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Toronto Blue Jays’ City Connect Cap Apparently Leaks

While I was busy doing New Orleans things yesterday, the Blue Jays’ City Connect cap apparently leaked.

Let’s take a closer look at those photos:

If you look closely at the bar code sticker on the underbrim, you can see that it says, “MLB CITY CNCT.” So this is apparently legit.

The Jays are scheduled to officially unveil their CC uniform next Thursday, May 30. The on-field debut is slated for the following day, May 31.

The Jays are one of nine MLB teams getting new City Connect uniforms this season. Here’s the rundown on the other eight teams:

Okay, gotta run to the airport now!

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    Buford Grimes has managed to crystalize my thoughts exactly.

    Pesos apparently (not kidding the leak is from Mexico). About 60 bucks US

    Is that cap black…or (another) midnight navy that’s so dark it appears black?

    I don’t think it’s black. The underbrim is black, which contrasts with the headband colour.


    This fits the MLB/CC protocol/modus operandi. Detroit, Texas (pants), Philly — all a deep dark navy that’s so dark it might as well be black.

    Seems like they’re trending this way in football too, with the new h-town uni link

    I kind of like it, if for no other reason than it doesn’t seem to deviate from the design elements that are already associated with the Blue Jays.

    It’s got split lettering in royal and red with a nestled maple leaf. It’s based on hallmarks of their existing design language. But yes it does deviate in that it’s black(?) and it’s a new logo.

    Yeah exactly–it’s a new logo that uses elements and colors from the Blue Jays design language. Contrasting with, say, the Red Sox, who have a CC uniform and hat that make them look like UCLA.

    Please don’t be a black/dark navy uni. There are certain teams that I accept literal color schemes for: any team whose name indicates what color sock they wear should wear those colored socks, the ravens and Carolina panthers may wear BFBS if they want, and the blue jays should use a pleasing blue as an alternate if they wish to veer away from white and grey sets. They have the powder blues, and that’s great, but if Nike wants to give them another blue set it should be royal or a much lighter navy (the shade they use on the crown of the hat that pairs with the powder blue set) or somewhere in between. This black or nearly black looks so uninspired with the royal and red logo (which is too darn big for the front of a hat).

    That would be 17 teams with some piece of their CC uniform containing black, navy or gray. That’s not counting the Dodgers, whose original CC uniform had a blue cap with a black bill and blue pants with black trim to it.

    In most cases I can think of off the top of my head, it was either too much or just oddly executed. The white Sox should look great in all black but the texturing and the “south side” wordmark and “chi@ hat ruined it for me. The mariners would be an absolute slam dunk if the fat were all blue and the pants were white or blue. Instead they look like highway patrol uniforms.

    MLB’s not letting you go without covering one more city connect leak, Paul.

    Its missing the old yoked bluejay

    If it had that it would be 10/10 no notes

    Hmmm… I don’t hate it.
    As someone who generally likes the City Connect program, I still fear the worst for every new release.
    I’m going to the game when they’ll be debuting these, so I’m certainly excited to see the rest of the uniform.

    Check your inbox, Charlie. I’d like to get a viewpoint from someone who’s at that game.

    Forgot to mention – the problem for me with this potentially being a navy jersey is that the Jays’ entire uniform set will match the Royals: white home, grey away, royal blue alternate, powder blue alternate, navy CC.

    Why do they waste time, energy, and resources to include all of the shit you can’t see? Is there some level of satisfaction knowing you have Toronto’s skyline circling your head like a crown of thorns?

    For some reason, the T on the cap reminds me of the Texas Rangers. Or, a headless stick-man with a maple leaf covering his junk.

    It’s the T from the City flag…they should of stuck with only blue though

    They’re obviously riffing on the city flag. And I double checked, the flag has a maple leaf right there too. So in my opinion, it’s actually a good City Connect effort on the cap! I simply wish it weren’t so dark…as is it looks like the metro workers’ uniform cap. I’ll say “so far so good but pending results from the rest of the uniform.”

    Fun fact: the T in the flag is actually a silhouette of our New City Hall :)

    I thought the storytelling in blue represents the long lines to get access to free health care, only to be met by red tape denial for basic coverage.

    Toronto’s new city hall will be 60 years old next year. Its time to start calling it City Hall.

    Lol nobody calls it “New” City Hall, I just wanted to include that since it really was new when the flag was adopted. Old City Hall is a much more beautiful building!

    Each of them has their own charm. New city hall is a modernist masterpiece, Toronto managed to get a beautiful distinctive building built in the 1960s when everyone else was all-in on brutalism. Its a 60 year old building that still looks futuristic.

    Old city hall is charming, though I don’t love Victorian sandstone architecture personally. I was lucky enough to appear in court there a few times.

    That is an absolutely terrible flag. Not the worst I’ve seen (my city’s flag is worse than this one) but still terrible.

    My preference would be to use the split font T as their primary cap logo. But this is definitely not the way to use it. I guess it could be worse, could have TOR on the cap.

    Or some nickname coined by Justin Bieber.

    I’m with Greg both in wishing the team had a T cap logo in the style of their jersey lettering and in seeing this two-color treatment on dark navy as very much not the way to do that.

    This way too derivative of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues’ branding to me: (link). A modernized, Nike-fied version of the branding, to be sure, but derivative of it nonetheless.

    I saw a suggestion somewhere on the internet that the CN Tower was represented in the negative space between the vertical blue bars. Basically behind the maple leaf. I think its seeing things that aren’t there, but I’ve been wrong before.

    I wouldn’t put it past Mike and their “story telling” to offer that as a possibility. If so, though, it’s terrible design because it’s so obscured by the other elements of the logo as to be almost unnoticeable.

    I can see it, but only because I am looking for it and my mind is undoubtedly filling in gaps that may or may not be there.

    Not everyone can be negative space pros FedEx or the Whalers.

    Didn’t the Dodgers CC *cap* also leak? i’m almost positive that I’ve seen a pic of it somewhere. I want to say that it’s dark blue or black with a gold version of the sleeve patch logo.

    Anyway, I think this Toronto cap is the best of the ones so far this season. So, in other words, they are winning the tallest midget contest.

    Minus the inside skyline (which won’t be outwardly noticeable), I think it is a nice hat. The ‘T’ reminds me of the leafs 1917 logo and the contrast of colors/maple leaf is very soothing.

    The Twins should get some sort of cred for being the only team with a CC uniform this season to not have it leak (yet).

    Missed opportunity for not using the CN tower, which is one of Toronto’s most recognizable structures. I hope the new Toronto WNBA team names themselves, the Towers.

    Can’t wait for the Expos CC leak…
    anybody hear anything on that one?

    When the “story of design” comes out, I think you’ll see that the ‘T’ represents the subway lines in Toronto. Other than that, the colour scheme represents the pooping of sheets in a bed.

    The first thing I thought was that T looks like subway lines. The second thing I thought was why are they stealing the Mets’ thing

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