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Remembership, Part 13: Flying the Uni Watch Colors

Over the past few months, membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner has been doing a multi-part retrospective series, called Remembership, about the history of the Uni Watch membership card program. (You can see the previous installments here.)

For this final edition of Remembership, Scott and I wanted to salute all of the readers who’ve opted to go with a Uni Watch motif for their cards. Most of these people have gone with our basic “Uni Watch colors” of green and gold (or purple/gold for orders received on Purple Amnesty Day), but others have based their designs on Uni Watch tequila sunrise shirts, Uni Watch pins, or other Uni Watch references. While we love creating cards based on various team jerseys, it always warms our hearts when we get an order from someone who wants to rep Uni Watch on both sides of the card.

Scott has created an epic graphic showing all 216 of these cards (including both of our own cards, which are the first and fourth ones shown, respectively). It was complete and accurate as of 12:30pm Eastern today, although we’ll probably get a few more orders between now and the end of Sunday. Check it out:

Those 216 cards make Uni Watch the most-requested “team” over the membership program’s 17-year history, with the Mets (98 cards) and Cubs (74) following in second and third place, respectively.

If you want to order a membership card in Uni Watch colors (or any other design, as long as it doesn’t include purple), we’re still taking orders up until midnight Eastern on Sunday.

This concludes the Remembership series. Hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at the membership program as much as we have!



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    Hey Paul, have you considered making the Membership Card catalog into a physical scrapbook? I would definitely purchase one if it was available.

    Understandable if it’s a hassle though, just a suggestion.

    It’s very satisfying how all the ribbons in the corners match up to create a pattern.

    Hey! I’m on there twice! Haha. My old card from 2010 was weathered, so I just ordered a new one.

    Hi, Paul:

    I can’t believe it is over in two days! I’m sorry my dad never finished his DIY series. There were some reasons, including beating lymphoma, but no good excuses! Thank you so much for all the enjoyment you have given me and my friends. I never knew there were other people like me who “got it”! We’d love to have you to Grand Rapids sometime for a beer tour. Godspeed in all your new endeavors!

    So, here’s a breakdown of the NOB styles for the standard-style cards (whether green or purple, includes cards without numbers):
    127 Vertically arched NOBs (125 green, 1 purple, 1 green and purple)
    43 radially arched NOBs (40 green, 3 purple)
    19 straight NOBs (17 green, 2 purple)
    7 NNOBs (6 green, 1 purple)

    20 non-standard cards:
    6 green Tequila Sunrise
    9 purple Tequila Sunrise
    1 pin board
    1 hockey jersey
    1 jockey bib
    2 25th anniversary logos

    That was cool to see. I just came across my OG membership card the other day. Cheers Paul and Scott!

    Paul, thank you for video taping Scott at work creating his glorious art! It was a dream come true to see him in action. Even though there won’t be anymore membership cards being made, will we still be able to browse through the 3500+ that were created whenever the mood strikes us? They’re not going to be removed from the site, are they? I can’t tell you how many times they cheered me up as I’d scroll through them and just marvel at Scott’s art.

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