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New York Mets Debut Revised BFBS Jerseys and Caps

At long last, the New York Mets finally debuted their new BFBS jerseys and caps last evening against Atlanta. You’ll recall that since 2021 (after midseason), the Mets have been wearing their BFBS outfits for all Friday home games. These are, of course, a throwback to the original BFBS jerseys/caps that were introduced in the late 1990s.

Paul had the exclusive back in January of how the caps and jerseys were modified for the 2024 season. Back in his scoop, it was noted the big change to the new caps and jerseys would be the removal of the white outline around the “Mets” script, as well as the numbers and NOB. The old jerseys (and cap) featured an orange drop shadow. Both the cap and jersey would replace the white outline and orange drop shadow with a solid orange outline. At the time, we were wondering how much more difficult it would be to read the elements with the white outline removed.

We now have our answer. Unfortunately, but predictably, the script and numbers are definitely less easy to read, and much of it depends upon the lighting.

If you look at the splash photo (a shot in the locker room), which is a closeup under fluorescent lighting, the numbers seem highly visible, but even up close, the NOB seems to fade into the black base. Of course, NOB is far less important than the jersey number, but the NOB is definitely harder to make out, even up close.

It definitely appears the Mets thickened the outline on the numbers and “Mets” script (compare that to the style guide rendering), and in tight shots, the wordmark and numbers are visible, but they definitely do not “pop” as they did in the previous iteration. You can barely make out the interlocking “NY” on the cap though.

It could just be a bit of an optical illusion, but it almost seems like the “Mets” script is comically oversized. (Note in the first photo the seemingly odd placement of the single-digit number vs. a two-digited player in the second shot.)

With proper lighting, the numbers are definitely readable. But if you look closely, any time there is any kind of shadow, the jersey basically appears as solid black. The white outline would definitely have helped.

Of course, still shots with a zoom lens present only one view. How did the jerseys look in action? You be the judge, but there is no question the readability is greatly reduced at any distance.

It’s sad the Mets are still doing the BFBS thing (even if it’s ‘only’ for home Friday games), but if there was any way to make the jerseys (and caps) less appealing, the Mets have found a way. I don’t know the justification for removing the white outlines, but it certainly doesn’t make much sense.

I’m sure the new caps and jerseys will sell well, and that’s probably the biggest concern for Nike and the Mets, but for fans in the stands who would like to know which team and players are in action at any given time, this “tweak” is for the worse.

In a year when most of the MLB uniform news is bad, this is another fail.

Not that anyone (but some dedicated fans and Uni Watchers) cares, but the Mets are now 0-4 when wearing alternate uniforms — 0-3 in their new City Connect unis (which they’ll wear again today), and 0-1 in their BFBS tops.

The Uni-Gods have been angered. I’ll never root against my Mets, but if there is any sartorial justice, they deserve to lose when they’re not in home pins and road grays (two of the better uniforms in all of baseball).

But until fans stop purchasing the retail slop, teams (and Nike/MLB) will continue to push the alternate uniforms. I get that the BFBS Mets jerseys appeal to a certain demographic, but removing the white outlines is definitely a downgrade.


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    The old ones had an orange drop shadow, not block shadow.

    Incredibly, but predictably, the new ones look worse than the old ones.

    “ I don’t know the justification for removing the white outlines, but it certainly doesn’t make much sense”

    I have no verification for this, but my guess is that bot NY teams removed their white outlines for weight consistency and reduction. So the Yankees only have 1 layer on both jerseys, and the Mets have 2 on all four. Not a good reason, but seemed like a logical one ‍♂️

    and of course, the production cost would be reduced and Nike would make more money for each jersey. Hmmm…just a coincidence I am sure.

    I LOVED this set when it was new. The hat was one of my first splurges when I got a highschool job and had some disposable income. I’m not a Mets fan but I had a blast following the Mike Piazza, Bobby Valentine years. That said, the white did a lot to make this look pop. Without it, the nostalgia, and general aesthetic appeal are gone for me. It’s simply not the same look.

