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Dodgers City Connect Jersey Apparently Leaks

Twitter-er @DyeMyColor, who found retail versions of the Mets’ and Tigers’ City Connect caps in Japan well in advance of their official unveilings, has now spotted what appears to be the Dodgers’ new CC jersey.

Let’s take a closer look at the two photos from that tweet:

Some quick thoughts:

  • Note the hashtag above the jock tag — that’s a strong sign that this jersey is legit, because City Connect jerseys always have a slogan or message in that spot. That hashtag, #ITFDB, stands for “It’s time for Dodger baseball,” which was a Vin Scully catchphrase.
  • The chest letting, which what I assume is a contrail running through it, looks pretty cool.
  • Not a fan of the sleeve patch. Combining the script “D” with the block “LA” feels forced.
  • Not sure what the little colored specks are supposed to be. Vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles? Pillsbury tie-in? Jersey was laundered with one of those four-color Bic pens?
  • Can’t figure out the red tags on the sleeves either. Anyone..?

This CC jersey — if that’s what it is — is part of a uniform that’s scheduled to be unveiled sometime in mid-June and make its on-field debut on June 21. It will be the Dodgers’ second CC uniform, making them the first MLB team with that distinction. Their first CC design, which debuted in 2021 and went through multiple revisions, was retired at the end of last year.

(My thanks to reader Luis Isarraraz, who was the first to bring this leak to my attention.)

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    They just slapped the typeface for the Detroit CC hat in the jersey and called it a day

    I thought of terrazzo, too. Maybe the line running through the wordmark represents a funky Google roofline, and these CCs are a tribute to LA’s unique place in the history of modern architecture?

    Yep yep…I wish the font choice was more “mid century” if that is what they’re trying to invoke, but then again, this is Nike and we should know better.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Dodgers Stadium, but terrazzo would be the era when the stadium was built. Maybe this is a tribute to the stadium?

    If the pants don’t have the speckled sprinkle pattern, the whole uniform is going to look even worse than these first images suggest.

    If it’s speckles tops and bottoms, it will look much like my favorite onesie pajamas that my baby daughter wears. So… there’s that.

    The Los Angeles… Diamondbacks? It looks like they thieved Arizona’s “D.” Or one of those unintended mash-ups you find at the discount store on severe markdown. Not a fan.

    I could see it on the cap. Either a dark blue cap with a Dodger blue brim, or vice versa.

    This DLA logo is a great addition to the dodgers design portfolio. Either of your hat suggestions would be nice. My first thoughts were dodger blue hat with white front panels (kinda novelty, though), or a white crown with dodger blue brim, squatcho, and eyelets (more old school and would look better with a pure white, or blue uni, not funfetti).

    I think of a few things when I picture the dodgers: bright white uni with script “dodgers” and red number on the front, blue hat with interlocking block LA, and clip art baseball flying upward through their graphics. This logo invokes classic dodgers with something new. Asking around here in Michigan, the reaction to the tigers’ CCs has largely been “you can’t make a tigers uniform without the D. Why did they do this?” Nike would do well to remember that “connecting with the city” (if they even achieve that) shouldn’t come at the cost of connecting with the team, which in many cases is an integral and beloved part of a city’s culture.

    It looks like the tag on the sleeve is very similar to what the LA Rams have on the back of their jerseys. I believe the rams said it was a call out to the fashion scene in LA/Hollywood.

    The speckles look like the stuff left in the bowl when you run out of tricks or fruit loops and have leftover milk

    I believe the colored specs represent the unique seat colors for each section of Dodger Stadium.

    I am genetically programed to hate anything from the Los Angeles Dodgers, but this is particularly atrocious. Bland, basic script replaces the classic Dodgers script. What is that for? LAX? God know that anyone who has had to drive to or from LAX hates it, so why? The LA inside the D? Looks amaturish. Like something that would be on a crappy fan page. Confetti? I cant wait to hear whatever BS story comea with that trash. At least there’s a nod to Vin. I might hate everything about the Dodgers, but I could listen to Vin Scully describe paint drying all day.

    Just think, when the AI Assistant is perfected, we will get to have Vin call every game we watch…
    And I’m taking Joe Garogiola in the booth with him…

    The stars on the jersey could simply be a subtle nod to the jerseys worn by celebs during the team’s Hollywood stars games. -C.


    dang. i was hoping for powder blue. why do i expect anything from this series anymore

    The bar is admittedly low, but these are better than the uniforms they replace. I’m surprised the Dodgers have no secondary logo of the ball and contrails shooting through the “D”. For consistency, I like to see a “D” on the sleeve when the script reads “Los Angeles”.

