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Chicago Bears Adding George Halas Memorial to Throwback Jersey

Based on this tweet from this afternoon, the Bears are adding their “GSH” perma-memorial lettering for team founder George S. Halas  to their 1936 throwback jersey — a change for the 2024 season.

Here’s a closer look:

This throwback design, which was introduced in 2019 and has been worn at least once every season since then, has not previously had the “GSH” lettering:

Halas died in 1983. The Bears uni-memorialized him that season with a “GHS” jersey patch:


The “GHS” lettering was was incorporated into the team’s left-sleeve striping the following year and has remained there ever since, but had not appeared on the throwback until now.

The Bears are one of several NFL teams with a permanent memorial on their uniforms. Others include the Raiders (an “AL” decal for Al Davis), Texans (an “RNM” decal for Bob McNair), Lions (a “WCF” decal for William Clay Ford), and Kansas City (an AFL-themed “LH” patch for Lamar Hunt).

(My thanks to John Stark for letting me know about the Bears’ tweet.)



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    I hate to nit-pick, but this is about as negatively disruptive as a memorial patch can get. It won’t be readable as it’s almost “hidden” and yet not. It really makes a mess of those stripes and what stripes are born to do – which is demonstrate repetition – which this uniform did beautifully until…

    Throwbacks looked better in previous years. The Chiefs Perma memorial patch is ok and much better than this. Nice and simple, unless you’ve got too many patches on the front, then it’s not.

    On the main page (at least on the phone version), the Bear head and the Wishbone “C” are combined into one logo. No longer permitted, according to the Bears.


    Probably a way to cut costs on the sleeve as they now can use the same sleeve currently used on the away jerseys.


    I’m guessing Paul or someone else will know: what’s the deal with the different patches on the home and away jerseys? That’s pretty unusual isn’t it? The home patch is much nicer, in my opinion.

    Never noticed that before. I just assumed they were the same. But, GUD has them both shown.


    It’s not updated on their store yet, wonder if that’s just an oversight

    With today’s technology system we should know how to get it right? It’s a patch! Maybe put it in big football design on football stripe to stripe put big GHS! Center of Jersey front below Helmets face mask lower part! Like a Nike,Reebok sign on jersey! Use original one colors of it from the old dark jersey’s! You owe him that at least People! I like throw back strips on socks to Great Older Look! Just Opinion I’m older Man, Bears gotta Win Dick Buckess, Style,Tougher Defense Missing Passing games missing (Deep) one’s with safety never being beat deep to! You look at tape always want to come up! Switching up 4-3-2 to 4-4-2defence make difference in NFL 4-5-2 the 5 be umbrella setup look from end to end just keep moving for change it will work!

    I’d be very OK with that.

    But then I suppose it would give them an excuse to roll out some kind of a stormtrooper look with the other white jerseys and white helmets, which I would be less OK with.

    I’m not a fan of the permanent memorial patch on the jersey, I wish they can put it on the back of the helmet like the Raiders and Texans. I feels this way with the Chiefs because I think their jerseys look better without the Lamar Hunt patch, and hopefully they don’t add the Norma Hunt patch permanently starting this season otherwise it’s going to start to look cluttered. The Lions were smart to put the William Clay Ford patch on the back of the helmet with their new uni set.

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