    As for the appeal of this kind of schtick (including but not limited to BFBS, WFWS, color rush, city alts, etc) they work. I wasn’t a Mets fan, I was from the opposite coast, I wasn’t even much of a sports fan, but I loved the look, i bought the hat, I started following the team a little bit, and thus following more baseball. I’m drawn into sports a few different ways: unusually charismatic players/coaches, teams/players doing things that are rarely done (chasing records, building dynasties, innovating strategies), and good/unique looking teams. Did EVERYONE from the 90’s love the Charlotte Hornets and UNC? Absolutely not, but damn near everyone has their gear. Why? Teal and purple, baby blue argyle. Yes there was success and charisma involved, but I’ve never owned any patriots gear and they dominated the NFL most of my life. Long story short, it’s not for everyone, but it works, and a lot of people like it.

    Is it just me, or does the orange outline have more of a hot pink hue. And on TV it gave the jersey gave off a very shiny look. I don’t think Nike could have messed unis up anymore than they did. And I hate they took the outline off the Braves road pants.

    It’s an optical illusion; I think that because of the black background, the orange and blue mix together and look purplish.

    At least that’s how it looked to me.

    “…which team and players are in action at any given time,”

    I’m 100% with you on this being a downgrade and the players being harder to identify, but I’d bet a lot that everyone in the stands knows the mets were the black team without needing to read the word “Mets” on the jersey and being like, “ahh that’s the Mets playing at this Mets game I went to, I was wondering”

    The Mets script is comically oversized and has been distorted for years. Here is what it should look like:


    Nike also forced the Mets into a different aspect ratio on the front numbers, scrapping the numbers they used for almost 60 straight years. The outline on the new ones looks thinner than the outline on the script and thus STUPID.

    I think eliminating the white it a huge improvement. I don’t care for the white pants at all, and I certainly don’t want to see black pants. So maybe blue pants?


    You want to see the black jersey paired with royal blue pants?

    Gotta agree that royal blue pants might be the answer. I don’t have the talent myself, but can anyone do a quick mock-up of what the black and blue combo would look like?

    In my opinion these are much worse than last year’s and I didn’t really like those either (I’m old – get off my lawn).

    My biggest issue with these is without the white outline, the blue and orange against the black starts to read purple to me.

    Thought the same thing – this reads as purple from the pictures.
    Just make it stop…

    I’m not a fan of these black jerseys. The originals were much better. But can we please stop with the “BFBS”?? I get it: if baseball is being played 500 years from now, the Met’s will still have to be wearing blue & orange, simply because the Yankees never change their uniform. But the Met’s original black uniforms popped. Teams are allowed to incorporate new colors without it being for “a different demographic”, and we all know what THAT means.

    BFBS is exactly what it says. There’s nothing veiled here. Teams that don’t use any black in their color scheme are wearing black only for the sake of wearing black. The different demographic you speak of is a younger demographic that Nike and MLB feel are more accepting of non-traditional team colors.

    Are you upset by the Cardinals wearing light blue vs grey or white? At some point the Mets black uniforms become part of the “standard” set after being worn for several decades. Just like no one bats an eye at some teams reviving the powder blues.

    I definitely “bat an eye” at teams that wear powder blue at home when their only history with the color was a substitute for gray on the road in the 70s/80s.

    Tradition has really taken a beating in MLB lately.

    Are you upset by the Cardinals wearing light blue vs grey or white?

    Light blue vs. gray? No.
    Light blue vs. white at home? Yes.

    I see where you’re going with this and you have a point…to a point.
    Yes, powder blue *road* unis were a radical departure from the decades-long status quo of gray vs. white. And yes, I liked them. But (and because), they didn’t overwhelm the entire uniform. There weren’t powder blue caps replacing the regular caps. There weren’t powder blue stealth numbers with a barely discernable outline. All the powder blue did was replace the gray. It didn’t make every team look the same from a distance.
    So…if Nike agrees to leave the caps alone, and if they agree to make the numbers and the names highly discernable, go ahead and wear black.