    It looks like jersey trying to get around copyright issues. Terribly unimaginative, which means its probably legit.

    The red tag on the sleeves reminds me of the “remove before flight” tags uses on aircraft maintenance and rework.

    Speckles remind me of a jawbreaker, but with aircraft theme sort of going on, maybe airport carpet in LAX? or something a long those lines?

    Is this supposed to be (at least partially with the design inside the script and the pointed flare coming off the “LA” in the sleeve patch and little red tag) space-launch themed? It reminds me of the Space X logo. If so that’s a big stretch. Like yeah, you can see the launches from Vandenburg from the LA area sometimes, but space flight is not really high on the list of things LA is known for.

    This can’t be a legit jersey…it Respects The Placket!
    At first glance, I thought fault line instead of contrails for the lettering. Then I zoomed in and thought otherwise.

    Brutal, it would seem it hurts the overall Dodgers brand, although not that I’m a marketing expert. Going the NBA route with these unnecessary uniforms.

    Oregon’s cookies & cream jerseys have a new friend now. :) This time it’s vanilla with sprinkles

    Absolutely hideous. Why am I not surprised. As if I could hate the bums even more.

    To quote Phoebe from “Friends”

    “… Hey, Now you have TWO!

    … Oh, Now you have two.”

    I wish they would have done something along the lines of the Hollywood sign. (I know; don’t give them any ideas.)

    I mean the Hollywood Stars are right there and were pretty batty in their Uniform combos, all dark jerseys, shorts, numbers in stars etc.

    Hmmm… Interesting. I like the chest lettering, the contrail spices up the font just enough to make it interesting. I can take or leave the sleeve patch. Not enough for me to really cause a fuss about. Since somebody associated the red tags with the remove before flight tags on planes I am board with those. So that leaves the funfetti… I like it in cupcakes, less so clothing. Overall negative, though I doubt it will be particularly visible on camera so not a major minus for me. Also, being a white shirt nets bonus points so so far, it gets a “not bad”

    They are going to have to manufacture one hell of a Storyline Chart for this, which almost feels like why this jersey looks the way it does, as an excuse to make the most laborious Storyline Chart ever.

    Someone’s gonna have to explain to me why almost every new CC has sublimation now. Didn’t we realize how shitty and cheap this looks after the NBA’s 1990s designs?

    Obviously, every CC needs to tell a story and be “different,” but why can’t the base be a solid color?

    Phillies, Mets, Tigers, Guardians, Dodgers…all sublimated.

    Sublimation is extremely prevalent in the world of soccer jerseys, primarily as a way to differentiate one year’s kit from the next. Not saying that justifies its use, but I think we can expect to see more of it given the uptick in uniform releases across North American sports.

    Not sure, but I THINK the confetti colors represent the seat colors at Dodger Stadium. As for the red tags, perhaps to either tie-in the (eventual) red number on the front or as homage to the former-red upper deck seats…or both.

    This feels like it was made out of spite for everyone who hated their all-blues. I wasn’t a huge fan of those (especially the gradient), but I’d take those over these any day.

    I’m not sure why these CC designs are so committed to getting away from script wordmarks. The all-caps san-serif really lacks character, even when you put a contrail/faultline on it.

    I see they dumped the front numbers and relegated the iconic red to the swooshtika and a dinky sleeve tag.

    They might still get the front number when they actually take the field. Seeing the font/design of the numbers and names on the back could maybe take this design from “mediocre” up to “not bad”

    Tutti Frutti Jelly Bellys (the ones that taste like Juicy Fruit) are one of the great modern day confectionery marvels, however I don’t think they make a good uniform design.

    First glance reminds me of France’s away kit for 2018, the year they won the World Cup. Sadly, they never wore this during the tournament.


    This looks like recycled LA Clippers branding that got rehashed for the Dodgers

    The colored specks remind me of the pastel-heavy “festive federalism” color scheme used for the ‘84 LA Olympics, which defined the city for a while and still shows up in a lot of its signage and wayfinding.

    Do we know if this jersey is a blank, or one with a player name/number on the back? If the latter, it would be incredibly strange to see a Dodgers jersey without the red numbers on the front.

    Although I suppose it hardly looks like a Dodgers jersey to begin with, so probably a moot point

    They appear to have copied the DirecTV 2021 brand refresh for that chest lettering. link

    I think it’s a little ironic that their City Connect jerseys will actually say Los Angeles when their road uniform that says Los Angeles has basically been relegated to alternate status.

    They’ve haven’t worn the “Dodgers” version on the road since April 10, actually. We’ll see if it holds tonight in SF, but they appear to have made a decision to stick with the Los Angeles version.

