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New England Patriots Hinting at Throwback Uni News

Interesting tweet earlier today by the Patriots, who are apparently planning to announce something regarding their red Pat Patriot throwbacks.

Now, it could be that they’re just going to let us know their throwback date(s) for the upcoming season. But could it be something more? I honestly have no idea — haven’t heard a peep. Anyone know more?

(My thanks to our own Anthony Emerson for bringing this tweet to my attention.)

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    These are so much better, but the unfortunate thing for the Patriots is they won all their Super Bowls wearing the inferior Flying Elvis uniforms.

    The Pats & Broncos have nine rings, total, in their inferior unis.

    The Eagles have one.

    Those… aren’t the same thing.

    The Eagles are more in line with the Rams—winning a rando one-off Super Bowl in their inferior unis.

    Disagree with @Sleepy, the Eagles have played 31 playoff games since 2000, 2nd only to the Pats. Midnight green is associated with the most consistently successful era in the team’s history.

    Looks wise, they do look better than the set they won all their superbowls in, but I do find it amusing watching the patriots rock the redcoats

    The Patriots introduced their current unis for the 2020 season, so it’s too soon for a redesign, but I believe it’s possible for them to designate their red throwbacks as their primary home uni (although I don’t believe that’s what is going to happen).

    Other than that type of announcement, I can’t imagine what the tweet might be alluding to. Perhaps their SM team is just having a bit of fun.

    Definitely just the social team having fun, they posted this when the new alternate logo was popping up all over the place link

    The IV bag drip of pointless nonsense that serves to produce the illusion of importance is really weird and way too common these days. Who feels any excitement or anticipation about if or which game(s) the pats wear throwbacks in? The organization feels the need to cryptically tease such a thing? For that matter, making the release of the nfl schedule an event?
    The lack of respect for human intelligence by human beings is really really strange. Or maybe we simply are not what we delude ourselves into believing we are. The truth staring us in the face.

    I was thinking the same thing. Suddenly there is a “Schedule release show” much like when they announce the NCAA brackets / CFP matchups. It is just information, release it. Don’t do an hour long show about it where you slowly unveil the whole thing. It is hype for hype’s sake. With the NFL especially it feels like their way to make the league a year round thing, when nothing is going on on the field, make off the field stuff sound more important than it is. If there is an opportunity for networks and leagues to boost ratings (revenue) with pointless stuff like schedule release shows they will 100% do it. Sadly the only reason why it works is because we the public gladly consume this garbage.
    I keep hoping the “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered” axiom holds up, and the oversaturation by the NFL comes back to bite them. Maybe then we can return to the normalcy the sport had that made it so popular to begin with.

    Something that is interesting (but obviously might be nothing) is that they also used red to signify the home games on their schedule.

    Does anyone know how long their Twitter avatar has had a red background? Is that new or is that how it always looks?

    IIRC, their twitter/x background has been red since at least the 2020 season, as I remember pointing it out during the uniform unveiling.

    Elvis < Pat. I would like to see some kind of mashup with Elvis and the styling of the Pat uniforms, that’d be better than what they have now which just doesn’t work.

    PS. Elvis Needs Boats

    The throwbacks are not way better than flying Elvis. Everyone needs to chill.

    They’re absolutely better than the crappy mono blue look they’ve been trotting out post-Brady.

    Agree 100. What they have now is misguided at best, ugly at worst. White on blue is the only combination that works and the Pat throwbacks by comparison are better than either.

    Best move for 2025: a mashup using Pat, navy as the primary color and the Patriots throwbacks as the base. Blue becomes red, etc.

    Here in the Boston area I can honestly say I haven’t seen a single person wearing the current jersey style. It is a failure and no one knows that like the Master Beancounter himself, Mr. Jonathan Kraft.

    I expect a return of red tops is very much on the table, be it the current throwback look or another variant. I could, for example, see them ditch the shoulder stripes for something like what the new Cardinals and Lions did with a contrasting pattern on the sleeves. I’d be shocked if they didn’t stick with the Navy blue jerseys and pants, and the silver helmet, perhaps as secondary rather than primary elements.

    I know others might not agree, but for me the “Pat Patriot” logo is example #1 of how retro designs were not always better or good. It’s awkward, busy, and just ugly as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think “Flying Elvis” is particularly great as far as logos go, but it’s so much better designed.

    Couldn’t agree more!

    However, I would love a set of the current silver lids with Flying Elvis, the red jersey with blue stripes and silver pants. Time for a new “post Belichick & Brady” feel. Blue can remain as an alt – but it would be a good way to marry the 2 eras without a wholesale rebrand – or going back to Pat Patriot.

