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Big News About the Upcoming Uni Watch Event in L.A.

As you probably know by now, my upcoming Uni Watch Tour ’24 will include a stop in Los Angeles. That will be next Tuesday, May 21, 7pm, as we gather at Tony P’s.

For a while now I’ve been saying that some possible extracurricular activities were “TBA,” and today I can finally tell you about that: We’re going to get a tour of Game Changing Gear, which is the go-to uniform supplier for movies, TV shows, commercials, and more. They have tons of old gear from past productions, which should be fascinating to see. Their facility isn’t normally open to the public, but their main guy, Mike Fox, is a Uni Watch fan and has generously agreed to give us a tour. Should be great!

Game Changing Gear is at 3555 Lomita Blvd., Unit B, in Torrance, Calif. We’ll meet there at 4:30pm, Mike will give us a tour, and then we’ll head to Tony P’s from there.

We’d like to have a rough head count for the Game Changing Gear tour. So if you think you might attend, please shoot me a note. Thanks!

(Special thanks to Bob Halfacre for putting me in touch with Game Changing Gear.)


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    So cool. I sincerely hope the folks at every stop of the tour have great gifts for you, like when great athletes have their last games in each city’s stadium/arena…

    I’ll miss being able to attend by about 8 hours. Hope you have a great time.

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