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New York Giants Unveil 1933 Throwback Uniform

Back on April 21, a purported 1933 New York Giants throwback jersey was leaked by Antonio Brown’s @CtespnN account. A Uni Watch source confirmed to me that the leak matched a jersey that he’d seen on a list of new designs for the 2024 season.

Today the Giants have finally unveiled the 1933 throwback, which is part of the team’s 100th-season celebration. As you can see above, the design features a vaguely Montreal Canadiens-esque jersey, a winged helmet, canvas-colored pants, and striped socks (although it remains to be seen whether the players will actually wear the socks that way on the field).

Here are some additional photos:

As you can see, the throwback includes a 100th-season jersey patch. You can learn more about the patch design here.

I wouldn’t want the Giants to wear this uniform on a full-time basis. But as an occasional acknowledgment of the team’s deep history? I love it.

Here’s the Gridiron Uniform Database’s mock-up of the 1933 uniform on which the throwback is based:

And here’s a Pro Football Journal colorization of a game photo from that season (note the nattily attired officials!):

The Giants say this throwback will be worn “up to two times this year,” but they haven’t yet announced which games those will be. It’s also not clear, at least to me, if this is a one-season design to commemorate the team’s centennial, or if it will be carried over into next year, but I’m sure those details will emerge soon enough.

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    Love these. They look really good. Use white pants with stripes and they are better than several teams’ redesigns.

    +10000 for these, too!

    As the meme says, “Shut up and take my money!”

    Agreed! If they wanted to “modernize” them and pair them with white pants with the same striping from the jersey/socks and put them on the pants, it would be so clean.

    I dig these more than most of the new unveilings from this off season

    The front ‘wing’ on the helmet is disappointing, since it’s inaccurate to the rest of the uniform. GUD doesn’t show them adding it until 1937, after they had already gotten rid of the jersey.


    I guess having the stripes originating down from the top of the helmet is kind of hard to replicate with modern helmet models?

    Paul needs to update his wording then, since he said the Giants unveiled their ‘1933 throwback’. I figured he meant the whole uniform, since he (rightly) has a crusade against ‘jersey’ and ‘uniform’ being used interchangeably haha

    The look is pretty busy, but certainly not the worst throwback we’ve seen. I especially dig the winged helmet. It’s very Michigan-esque. (I don’t know if the Wolverines or the Giants used it first, but it’s such a vintage look that many old teams probably had winged leather helmets.)

    I once read a bunch of teams used the winged helmet back in the 1930s, as it was a stock item in Spaulding’s leather helmet inventory.

    UM, tho, never deviated from it once they adopted it, and was the only team who began painting the design onto the plastic suspension shells when football transitioned away from leather.

    I think this is all accurate.

    Michigan hijacked the idea from Princeton. It doesn’t get talked about much, as if Michigan somehow invented the look.

    Fritz Crisler, the head coach of Princeton, took the Michigan job in 1938 and brought the helmet design with him.

    But I thought State was first. I thought Princeton took it from them. I feel like this was covered on Uni Watch.

    Supposedly the jersey is a throwback to1933 but the pants and socks are1925 versions (not sure how those are really any different from the 1933 pants/socks so whatever). They say the helmet is the 1938 model (with wings), which appears to check out.

    I would assume the White CR jersey gets dumped for these. The NFL didn’t make any update to the 4 jersey rule when they added the 3rd shell did they?

    I believe they might have dropped that rule because both the Broncos and Texans have 4 jerseys this year.

    This would be the *5th* jersey if they still plan to wear their standard jerseys AND bothe the white and the blue alts.

    This should be a regular alternate. Maybe switch to white pants if worn regular. This is what an alternate should be though – embraces the past while stick making it unique. It isn’t just recoloring the primary jersey and helmet using an accent color

    These are fantastic!! I can’t wait to see them on the field. The Jints are customarily the most risk-averse NFL team when it comes to uniforms, but I like everything about these.

    Too bad the Eagles permanently moth-balled the 2007 yellow/blue beauties…what a great looking matchup that would have made!

