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MLB Father’s Day Caps Begin to Emerge Online

MLB’s Father’s Day caps haven’t yet been officially unveiled, but 16 of the 30 designs have appeared on a German retail website.

Here’s a group shot, following by a closer look at each design:

As you’d expect, each cap has a light-blue underbrim and a blue version of the MLB logo on the back.

All in all, pretty straightforward. The caps for the remaining 14 teams will presumably be released soon.

Father’s Day is on June 16.

Update: The Father’s Day socks have also appeared.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @Chf_BoyarB for letting me know about the German site, and to Oliver Kodner for pointing me toward the socks.)


Comments (30)

    The caps are still in team colors. Just the logos are all baby blue

    Cant possible be a real question. My guess…youre trying too hard to be hypercritical, sacrificing basic spatial awareness. I guess to ingratiate yourself to Paul and others?
    I dunno…but weird

    Seems like a nasty response. I’m not sure how the question would ingratiate him to anyone, but he may be thinking they were all supposed to be the same color lids. Just like the Armed Forces ones (all black). Or, maybe he’s just unaware of prior year designs, etc.

    Maybe. But i see way too many people here try to play the role.
    All one would have to do is look at the picture. If the Oakland hat is green, there is your answer. Its basic deductive reasoning. Nasty would be calling it a “stupid question” and i didn’t do that.

    It’s Amazing how the MLB makes new Merch for every little holiday there is. Everything is just a cash grab these days.

    I’d love to know how much money MLB actually makes from these silly hats every year. Making new designs for every holiday, every year, seems very excessive, even for the biggest of cap collectors.

    I actually love the Blue Jays one. I suspect a lot of Royals fans will like their eventual Father’s Day version as well. It could double as just a regular alternate cap for them.

    Bingo! These two teams should wear this hat more often than only on Father’s Day.

    These caps make me think this is like one or two years away from not being a thing anymore.

    With all the different merch you can get, why still even bother with this on field? You can get any team cap in any number of colorways or camo now practically on spec. Seems like an unnecessary eyesore to keep putting it on the diamond.

    wish they wouldnt use authentic since hardly any at purchased are made in usa like the on- field hats are per the MLB agreement, basically every “authentic” hat is as seen on TV

    Marc basically answered this, but for collectors (and anyone who purchases the retail slop), there is much greater cachet in owning an item that was worn “on field” versus simply team-branded (but not worn in game) merch. And NE (or Nike or whomever) can charge a premium *because* said product was game worn. Of course, I’m sure people are willing to pay inflated prices for non-gamer items (think Spike Lee’s red Yankees cap), but there’s definitely an appeal to offering for sale the cap worn by the players on a specific date(s) vs. simply “fan gear” that is official and licensed, but was not worn in game.

    Loving the perennial and lazy preservation of whole blue = male, pink = female ideology. Great job MLB. Do they not even notice the many “feminine” colors the male players wear on their shoes or arm and hand gear?

    You know that the pink on Mother’s Day is for breast cancer awareness, right? And the proceeds from Father’s Day go to prostate cancer. Not saying that justifies anything, but at the very least the link between breast cancer awareness and pink is a long standing tradition that goes beyond baseball.

    These hats look the printer’s magenta and yellow were empty and only the cyan printed.

    I’ve seen these holiday hats for sale at the stadium and the mall but I don’t think I have seen more than 3 or 4 of these things out in the wild on somebodies head in the years since this holiday hat cash grab began. And jerseys and hats are very much on my radar, plus I live in a MLB city. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Honestly it’s impressive how they manage to make different versions of “Team hat but holiday color” every year. I kinda look forward to seeing how they’re gonna find a new way to make it slightly distinct

    Next year’s version will be totally identical to the regular hat but with blue stitched lettering on the side: Father’s Day Edition, imagine the logo on the front in blue.

    these are a huge downgrade from last year and even the year before, both the mother’s day and father’s day hats really popped out last year with their colors and side patches. This year they got lazy and just changed the logos and underbrims, like wtf, why did they just not put in any effort now…

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