    I completely agree. I think flying elvis is the better logo and it’s not even close. I always thought the love for pat patriot was more of an ironic type of thing – like it’s so bad it’s good or, more fun – in which case it’s a great helmet to trot out for a couple games.

    The red throwback uniform is much better looking imo than the navy “super bowl era” uniform, but it doesn’t make sense for a patriots team to be wearing red over navy. I’d like to see them continue tweaking the current uniform until it actually works as a whole.

    The uniform itself is great, the logo is dated. If they updated it similar to how the Dolphins updated their logo in the 90s it could be good. That was sort of streamlining of an analog logo to a digital style, something like that could be done to Pat Patriot.
    That all said, if they basically took something very similar to the throwback red tops, and paired them with silver helmet/pants with the Elvi it would be a great look. (Also royal blue instead of navy trim). Sort of a blend of both uniforms.

    What if the Pats announce they will wear their throwback away uniforms this year?

    There is a void in the NFL of a look similar to Ohio State, UNLV, New Mexico. Their traditional looks, anyway.

    I wonder if there’s a red alt in the spirit of their current look coming? If so, I sure hope it’s silver/red/silver as opposed to a different pant color.

    They posted this after they teased a still that was later in their schedule announcement video. The still featured a throwback cup and some other older looking goods.
    SM team just having fun!

    Imagine if they were to honor Paul’s retirement by bringing back the best uniforms in football full-time…

    Pat Patriot is a pretty ridiculous look, IMO. On the other hand, there’s the Flying Elvis. On the third hand, I think I’m embarrassed that I even prefer one over the other. All of this has me awash in doubt and shame. Which I otherwise refer to as Thursday.

    Would it be possible they would wear a red alternate jersey of their current design? Possibly paired with gray pants? I wasn’t a fan of the unis with the Flying Elvis on the shoulders. But, would be kind of neat if they did a one off for a game. Possibly in 2026 in honor of Super Bowl XXXI.

    I’d at the very least guess that they plan to wear red unis when they play the Rams.

    I honestly think the current set is an improvement over the Brady era duds. The should loops make not sense – stopping far short of being a loop. Every little league in the land can make loops go all the way around, but Nike can’t. A bit more Pat Patriot in that design might be nice.

    As a Pats fan, I have admittedly biased feelings on all this. I love Pat Patriot. I literally wore a Pat Patriot cap yesterday in fact. However, I also feel a great deal of sentimentality for Flying Elvis, as it was the Pats 1993 uniform set that I truly fell in love with as a young football fan. In general, and I know this will be an unpopular opinion here, I feel like Elvis as the primary logo and Pat as a secondary/throwback is my preference. That said, I would welcome some massive changes to the Patriots uniforms after the 5-year-rule expires. I actually son’t hate the jerseys they have now, but would welcome a change to the same template in red. Either way, I wish the mom look would disappear entirely and they would wear white pants with the colored jersey, as well as switch the primary helmet color from silver to white. I would also love to see the 1995-1999 era uniforms return as a throwback or alternate, GIANT shoulder logos and all, but I know I’m in even more of a minority there.

    Maybe they are going to switch to the John Hannah era 73-83 Throwbacks instead with the northwestern style stripes vs UCLA stripes they normally wear with the throwbacks. Would be a nice look.

    They had another image of a pile of magazines with a mug from the “Pat Patriot” era laying on top. One magazine was opened to a page showing a Patriots-Colts matchup, and another magazine cover showed the Los Angeles Rams vs. Patriots on the cover. My assumption is that they’ll be wearing throwbacks for both the Rams (Nov. 17) and Colts (Dec. 1) games this season. I was hoping they’d wear them for the Jets game so we’d get the Pat Patriot vs. Gang Green matchup, but it doesn’t look like it at the moment.

    I remember disliking this logo as a child in the 70’s and 80’s. I still don’t think it works well as a helmet logo.

    Many years ago when modders first started tinkering with the Madden franchise I remember someone did a red alternate top and it looked gorgeous compared to everything else. The same person also did a black alternate with the blue numbers and it popped. Missed opportunities and this was 15 years ago!

    Bringing back Pat and the reds as the primary home look would be a serious upgrade.

    On my ’70’s TV with antennae I couldn’t tell what the heck was on the side of the Patriot’s helmets, but it didn’t matter then because their whole uniform was stellar, and call it primacy bias, but they still rank near the top now. Elvis just needs to leave the building.

    No, don’t use those ugly uniforms. I really liked the blue, white, red and silver. I don’t like the new ones at all, go back to the BB and TB uniforms, those are the nicest New England Patriots uniforms ever.

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