    “I wouldn’t want the Giants to wear this uniform on a full-time basis. But as an occasional acknowledgment of the team’s deep history? I love it.”

    Completely agree. Would love to get a pair of those socks too!

    I get the impetus to do a straight throwback, but given the overwhelming similarity to the Canadiens jersey, and that the Giants are Big Blue, not Big Red, I would have loved to see them go with a “Reverse Retro” of this, and flip the red and blue on the jersey and socks (the helmets don’t really require it.)

    I like it. Like you said, I don’t want them to wear these too regularly, but our 100th season? Sure.

    Also, I’m really glad that the team acknowledges the mixed years. ’25 pants, ’33 jersey, and ’38 helmet, it’d frustrate me if they just called them 1933 throwbacks.

    These are very nice. Nice the socks and jersey stripe doing their thing together. Much much better than the current white and colored options the team has. Those sets are much too blah.

    These are very nice. But I assume we’ll get a mish-mash of different socks and cleats that will muck up the look.

    Interesting nuance…these shells def have the wings painted on. That would mean they’d need to scrap one of their other two helmet shells (the standard metallic giant blue, or their throwback dark blue helmet) vs if they were a decal, they’d be able to rotate in the standard helmet. Unless the NFL has allowed this 3rd, as it will allow a 3rd shell to all teams in 2025 and to teams undergoing full redesigns in 2024…which the giants were not. Guessing we’re seeing some “soft” enforcement of that rule already. Also interesting, Riddell posted an Axiom version of this helmet to their socials, and it shows the wing as a decal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Is this a common winged design? I don’t recall ever seeing this. I feel like all of the teams have the same style as Michigan.

    For those not looking closely, this design is slightly different than Michigan’s.

    Yeah word. The numbers-in-a-big-stripe-thing is kind of neat, but the rest is gaudy. The red-blue combination is hard on the eyes since they’re both saturated, mid-tone colors. The khaki pants are such an odd choice. I agree, this should have stayed in the past. Ah well.

    Whether intentional or not, Daniel Jones and Andrew Thomas (#78) sort of demonstrate old school football poses, which I would LOVE if the teams/league encouraged this more when revealing throwback uniforms. Think of Topps football cards from long ago eras featuring helmetless players in mock game poses. Way better than the flexing superhero poses so common today, at least for throwbacks. Seeing players get into the spirit of it would make the reveals that much better!

    As far as throw backs, not bad. However, throwbacks in football and baseball never look good to me because of modern equipment and playing surfaces. Pads, facemasks, and shoe emblazoned with various manufactures ruin the aesthetics of the game when coupled with an old-time uniform. Throw in a indoor game not on grass such as Thanksgiving in Detroit and it isn’t watchable.

    As with ALL reveals these days, i do not need someone yelling and screaming in photos. It doesnt make me excited, i dont believe they are excited, and its just a lazy lame ‘uniform’ of sorts. Stop it.

    The huge NOBs are distracting to me. They could have gone with any size they wanted and that’s what they chose?

    Not a huge fan of these, but it’s nice to see something different, and it’s nice to see some color.

    I would have liked the shoulder yoke to be wider (as in, go down farther in the front and back of the jersey). The helmet is almost there, but I think these types of designs are really hard to pull off without looking like a Wolverines copy.

    I wouldn’t want these full-time (if this were my team) but I think they’ll look cool on the field, especially outdoors.

    Pretty good.

    I would be amused, though, if they ever tried to do a 1936 throwback: link
    White jersey, red shoulder-sleeve stripe, blue side panels, red pants, and butt stripes! I doubt they’d ever do it, though.

    These are really good, but why does the 100th anniversary patch need to be so prevalent? Couldn’t they have made this smaller, placed it on the sleeves or something else? I think anyone tuning in would already know this is the 100th anniversary so why reiterate?

    I’d venture to guess that the Giants will wear these on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys.

    I love this uniform. They should wear it after next season but with white pants with red blue red striping.

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