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The Best Purple Fountain Pens

[Editor’s Note: This post is part of Uni Watch’s 2024 Purple Amnesty Day content. For additional background and details, look here.]

In a coincidence that’s almost too perfect to believe, a YouTuber has just posted a video in which he reviews the best purple fountain pens — just in time for Purple Amnesty Day!

I already have a purple pen (which I’ll be using to sign all of the membership cards that are ordered today), but if you need one for some some horrible and inexplicable reason, here’s your chance to see what’s what.

(My thanks to the pseudonymous Block “O Canada” for letting me know about this video.)

Comments (4)

    That’s too funny. I follow Goulet Pens, also, and I had to double check which RSS feed this post came from!

    Same here! I watched this video a few days ago so it was so surprising to see it on my feed. Also coincidentally, I just received a package from Goulet today. Definitely didn’t plan that one (how could I have? haha)

    Surprisingly informative and entertaining! Even if it is about purple pens. ;^)

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