    They seem to wear one of their road jerseys for a long stretch, and then switch to the other for another long stretch, and it alternates.

    From a distance they’ll look fine, as long as they don’t pair them with black pants or something.

    ‪The pattern appears based on the terrazzo flooring at LAX. That flight theme seems worked into the wordmark too – the curved line is also similar to a design element of that same LAX terrazzo flooring.

    I think the LAX terrazzo flooring explanation is correct.

    I lived in LA for 25 years so have been to LAX hundreds of times and never really noticed the floors. (Shame on me, maybe.) Bottom right photo in this set has a similar look to the wordmark on the jersey:


    The mosaic walls in the exit walkways are a more iconic LAX design element for me; here’s an interesting blogpost on those:


    I have just learned that at one time the moving sidewalk in these hallways was known as “The Astro Walk”!

    Something must be wrong with me. I don’t hate this. I may even buy one.
    Obviously, thoughts and prayers are needed.

    Did someone raid the LA Clippers trash bin for uniform scraps to make these?

    That LAD logo is atrocious–who let that get out of the pitch room?!?! Either come up with a novel logo or leave them alone, but don’t mash up two decent but COMPLETELY UNRELATED logos into one totally shitty one. I do like the birthday cake sprinkles, though I have no idea how they’re supposed to relate to LA. I’m sure they’ll tell us all about it.

    Honestly, this is tolerable and maybe even kinda good. Would be potentially great if they had kept the classic script instead of print “Los Angeles”.

    Waiting to hear the reasons behind, but I grew up in LA and have NO idea what this is. Feels like a missed oppurtunity when the Dodgers to have so many stories to tell. They could have focused on:

    -The connection baseball has had with movies and TV. Dodger stadium has been in so many movies and they were the pioneers to baseball on TV
    -The Sandlot. It took place in the 60s when LA experienced so much expansion and the Dodgers were an event. I think the 60s as a whole would have been amazing.
    – The Rick Monday burining flag stoppage
    – The Dodgers connection and desire to diversify. LA is a vibrabt multicultural and the Dodgers have always been on the front lines of bringing in players from other countries or religions.
    – The typical non baseball things LA is known for (the beach, the music industry, palm trees, traffic, freways, and a 1000 other things.

    A really terrific design for an LA Galaxy jersey.

    For the Dodgers, it seems basically inoffensive. Which may as good as it gets for a team that really doesn’t need any kind of alternate uniform. The chest lettering makes me think of the old HBO movie-intro sequence, or my Apple TV streaming box’s screen saver. Both of which are thematically appropriate to LA, so that works.

    And despite my better judgment, I find that I really like the LAD patch design.

    Did we know they were getting a second City Connect set? I must have missed that they were doing a second generation (except revisions), but it’s weird to have a second one ready before every team has had one.

    If the colors are the LAX floor and the writing looks kinf of flighty, the LAD logo resembles the space age mid century restaurant at LAX I guess? the line may be that?

    Maybe, but I think it’s more likely that this is a blank CC jersey with no player/number on the back.

    I don’t know what to think of these. I like that they say Los Angeles, but not the font. I kind of like the “funfetti” look. Need to see the full uniform and cap though.

    Based on how I judge CC designs — “Does it make me want to gouge my eyes out?” — the answer is no. So that’s a win. Although black or dark blue pants could still push it into eye-gouge territory.

    Re: red sleeve tags, only thing I can come up with is a shout-out to the Dodgers front, Red uni-numbers ‍♂️

    The bright white home unis with blue lettering and red numbers are clean, classic, perfect unis. These? Forgettable garbage

    Sleeve logo is cool. Rest, not feeling it… But I don’t like most of the city connect unis,so far. I didn’t think of terrazzo lol.. I thought I’ve cream sprinkles.. Lol

    Horrible jersey intended for foreign tourists who do not know what baseball is and who the Dodgers are. Mission accomplished.

    I’ve lived in L.A. for 40+ years and I don’t see how these uniforms even remotely “connect” to the city. The speckled jerseys make me think of Pop Tarts. Other notes:
    * the D on the shoulder is from their spring training caps
    * red shoulder tags probably a call out to the Dodgers being the first team to put uniform numbers on the front of jerseys back in the 50’s
    * why honor Vin Scully with a hashtag that will not be seen on players unless they are planning on wearing these untucked???
    I never thought the new city connect uniforms would be worse than the original but… sigh.

    Exciting sneak peek into the Dodgers’ City Connect jersey! Can’t wait to see the full reveal and what it represents for the team and the city.

    Guessing it’s a nod to LA’s aerospace industry. The contrail is right out of the SpaceX logo. The dots might match up with a pattern of stars. I don’t know, just a guess.

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