ve never been super connected to the community as I don’t often comment or get to reading the comments, and I’ve never been able to attend any events. But despite that, I still feel bonded to everyone here and it’s great knowing there are so many like-minded sports and Uni fans out there. Paul, you’re one of a kind, and it’s been such a pleasure reading all your content – best wishes for the future!

    I sent Paul some personal words about the impact Uni Watch has had on me – and how he is leaving the site in the perfect hands. But I realize after reading these comments, not enough words really at all and a public post is required. The level of research and true-to-the-bone journalism that defines Paul is sometimes easy to overlook when you become used to it. The membership card video reminded me of this – even in handing off the membership card creation to Scott, there was a whole bunch of leg work Paul did between our eccentric requests and when Scott begins his magic.

    Even still there is so much more than unis that Paul gave us and he will continue to do so with Inconspicuous Consumption. But also I want to reiterate something I saw – Paul really did create a new form of sports journalism. This just wasn’t here before Paul. And while I miss the golden years of Uni Watch – when there were no uni unveilings, just hard core research by someone who pays attention to the details – I am thankful for what Paul has created. A day without Uni Watch would indeed be an empty one.

    There is only ONE website I read every day – and have done so for 20 years (counting page 2 reads – I was never there for the ESPN part, went straight to page 2).

    A bit late, but I would always regret it if I did not wish Paul the best of everything with your future endeavours. You have given so many people many hours and hours of enjoyment and joy. So, thank you for all your hard work.

    Congratulations and thank you Paul! Hope your next chapter is a great one!

    Congrats Paul on your new found chapter in life and a big thank you for all the work you’ve done over the years. I believe it was roughly 17 years ago when i read Uni Watch for the first time and i was hooked. We had a chat about planning your upcoming summer vacation to the east Coast of Canada way back then as well!
    All the best in your new endeavors.

    Your words have been the first I read since 2006 and prior to that, the first I looked for and hoped to find with new content.

    Thank you for being part of my day and my routine.

    Thanks Paul. Been reading since the ESPN days. Especially enjoyed you joining Len Kasper and Jason Benetti on their podcast a few years back.

    Good luck in the future.

    Thank you Paul for 25 years of keeping me entertained and informed on the topic of athletic aesthetics that I’m delighted to have found I share with so many others. And also know that you alone are responsible for the heavy eye-roll from my wife as I confidently ask to see the Brannock Device of my local shoe store followed inevitably by quizzical looks of befuddlement from hapless staff until I further explain I need the “foot measuring thingy”.

    Thanks so much for everything, Paul. This place helped me find community in something I thought only I cared about growing up.

    As Tobias Funke once said, “There are dozens of us!”

    In the era of social feeds, scrolling and newsletters, this is still the only blog URL I type into my search browser everyday and it will continue to be!

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