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Purported Seattle Seahawks (Alternate?) Jersey Leaks

Greetings from Baltimore, where I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s Purp Walk festivities. But before I can do that, we have another purported NFL leak on our hands from Antonio Brown’s @CtespnN Twitter account, this time for the Seahawks. As you may recall, they had leaks earlier this spring for the Broncos, Texans, Giants, and Jags, and every one of those was confirmed to be accurate. (Their Vikings leak hasn’t yet been confirmed by the team, although a source of mine has confirmed it.)

Let’s take a closer look at this jersey:

Some thoughts:

  • These mock-ups do not match the format of @CtespnN’s previous leaks (all of which were clearly from the same wholesale catalog). That doesn’t necessarily mean that this new purported leak isn’t legit, but it does mean that it’s definitely not a slam-dunk.
  • The design is sorta-kinda like the team’s throwback, but with their modern neon shade of green instead of the old 1970s shade. “Respect the past, look toward the future,” yadda-yadda.
  • I have a hard time believing that the Seahawks (or any NFL team) would be unveiling a new primary set after the draft. So if this is legit, I’m thinking it would be an alternate jersey, or else something for 2025.
  • Hate the little notch at the base of the “1.” Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the number font.
  • Not in love with the chest patch, although I suppose it’s better than a wordmark.
  • Man, Nike’s current jersey template really ruins collar stripes.
  • I have no idea what the handwritten-seeming squiggle on the front-jersey mockup is supposed to indicate. Anyone?
  • The most puzzling thing here: Why would the maker’s mark be down at the hemline, instead of the sleeves? Makes the whole thing feel more like someone’s concept design instead of the real deal.

Okay, I have to go out for dinner now. Have fun discussing this one!

Update: Seahawks beat reporter Bob Condotta, who covers the team for The Seattle Times, says the team is reiterating its earlier stance that no uni changes are in the cards for 2024:

Of course, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that this purported leak could be for 2025. But we’ll see.

(My thanks to Christian Berumen for bringing this leak to my attention.)


Comments (22)

    The notch at the bottom of the 1 represents liftoff and the aspirations of a city, as they gaze upon the Space Needle and dream what is possible. Safety-yellow accents represent the Blue-Collar work ethic embodied by Seattle dock workers and replicated by our team, as well as the apparel worn by our hipster bike commuters.

    pretty similar to the (we thought is fake) leak for the “new uniforms”

    I agree with you They are great looking the colors blending together the White with limen blue around the numbers looks awesome it’s a very nice look design

    The handwritten squiggle thing looks like maybe the signature of a designer. My guess would be that these are concepts whoever runs Antonio Brown’s twitter account is throwing out for engagement. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    There’s also a notch on the inside of the top end of the 2.

    Curious about the swoosh placement, especially since that’s where the jock tag goes.

    I’m generally in favor of going back to royal blue and green as the primary colors and the hawk-head stripes. I’ve never been a fan of the overly busy design of the Nike-era navy and gray unis (and the less said about the desaturated blue of the Reebok era, the better).

    This reeks of “City Connect”. We know that Nike has secretly snuck in two NFL city connects, the Colts “Indiana Nights” and Texans “H-Town” so I wouldnt be surprised if this is another one.

    I find it hard to believe the Seahawks would give up either their Action Green or throwback jerseys to add this option. That and the swoosh being on the bottom instead of on the shoulder like every other jersey (there’s definitely room above the hawk head) makes me think fake.

    That being said, this is actually not a terrible jersey.

    I’m calling BS on these – the chest patch looks to be this free SVG, just recolored with the text replaced. It also has some of the worst kerning I’ve ever seen


    Oof. This is terrible. There’s nothing future looking about it – the Seahawks have been using action green for almost a quarter century.

    Lazy design, literally nothing interesting or charming about it.

    I actually love this white jersey from Seahawks only if they Wear it with white pants all white look then it’s a slam dunk uniform to me If they wear it with any dark color then trash it right away that’s my thought on this White tops

    Oh by the way Seahawks gotta trash that ugly ass Green lime color that’s the ugliest uniform color in the entire sports n Even that ugly depressing dark blue color is awful These people who wrote comments not liking this white jersey are crazy have no taste at all

    Except for the collar mess due to the template, I really like it. My guess is it will be worn with the silver helmet and a different sticker with the neon replacing the normal green. Please don’t have them wear solid white pants with this……….

    The numbers the use currently have those same notches. This almost looks like mixing their current numbers with block font.

    Obligatory (and accurate) “this would be better than the normal uni set” post.

    If these are real, then they need to make these the primary uniforms because they definitely look better than their current uniforms. I hope they match it with a silver modern helmet too.

    Last year’s throwbacks were gorgeous. I’d rather see them return in any capacity than this.

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