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New York Giants Unveil 100th-Season Patch Design

The New York Football Giants will be playing their 100th season this fall, and today they’ve unveiled a logo to commemorate that milestone. The logo will be worn as a jersey patch and will also appear in various promotional contexts.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the “storytelling”:

Overall, a prety nice logo. As always, though, I wish they’d waited until next year and celebrated the 100th anniversary, not the 100th season. Then the logo design could’ve had the nice bookend years of 1925 and 2025.

The milestone patch will be one component of a season-long celebration of the team’s first century, including one element with a fun uni-related angle: The Giants will honor the 18 seasons that they played at Yankee Stadium (1956-1973) by partnering with the Yankees on a bobblehead giveaway when the Yanks host the Blue Jays on Aug. 4. The bobble will feature former Giants quarterback Eli Manning in a Yankees uniform! Check it out:

Leaks and sources indicate that a 1933 throwback uniform will also be part of the 100th-season celebration. I was thinking we might see that as part of today’s announcement, but no sign of it yet, so they’re apparently holding off until later this summer.

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    Hi Paul. I know you have discussed this in the past but could you remind me again about the difference between ‘anniversary’ and ‘season’ when commeratoring a specific date. I tried to explain this to a colleague the other day and I completely fluffed it and this seems an opportune and fortuitous moment to ask if that’s ok!

    I think of it like birthdays: As soon as you’re born, you are in your “first year” of life – it is “year one” for you. You aren’t 1 year old yet, though; that happens on your first birthday, when you have one full year behind you. Your “second year” begins on your first birthday, not on your second birthday.

    Similarly, a team’s 100th season begins on its 99th birthday, not its 100th birthday.

    Sorry, way too much story telling for one logo. So much story telling it’s redundant. The banner is supposed to be the helmet stripe but also the sleeve stripe? The football has 8 laces but is also The Duke? Claiming the 1 has the same serif as the N in NY? Doesn’t even look the same. What made Giants Stadium recognizable IMO was the collection of circular walking ramps, not the actual stadium shape.

    If anything, 100 should be written out in the Giants number font and Seasons should written in underlined italicized lettering like the GIANTS 80s/90s logo.

    I think the football that the Giant is throwing is supposed to be a Duke football; at least that’s where the explanatory arrow is pointing.

    I rather like the logo.

    While I like the overall design, I believe you are correct, the “1” does not match the “ny” font since it has an added serif on the bottom and the top one is shorter than the “n” one, not to mention that it’s a taller digit than the zeros…
    Maybe they’ll improve upon it when they announce the patch design for the ‘Top 100 Players in Giants History’ ceremony…

    I don’t mind this kind of storytelling. Everything is a nod to a historical element of the team it represents as opposed to the big stretches they make with the CC stuff.

    And I love a good Polo Grounds reference. Wish they would have built their new stadium like that.

    I’m still arguing that NYCFC’s upcoming soccer stadium should be shaped like the Polo Grounds, but since they finally chose a Queens location there wouldn’t be much point to that history.

    Good call, Jim! How great would have that been to throw some Polo Grounds elements into Metlife? But, I understand that with the modernization/accommodating two different teams, they had to take a different approach to transition to either team in a matter of hours. Maybe, one of these days, there will be a retro football stadium revolution similar to that of the baseball stadium era of the 2000’s.

    Maybe, one of these days, there will be a retro football stadium revolution

    I’m hoping to start a Vintage Football League someday…all the safety advances of today with all the aesthetics of yesteryear. A new Polo Grounds would be the perfect place to kickoff this venture.

    I think the brief must have been to go for something “classic”.

    However, they were let down by the storytelling which used the word “classic” to describe only 3 of the elements.

    Just glad they didn’t use the i-word that gets thrown about so much these days.

    The helmet on the player in the logo looks more like the winged helmet style the Giants wore from 1937-1947. Perhaps that’s a sign the Giants will be wearing winged helmets with the throwback or the “proto winged” style they wore from 1931-1936? I know we’ve all seen the leaks with the “criss cross” style helmet they wore in 1933, but we also know that teams tend to take a loose approach to matching their throwbacks to their supposed year. Something to consider as we approach the official release.

    One of the best patches I have seen! Probably wouldn’t have noticed all the gimmicks in it, if not for the legend. But, overall, well done Giants!!!!!

    Paul, any indication they might add this to the endzones or maybe a mid-field logo for this year?

    I love it and hope to see it as much as possible on uniforms, the field, graphics and merch. I like it that much.

    I have never been a Giants fan but I always respected them. (Go Birds.)
    This logo is really well done. Even the storytelling comes across more as thoughtful additions to a design rather than contrived schlock.

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