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Uni Watch Founder Gets Send-Off from The Athletic

Tyler Kepner, who’s the national baseball writer for The Athletic (and a former Uni Watch interviewee), recently asked me to attend a Mets game with him. Tyler is one of us, so we talked a lot about uniforms and other visual minutiae. He took a lot of notes, because he was planning to write a piece about my 25-year run with Uni Watch.

That piece has now been published. You can check it out here. If you’re reading on desktop and hit a paywall, try the link on your phone — it seems to be more accessible there. Enjoy!

(Huge thanks to Tyler Kepner for writing this wonderful piece.)

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    Great article and well deserved, Paul. Good luck on the next chapter. I sure have enjoyed the first.

    I didn’t catch the name when you introduced me, but had I known it was Tyker Kepner would have given more thought to Keith Miller’s number.

    It’s a nice feature, congrats! I was caught off guard by seeing it on the home screen of the app this morning.

    Wonderful to see this kind of recognition from the Athletic. And it’s a great piece, too!

    I always wondered if The Athletic would have been a great place for UniWatch after ESPN and Sports Illustrated cut ties.

    Thanks, Paul for all you’ve done in over this past quarter-century. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

    That’s great!!!! And well deserved. I have really enjoyed this site over the years! And, great to see so many people pay attention to uniforms as well. Enjoy your “Uni-Watch Tour”!

    So sweet to see Paul’s legacy acknowledged and celebrated. I go way back with Uni Watch (began commenting as interlockingtc back in the day) and what Paul provided was a free daily gift, really. Yes, we share very similar tastes in uniform design, but what made the site so appealing to me was Paul’s writing style, his consistency, his sense of humor, his varied interests outside of sports, his honesty and his relentless pursuit of a story. I’m turning 64 soon and my interest in sports uniform has waned considerably but, like Paul states in the Athletic article, not my curiosity or interest in life. I look forward to his next chapter. And kudos to Scott M.X. Turner for his contribution to Uni Watch. Scott’s a gem. And…good luck to Phil as he takes over the site, with his own unique perspective.

    Tyler definitely Gets It. Great profile. Hate the snarky commenters who just had to express why they stopped reading UW, but that’s the internet, right?

    A lovely piece. Congratulations, Paul, on receiving a basically fawning profile that’s entirely well-deserved.

    R. Scott, agreed! I wondered if we might have met at any of the Minneapolis events this weekend. (I only made it to Jimmy’s
    Shop Sunday.)

    Man – that 2008 interview is a time capsule. Before social media really consumed our free time it was message boards and blog comments. There has to be 200+ comments on that post that day.

    What a nice piece in such a prominent publication! I’ve enjoyed Tyler’s writing for years, back to his days in the Times-proper.

    Paul, I have logged into your website every day since the first day I got an Internet connection my freshman year in college. You have been as much of a companion to me as anyone in the last 25 years. I read your website every day. I’m going to miss you but I know the future will hold great things for you. Thank you for being there every morning. Godspeed my friend, you will be missed

    Paul, I’m going to be sad to not hear your thoughts on my favorite team, the Twins, City Connects. And only by a few days!

    Fascinating that Paul was born in Blue Point and on the edge of L.I. sits Red Hook, which means that everything in between must be purple. Rosebud, anyone?

    That was a fantastic article and I believe it was a fitting tribute to you and what you have provided us the reader for all these years.

    Can’t believe 25 years has passed. I remember coming across Uni Watch in the early days and feeling like a kindred spirit, ordering and receiving my official Uni Watch card emblazoned with my lucky #21 and arched letters of my last name. Good times! I toast you and your next adventure with my Uni Watch mug and an adult beverage.

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