    Unlike the Blue Jays or Rangers, the Cardinals don’t wear their powder blue uniforms at home. They are strictly a road alternate. And that is 100% acceptable.

    Teams wearing powder blue at home? Nope. I can’t po$$ibly imagine why any team$ would do $uch a thing.

    Once again a team of mine screws it up. I accepted the BFBS jersey and cap and actually grew to like it. Now it looks weird without the white outline. Teams really should give a preview before just springing it on fans instead of big reveals after they have screwed it up.

    At curling last evening, I was talking to a couple Mets fans (non UW variety) and they, too, expressed a fondness for the hybrid cap. (link)

    When it first came out in 1998 I kinda saw the appeal (I’ll even admit, grudgingly, to purchasing a snap-back version), but — to me at least — it quickly wore out its welcome.

    Excellent analysis and critique, PH.
    NYM’s ”home pins and road grays (two of the better uniforms in all of baseball)” – this Phillies fan totally agrees…though Philly has the upper hand when it comes to the away grays…YVVM.

    I think they look great. I hated the black uniforms with the white outline and the drop shadow. I always felt the extra white was too much.

    I agree, I think the main problem is Nikes fabric. There’s almost no reflectivity so the colours don’t pop enough to make an otherwise good design “pop”

    Wish the Mets would go in the opposite direction and bring back those white caps. Stays within traditional team colours and looks a lot better.

    When they were first introduced in 1997 (link), I kinda liked the whole “snow white” theme (certainly better than BFBS which followed), but the caps were never particularly popular (possibly because they will show dirt very quickly and easily). And now I’m not ever sure if they would be permitted to wear them. If you recall, when MLB introduced the solid white/solid black “Players Weekend” uniform disaster in 2019, pitchers were required to wear non-white caps (link) because the white interfered with the batter’s ability to pick up the release point. I would bet the ice cream man caps would meet the same fate today.

    Ah yeh, forgot about that. I’ve always been a fan of white caps (I think Florida baseball pulls it off well). Always wondered why they’re not in MLB, but that makes sense

    They actually do sell something similar to the snow whites:


    I also agree that more teams should wear white crowns sometimes.

    Count me among the people that doesn’t mind—and actually kind of likes—the Mets with a little black in the color scheme. I didn’t like when it overpowered the traditional Mets colors, but once a week it doesn’t bother me. I like black with the Mets shade of blue.

    Maybe it’s just the photo, but the image in the lede of the back of a hanging jersey sure looks like the 7 is misshapen. Ideally, the entire numeral should fit into a rectangular space defined by the line across the top, yes? Again, could be the way it’s hanging, but it appears to be extending further down and to the left.

    I’m not buying the whole story about the Nike/Fanatics/factory fiasco anymore; these billion dollar companies have had the entire offseason – and likely have been working on this since 2022 – to work out the kinks, and they still can’t get the details right? They clearly had the specifications on the Mets’ black and white alternates back in January, and couldn’t deliver STANDARD WHITE PANTS until seven weeks into the season?

    Without the white font outline, viewing from the front, your eyes immediately go to the white arm patch and white swoosh. This is by design of course. Get the makers mark to be the first thing you see when looking from the front, and everything else second. Won’t be what Nike will say, but it is what they are doing for sure.

    I’m in the minority, I think taking the white out is an improvement. In a fashion sense it’s been known never to wear more than 3 colors on a shirt, the white made everything too busy.

    I also never thought the Mets were doing BFBS, they got their orange from the Giants, the black is a nod to the Giants too.

    White crown, blue bill and squatchee, regular orange and blue Mets logo and blue pinstripes. I do not want an alternative home uniform, I would like an alternative hat for home games.

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